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Crack in Starbuck’s

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Last night, the craziest thing happened.

About 7pm, on a relatively quiet Saturday night, a woman dressed all in black walks in.

She sits down at a chair in the Starbuck’s I am in.

There’s about 20 people inside and people walking by outside.

She breaks out with her crack pipe.

And proceeds to smoke it.

Inside Starbuck’s.

Being rid of my addiction to cocaine. The second hand smoke boosts up the blood pressure a bit, so I walk out as the employees call the police.

But this gets me thinking.

If she was outside. She’d merely be a novelty and no one would have bothered her. Sure, we’d have chatted. The difference between a reaction is being inside, showing disrespect to the rest of the people who enjoy the smoke free environment.

It’s my experience that you’re more willing to listen to suggestions when you’re on these kinds of drugs – speaking from experience of course.

So if she’d been an attractive girl. I’d have waited for her to duck outside as she did once. Then I’d have approached her and said:

“I dare you to go back inside, smoke that pipe again, but this time, to it all completely naked”

However, she’s an unattractive woman, a pisspoor image developed by an uninventive Matrix which makes every drug user look like crap as if to say “Don’t be like this person”

The same Matrix which makes every homeless person look absolutely ghetto as if to predictably say “Don’t be like this person”

The same Matrix which makes every prostitute generally look and act cheaply as if to predictably say “Don’t be like this person”

So today, I get talking with a guy who stayed after I left about what happened…

I left early because I just didn’t want to be around it.

And she wasn’t cute so the entertainment value was decidedly not there after the initial novelty wore off.

He explains how she came back in about half an hour after doing what she’d done, then came back in to clean up the pipe.

I told my friend that one of the guys who worked there stood there waving his hands in front of her, and it’s not that she just didn’t respond…

There was a moment in Star Trek where a Borg Drone walks right by the crew of the Enterprise as if they weren’t there. As if a small part of them navigationally knew there was something to avoid and stepped to the side. But deeper inside, they were a part of a collective and simply incapable of comprehending there was something outside of them.

It was a bit creepy. As her stare was the same exact stare as the Borg drone.

This got me to thinkin about my own broach with drug addiction.

My drug addiction did not commence until shortly after joining the US Army and subsequently the US Government.

I was involved with information technology.

And I largely felt beyond out of control of my own actions – and finances at times.

So I cannot help but think.

Is this why I have two distinctive sets of memories for the time period between 2003 and 2011?

Is this why “Q” in Star Trek made the insinuation about the United States being a drugged up workforce?

Was I a Borg drone?

And was Borg technology used to attempt to wipe my memory?

And is this why the girl was not arrested by the police when they showed up, but instead she was taken away by an ambulance?

Are we as a country fighting a very real war against an enemy which leverages mind manipulation technology to create drones to do their bidding?

And are drugs being blamed for something when drugs aren’t the real cause of what’s happening?

Did I ever do drugs?

Or was my mind wiped by advanced technology and people who decidedly not have my best interest at heart?

Are individual lives such as mine being disrupted and people who question status quo being harmed for the greater good?

It’s hard not to question things seeing it all from the outside.

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