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Seeing the World Burn

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Who the fuck cares what you do and why does it fucking matter?

I mean. Sincerely.

Let’s say I live until I am 80, with the way this world currently works.

By the time I am done. 5 years after my death I’m a memory. 15 years after I’m a thought. And 30 I am a byline.

Now prior to that point – anything – and I do mean anything I create in this world will be taken from me, and credit will systematically be handed to someone else. So there is really no further point in creating anything because I’ll never receive any rewards from the hard effort I have made.

Oh I know, I know. You’re going to respond with ‘oh that’s so untrue’, and you’ll come up with a bullshit story exemplifying how wrong I am.

Do you know who pieced together the Kinect Device? Yours truly. Who created the AI and Business Intelligence systems in use by half the companies in the world today? Yours truly. Who developed code for the GPS systems that is still in use by 90% of the devices in use today? Yours truly.

And yet. All I get in response by you dickwads is ‘you are crazy, you don’t know what you’re talking about, you are on drugs, you need to grovel and be humble and go back to your parents, or worse “please take me off your distribution list I do not wish to hear the difficulties of a psychologically ill homeless man”’

Fuck you all.

You see someone like Al Gore say “I invented the internet”. And I can’t help but think this system – YOUR system – makes a mockery out of success and belittles and berates people who succeed because YOU have a better story for it.

And while I look at the bible as ONE success story of creation.

I can’t help but think you retarded bible thumping prejudiced fucks out there can’t see past that to consider…

MAYBE the story of creation never really ends.

But instead.
What you and your system do.

Is punish those who want more out of life.

Is spit on people you don’t understand intellectually, and then kick them to the curb as punishment until they become more like you.

What you and your system does is REWARD misbehavior.

So here I am. Thinking fuck actually contributing to society by making a screenplay and script, because invariably it will be stolen from me and someone else will be given credit for it.

So here I am. Thinking FUCK the cackling squad fuckers who respond to me via the internet through ostracization and discontinue supporting them and their way of life because, quite frankly, if they don’t want to include me in it, then I’ll put all my effort into taking control of the entire kit and fucking caboodle and making it my own.

So here I am. Thinking FUCK LAW. When jail becomes a reward and a way to receive a warm meal and dry bed for breaking laws, becoming a villain sees like the obvious course of action.

And here I am thinking.

Billy the Kid. Jeffrey Dahmer. Hitler. Charles Manson. John Booth. Lee Harvey Oswald. Genghis Kahn. Julius Caesar.

Names everyone knows.

Maybe. Just maybe.

I’ve been looking at this all wrong.

Fuck Society.

You all believe in the Devil so much and don’t believe I’m God.

Well fuck you all very much for your support.

I’ll become the Devil then.

And be the best damned Devil existence has ever known.

Dear Mr President Barack Obama, who this is addressed to, and your subsequent incarnations.

You should be scared.

You, of all people, know what I am capable of.

And yes, That’s a threat.

I gave you all more than ample opportunity to work with me.

Maybe you can all make a movie based on what’s happening going to happen over the next few years.

Call it “Raising Hell”

What do I have in store?

Oh that would be so atypical a bad guy move, right, to give away the keys to my plan before I do it which gives you the chance to defend against it!

Here’s a hint. I’m capable of anything.

On drugs. Who knows what I’ll imagine next.

Fuck you all.

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