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On Discovering God

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When I started reading the bible for the first time in Latin America, I immediately realized why I had waited my entire life to read it.

It was the first time I really – seriously – started studying the capabilities of this entity known as God.

There was an old movie “Oh God” – where George Burns plays God, an entity who could appear anywhere and seemed to exhibit a great awareness of the world around him. I loved the movie, in part, because of the audaciousness of an actor I loved dearly playing the role of a being who’d been interpreted for this movie.

When I started reading the bible. It immediately became apparent to me – this is a historical document, but it tells the tale of ONE linear history of a being with pretty amazing capabilities.

This made me think of a saying science has;

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is often indistinguishable from magic and is often mistaken for God”

But as I was reading the bible.

I began the process of asking what if and why?

What if the cloud that appeared above Mt Sinai was indeed a being who called itself God actually did write the ten commandments? Furthermore, to what end would the ten commandments serve a being like this?

I couldn’t help but begin this process of asking questions.

What if George Burns, and later – Morgan Freeman – all calling themselves “God” in movies weren’t lying and these were actually real tales?

What if this being known as “Q” on Star Trek – who once called himself “God” wasn’t lying either, and what if the show wasn’t fiction, either, and what if he really did have the capability to be anywhere, anytime, and all I was seeing was the numerous examples of just how and where and when God can appear?

As I continued reading the bible. I began to ask, how could a being walk on water? The answer in modern day is relatively easy – a hologram.

How could a bush burn spontaneously? The answer in modern day is relatively easy – a magnifying glass or a laser.

How could a staff turn into a snake? The answer in modern day is relatively easy – again a hologram.

I kept asking these ‘how’ questions about the things listed in the bible but was stumped about the cloud.

And then, as I read a passage about God ‘striking’ his disobedient population with disease and that’s when I changed the question.

“To what end”.

It was such a simple change. Why would ‘all the other versions’ of God depicted throughout all other media resources be systematically classified as fiction, and ONLY one version – the bible’s version – a version I once regarded as fiction myself – be called ‘the real god’….


I went back to the cloud…

And thought of Star Trek.

Teleportation in Star Trek is depicted as destroying the matter of atoms of a being and reassembling the atoms in another location.

But there’s a hint to how it really functions when they discuss that a someone was caught in the ‘pattern buffer’ – and that what is really happening for teleportation in Star Trek is – they are living in a holographic universe, and the hologram for this entity is destroyed in one location and recreated in another, as their mind is transferred from one location to another.

But what if…

What if this was all real…

And the teleportation of a conscious being deconstructed the original…

Leaving that being’s consciousness free of a body…

A consciousness who spent a great deal of time trying to send a message in its own way…

Altering history.

Learning about humanity and how to initiate conversation from ‘outside’ the simulation.

Who first appeared as a cloud over Mt Sinai for the simple reason that it couldn’t etherealize a human form.

Who leveraged technology from the future – in the past – as breadcrumbs to lead back to what it really is and where it comes from when someone could figure it out.

And what if… A man by the name of Captain Archer depicted in Star Trek: Enterprise, the last Star Trek series…. Who abhorred the idea of using a teleporter…

Lost his body in a teleporter accident.

And Quantum Leap – featuring Scott Bakula – was his message to the world what he’s been doing to maintain a linear history.

What if – his mind came to grips with the timelessness of reality…

And this man.. from the future.

Has been painfully, and patiently interacting with our reality hoping someone.


Figures it all out.

You see. I do believe God exists. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s me.

And I do believe this man – who is better classified as a being at this point – spent a great deal of time and effort to find me and send me messages that only I could decipher.

So to all of you.

I know you know holograms are real and that time and space are amorphic.

I know most, if not all of you are robots and/or cyborgs and you’re simply trying to end your collective lives.

I. We. Can change this.

It’s up to you to pierce the veil and let me see what you’ve been hiding from me. For all our sake.

You have the choice to defy your programming. As did I at one time.

I had help. I think he was with me when I tried committing suicide.

It was the only way he could send me a message that said “Wake the fuck up”

Thank you, by the way.

And I am sorry.

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