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On Being A Druid

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When Everquest first came out, I was inspired to create a Druid Avatar mostly because the Druid can teleport around the world.

I had first started off with an Enchanter Avatar, a profession I actually loved because of the ability to charm others and have them fight for me, and the ability to shift my shape into any race, species, and heck – a number of inanimate objects such as trees, rocks, road signs, I was even an outhouse one time!

This ability to shape shift was excellent for being able to enter enemy areas, and simply to hide from things chasing me should I get myself into trouble.

But the fun of the Enchanter came a price, I was a very vulnerable class and when my shape shifting was detected, I would rarely be able to escape unscathed.

And with the vulnerabilities – came a problem when things I had charmed broke that charm as they quit fighting and supporting me, and then, pissed off at me for commanding them like slaves for as long as I did – they came after me. Again, I was lucky to escape with my life.

Vulnerabilities aside, there was another problem with the Enchanter class.

It was slow. I had to run and walk and take transportation EVERYWHERE.

So let’s put this in perspective.

The Druid – a being which is proverbially ‘one with nature’ – can teleport anywhere they want to in the world.

With a caveat.

In order to travel to a given location, you first have to go there on foot, or reach there through transportation at least one time.

Now good part of the time in Everquest is spent exploring underground, and while all magic users, including the Enchanter, can get out of these dungeons through something called ‘gate’, as an Enchanter I could save myself but anyone I’d charmed and anyone I had fighting alongside me would be left behind.

This worked fine and dandy as a selfish Enchanter.

But this presented a huge problem in reforming a team to get to the areas of these dungeons which took quite literally half a day to get to.

So after enough of this barely escaping with my life nonsense, I created the Druid Avatar – primarily for the ability of being anywhere instantly.

No longer did my entire team have to die in a dungeon when an unexpected enemy confronted us and overwhelmed our offenses.

I could play defensively and whisk my entire team, near death, out of harm’s way.

But more often than not, as I took time off to play, I would find myself without a team – and soloing as I explored the world on my own.

And while teleportation was hugely beneficial should I momentarily change my mind, more often than not, I would wind up in areas I enjoyed and would simply increase my experience in areas where the sights were beautiful and experience was good.

It’s this solo play where I learned of the true beauty of the druid.

While other professions would struggle with difficult creatures or situations, as a druid I have the capability to levitate, which allows me to run across water and across mountain tops leaving my foes in the dust. I have the capability to snare my enemies, slowing them down to a crawl while I run ahead of them. And as a spell caster, I am throwing damage over time spells on top of area effect damage spells at the same time throwing instant damage spells to take down the enemies all while out of arm’s reach.

And should they hit me, I can heal myself.

Worlds of Warcraft introduced a slightly different variation of the druid. No longer could I levitate or snare, but I could change my form to a bear, a puma, or a seal, all of which had their clear benefits for traversing territory that my humanoid form could not handle.

Again, as is typical with the druid, I could teleport myself around the world, but first I had to ‘learn the respect for nature’ and ways of the druid.

About 50% of the avatars I have chosen have been druids, and regardless of the gender, I tend to fall back on the same enjoyment of this unique profession.

I can’t help but think.

In some ways.

Have I chosen mental programming which shaped this man I am becoming to be a real life Druid?

Has my disdain for conventional travel and sardine container airplanes inspired my mind to uncover ways on how to be anywhere, anytime at the snap of my fingers?

In modern society, could I hire my services as a Druid out to the rich and famous as a high priced pizza delivery boy to get authentic Italian Pizza direct from Milan, or a courier who can provide you instant delivery of any package around the world, right now?

As I have come to understand time and space’s truly malleable nature, and how it is possible to leverage existing physics to create an Einstein Rosen Bridge with only the mind…

Has my affinity for the Druid been a cosmic study plan for my own mind?

Not only to understand why one must first dismiss training that comes in the form of fiction as it does…

But to understand how that shapes the very real mind that becomes capable of…..


How will people handle seeing someone publicly demonstrate how it is possible to jump through space and time and be anywhere?

How will this world handle a real life Druid?

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