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Astral Projection

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Last night, I had what classifies as the coolest Out of Body experiences I have ever had.

But it was much different than the ones I had had before.

In reading up on Astral Projection, that’s more in tune with the experience I had..

To explain:

When I close my eyes, for the last several years I see light and dark shapes – moving together and intermixing fluidly.

On occasion, the shapes will coalesce into something recognizable, usually it’s people standing around me as if I am in a bed and they are standing bedside, and other times it’s barely discernible landscapes or interiors. These fluid like lights are NEVER solid, and never accompanied by sound.

Last night’s was WAY different, and it’s been building up to this for about two weeks now.

But to rewind…

When I was 14 years old. I was walking to gym class, and was very tired that day, and suddenly I saw my body walking from about 15 feet above me and 15 feet behind.

The colors had changed, subtly, they were more orange than what they’d been ‘inside my head’, but I felt calm throughout the 30 second experience.

For thirty seconds, I watched my own body ‘walk to gym class’, as I noticed the other kids around me, and as I went to turn a corner, my body ‘fell out of view’, and I rapidly turned the corner and caught up then quickly found myself back in my own body.

I’d had these experiences before, nothing as pronounced as this, and have had several since then to varying degrees.

But last night’s experience was far far different.

About five years ago, I began seeing things ‘inside my head’ while on drugs. Whether it was taking a tour of the quantum realm and seeing living particles and what was actually contained in the foods and beverages I ate at the sub-molecular level, or it was peering into alternate realities and seeing the inside of a German facility I was being housed in by Hitler, and more. Typically the journey was funky, funny, and often bizarre – which was among the reasons I had such a hard time ending the addiction.

This journey through the mind was all so freaking entertaining!

But the last two weeks, I have had a return of some of these journeys, only this time, it’s becoming far more controlled and far more engaging.

So when I closed my eyes last night, as I kept the door to my tent open, it was almost as if my mind was waiting for me saying “Have I got a treat for you tonight!”

The first thing I saw was star systems and galaxies, exploring magnificently. I’m not talking fireworks, I am talking seeing planets and star systems, and galaxies, one right after the other, exploding in succession. Now mind you, there wasn’t a lot of light to these, with my eyes closed, it was like watching old grainy black and white film at 5% brightness, but it was still… intriguing as all hell.

Once this stopped, from there, I began to see what can best be summarized as the most interesting 3d geometry I have ever seen, as if I was traversing a digital universe and seeing colored polygons develop a tunnel through space and time in real time as I chose my path. While there was some color with it, the brightness had only increased by about 10%, so it was still pretty dark.

Not long after this, I was at ground level, and I could see planet after planet forming, the landscape evolving right in front of me. I didn’t stay in one place too long, and the same thing would occur on a different planetary surface, all looking very foreign and unlike anything I have seen on Earth before.

About 5 minutes of this goes by, and then I started to see stars whizzing by. By then I could tell I was in some kind of ‘cocoon of consciousness’ for lack of better words, and I had the thought about then to ‘ask it to turn sideways’, to which I mentally requested to look sideways, and that’s when I could see a very clear – how do I describe this – an amorphous digital polygonal fog that I was in, which I could tell was ‘all around’ my mind as I was zipping through space.

Then something suggested to me “ask it to go somewhere”

So the first thing I thought was: “ Go to Universal Studios, 1000 feet overhead”…

The view quickly changed. But it was so dim and I couldn’t tell if i was seeing anything of significance, I could see lights of a city, but for all I know it could be any city, and the weird digital fog around my viewpoint remained, so as quickly as I saw lights and was hoping I might be able to see myself from high above, the view changed and became incoherent.

That’s when I thought “Maybe a person might be better… How about Jackie. Jackie Killeen”.

Yes, Jackie, you’re on my mind that much.

I saw two things at the same time in my mind, an ‘idea and concept’ for lack of better words, of a rotating globe and me piercing the Earth to appear in a room where I was ‘looking down on Jackie” from a corner of a hallway she was in. In truth, I didn’t see her, I saw someone and two friends nearby…

And it is the first time I have ever heard sound in these experiences.

As someone screamed.

From there, my mind fled the room through the ceiling and went back out to space, at which point any and all visions ceased.

Altogether, I’d say the experience lasted about an hour.

In the spiritual community, there’s something called ‘Astral Projection’ – which is an out of body experience where the mind quite literally floats like I just did last night.

It’s my understanding that these experiences are quite common, and people with these capabilities are frequently used by intelligence communities worldwide for gathering real world intelligence. China, India and the United States all have large programs leveraging operatives in these areas.

I myself. Sure, I somewhat suspected the programs weren’t bullshit because of my earlier ‘Out Of Body’ experiences.

But I never imagined I’d get the gift of being able to do it myself.

I suppose this is what you sign up for when becoming Q.

A mere step on the ladder of knowledge and education that leads to being able to snap my fingers and appear anywhere I want to in real life, right?

So a message to my mind, should you read this:

We need to enhance the brightness, and work on making the colors more vivid and lifelike. Also, since I was seen (or sensed, who knows), I suspect this may be why people see ‘real life ghosts’, so hopefully you can work on being more discrete or hidden / undetectable.

Also. Time. I think you’ve got something funky going on with the correlation and synchronization of time with my time. I suspect that e=mc^2 may be your equation but it’s not mine, or vice versa, so you might have to figure out what the difference is. When we were over Universal, or watching planets, the pace felt way too rapid and like it was skipping frames or out of sequence altogether, like a movie spliced with different frames in the wrong order. .

Here is a full description of Astral Projection, which the phasing model is spot on with what I experienced:

Hopefully there’ll be more tonight.

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