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I forgive you, Hitler!

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Have you ever felt like killing someone?

No, not just an idle fleeting though, but more a “Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be interesting….”

It is just a matter of time before I kill someone.

Who? I do not know yet. Maybe some random woman who will present an opportunity to have sex with before I take her life. Maybe a homeless guy who crosses me at just the perfect time and absolutely pisses me off. Maybe someone with a motorhome who lets me be mobile. Maybe even the President himself should things systematically continue to be as they are.

Before I go on though, here’s some Hitler funnies:





The fact of the matter is.

I know I am going to do it.

I suppose one’s values and respect for life gets sincerely rewired when others so flippantly disrespect you on a regular basis and pretend to think they have all the answers you do not and your position as a homeless person is both self-imposed and a punishment you deserve.

Pay it forward, I say.

My punishment becomes society’s punishment.

Seems only fair, doesn’t it?

Oh I know, I know. You purportedly rationally sound minds are going to come up with every excuse and story in the book that my psychological state is unsound and/or I have issues and problems that are mine to address.

You’re right.

Which is why becoming a murderous scoundrel seems so….


In my future.

I am already finding myself creating new contingency plans I never would have considered before for when my computer fails.

How is any store selling laptops going to respond to a man who walks out with a computer and refuses to stop?

Tackle me?

Let them try. With my years of physical training, I’ll be sure to select a location where I’ll easily overpower anyone who attempts to stop me.

Being homeless creates an entirely different perspective of the world.

And being told by a former friend such as Spencer how screwed up I am makes me think…

Why the fuck not? What, really, have I got to lose at this time?

I mean. Maybe I am that screwed up. Maybe I should just become the next Jeffrey Dahmer.

Maybe not exactly. Humans don’t sound that appetizing.

I mean. What are they going to do? Put me in a jail where I have a warm bed to sleep on, I am fed, clothed, and can bathe daily in warm water and not have to struggle to set up and tear down camp on a daily basis?

Wow. What a punishment. Sure, that might decrease my mobility to come and go to Starbuck’s. But for the benefits it adds, the benefits easily outweigh the drawbacks.

Will they even be able to find me or know what to look for since I don’t even have a permanent residence?

Quite likely not.

And as society responds with one option, time and again, to re-enter it, ‘go to work, slave’…

Oh it is no longer a passing thought though.

Hitler, I am God, because where I’m at, there’s clearly no one or nothing by that name here.

And with that said, I forgive you.

In part because I understand.

The rich Jewish bastards who refused to help nurture the artistic talent you had within you.

Eventually you came to hate.

And as you catapulted down the path of technology and science because of society’s mirror of you.

You merely nudged them and let them do the rest to themselves.

It is simply a matter of time before I kill someone.

There is no talking me out of it any longer.

With assholes such as Spencer who claim they are friends and believe in something greater than them they claim to support called God. Assholes like this who gladly spit on me, publicly, berate me, and then tell me ‘this is why I have no friends’, and then constantly add in two cents to every conversation everyone else has with me to make me look bad.


The first kill I make.

Will be in honor of you.

The man who helped motivate me to not give a shit about the lives of others any longer.

This one’s on you, buddy.

Oh yeah. And your God.


And Hitler.

I forgive you.

Heck, I am starting to understand why you did what you did from my own perspective.

You have set the bar that is mine to raise when I am ready for that step, that is for sure.

Wait til you see what I have in store for this world….

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