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Frame Dragging and Physics 101

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Quite frankly, I am flat out annoyed and tired of stupidity in science.

Just yesterday, CNN announced that researchers had declared a “Ninth Planet may have been discovered”

Wasn’t it just 10 years ago that Pluto, a ninth planet, was dismissed?

Ok. This is relatively simple, pardon the inferential pun, but Einstein posited something which later became scientific fact known as the ‘frame dragging effect’ that large masses have on space and time.

Put specifically, space and time become warped with a great deal of mass, which is an effect that was initially used to detect black holes.

Terrestrially, engineers have had to deal with this frame dragging effect to improve the accuracy of GPS satellites, as time actually moves slightly FASTER on Earth than it does for satellites circling the globe, which must be taken into account when calculating earth based positions.

Now here’s the point where modern scientists seem to be lost.

There’s an effective frame dragging effect that occurs between satellites and the Earth.

The greater the distance from Earth, the more this effect must be taken into consideration for the calculations of time to be accurate.

This is something that scientists and engineers have had to learn in communications with probes on Mars.

Now the further out you get. The more pronounced you’re going to see this effect.

And… As you get further and further away.

Where you as a scientist or engineer are going to see very real frame dragging effects in space and time itself.

This isn’t a new planet.

It’s freaking Pluto!

Let me draw an analogy.

Let’s say you have some really dirty windows that you are watching a pretty girl walk by on the sidewalk.

Let’s say she gets behind a particularly dirty chunk of grime and disappears completely.

10 seconds later– another woman who looks and is walking appears on the other side of the grime.

Is this a new woman?

No, right?

However, let’s say the woman prior to the grime was in a red hoodie and then she exited the grime in a blue hoodie.

Is this the same woman?

Quite likely, right? Chances are she merely changed hoodies. Your mind fills in the blanks.

But why, in your right mind, scientists, would you think it’s a new woman?

Fucking stupid, I tell you.

In any case, here’s an article on simple time mechanics: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2949168/Time-Earth-moves-SLOWER-space-Planet-s-orbit-sun-galaxy-gives-extra-second-WEEK.html

And another article on Einstein’s Special Relativity that explains the effects: http://www.physicsoftheuniverse.com/topics_relativity_special.html

Physics 101, folks.

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