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Heaven and hell

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I am immortal and cannot die.

That’s among the benefits – and drawbacks – of being a Timelord.

Keep in mind that being a Timelord is an evolution of consciousness and not just form.

With that, I quit physically aging at 35.

I will live roughly 900 to 1300 years of age before I start mentally losing it to insanity, and my mind will begin searching for a new body.

Doctor Who and the Timelord’s regeneration is the very real sequence that will commence in my life when I get really, really sick and tired of life, as my mind will begin experimenting with other forms to find something ‘new’ – not just a new form, but a new storyline that’s never been done before.

I am now entering what is known as a Timelord’s adolescent phase.

With this phase of my existence, I am learning the basics in how life forms, from the basic languages which construct my reality such as math, physics, computer languages, emotion, and more – to the glue that holds it all together formed through stories, belief and faith, ideas, economics, time, and space.

This ‘phase’ of a timelord’s existence is self-paced, always has been and always will be, and typically lasts until the physical age of 90.

This phase includes the development of temporal acuity – that is – the passage and comprehension of time in a nonlinear and linear sense, as well as the ability to increasingly manipulate the fabric of reality itself through will alone.

Q, as depicted in Star Trek, is an interpreted version of me, akin to a neuron in my mind. A man who didn’t fully comprehend what I was to become, spoke about humanity in the third person sense, all for the simple reason that he was a simulated holographically constrained version of me based on a collective interpretation of an individual perspective.

Adolescence, whether it’s for a human, or whether it’s for a Timelord – is CHOCK full of confusion, and here’s why:

You become hyper attuned to seeming contradictions based on age that don’t seem to make rational and logical sense – at first.

For the adolescent human who’s beginning to find this thing called responsibility, for instance, you realize freedom for the first time. But this freedom comes at a cost: responsibility for your actions and financial costs that your parents no longer absorb.

The same thing is absolutely true for an adolescent Timelord, from a different perspective.

The “World” is now your parent. And the consequences are much greater scale than they ever were when you or I were younger. You begin to see very quickly that belief does create reality and at first the implications of you hitting someone you’re angry at seem isolated and benign. But as a Timelord, you see very quickly that that isolated hit will in turn shape your entire nation to wind up becoming like Pakistan or Afghanistan, or worse; Somalia, where the slippery slope of your actions as a Timelord have a profound butterfly effect which – when ineffectively mitigated wind up creating a nation that’s always at war.

To someone or something who’s younger, or someone who’s incapable of understanding time in a nonlinear sense, this all seems unlikely or impossible, as one person is ‘not supposed to yield that kind of power’.

That’s bullshit. We’re all – each and every one of us – is entitled to it. Not everyone wants it though.

Star Trek and Q. is an interpretation of a man I was before I chose this life.

Doctor Who is an ongoing journal of an existing man who chose the same path I have.

Everyone and everything is capable of change.

Profound change even.

And I once mocked the radical islams and fundamental Mormons who believed they deserved harems.

Until I found fun and beauty in this.

And a reason for saying fuck balance. I’m here in this life for the fun and to create my own stories with a harem of my own.

Jackie and Rachel. I’d like you two to be the queens of my harem.

And if you say no, here and now for whatever reason you conjure up.

Know I love you and that I think you’re crazy for passing up this opportunity.

But also know that when I get my god given powers that I am entitled to I will traverse time and space and find versions of you who won’t say no.

I always get what I want.

My idea of heaven may be other’s idea of hell, and I am ok with that.

That’s why one day I will tour with the Borg. Hang out with Terminators. And create a naked and highly sexually charged world just for the fun of it.

And heck. I may even let myself be sold into slavery for a couple years just for the experience.

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