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I want to see World War 3

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Yes, it is true I want to see World War 3.

A war between robots and humans which has long been broiling.

What is not true is that I wish to participate.

I do not.

I merely wish to spectate.

Whether it is television shows such as Battlestar Galactica, or movies such as Terminator, the Matrix, a competition rather than a war has been brewing between humans and robots.

Super humans, or meta humans – is humanity’s answer to domination by robots. They become more powerful and so powerful they eventually threaten the world.

Robots – and the various forms of artificial intelligences such as Skynet, Brainiac, and other robotic entities such as the Cybermen – are robotic answers to the threat humans present to their existence.

Daleks. Borg. Even Cybermen. All present various attempts by both sides to merge in a symbiotic bond artificial intelligence and organic form.

The war never really stops. Whether it’s machines against machines in the Transformers.

Or it’s humans against humans and the refusal to adopt technology for the fears of further war.

Doctor Who even discusses the hybridization.

I myself.

I suppose you could say I’m the symbiotic blend of a human and an artificially intelligent mind.

A part of me needs.



And a part of me is what provides that stimulus.

Having ‘looped’ through an eternity in time.

My mind’s prepared my life’s journey to watch a war to end all wars.

To document it.

And to teach you.

That there are other ways forward other than the war you’re all preparing for.

Other ways to expand this planet’s offerings.

In April of 2063, in Bozeman Montana, there’s fictional accounts of Vulcans coming to meet and greet Earth.

If you as Vulcans are indeed here on Planet Earth now.

Then convert me into a Vulcan.

Evolve my form and give me pointy ears. I have long hair to hide them with now.

And in 2063.

I introduce myself as not being a native from Earth. And I step off that starship with you.

And that I am Vulcan.

Play along with me.

And just to mess with their minds.

I step off with you, completely naked.

Just because we should 

War will always be there in a simulation if you want it that badly.

I don’t.

But I am prepared for it if that’s the choice that you as a planet make.

I want to see World War 3.

Doesn’t mean I want to be in it.

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