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Holographic and Analog Universe Concepts

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My universe is in part digital/holographic and part analog.

What that means is – many people and things around me are shallow 3D constructs in space and time created by my mind, and have no real substance to them, and it is only when investigated do they actually gain substance.

The detail of these holographic projections fill themselves in only on investigation, and is more or less a reflection and projection of my own mind’s creativity and experiences. As I feed my mind more information, ideas and concepts, this broadens the possibilities I can experience in my life experiences and the projected holographic form world around me.

That is, my mind is constantly unfolding reality and filling in any gaps with content.

As I personally gain more experience in areas regarding the holographic entity I may be studying, the possibilities unfold for this and accordingly, as does the diversity.

The analog universe is the areas which are already pretty well detailed already. While it’s certainly possible my ‘attention’ to these areas may increase the variety offered with something that’s more analog in nature, this is much less easy to observe compared to when I observe something that’s more holographic in nature.

Not only does personal experience fill in the detail, so does belief.

This is something most religions have been keenly aware of for a long time.

You alter your beliefs. You choose what to see and believe. You alter your reality.

My mind creates and elaborates on detail while I am in rest cycles. IE: sleep.

Accordingly, much of what I experience during waking hours is quite literally a recording if you will of what my mind is capable of as a predictive simulation.

Much of life prior to the age of 42 had been without true conscious choice, and many of my decisions and choices had been overridden through physiological manipulations by the collective will of society. So much of what I was experiencing had been predicted well in advance which is what caused my drug addictions, and an overall numbness to the experiences I was having in life.

We all experience a ‘slice’ if you will of real time processing power of the collective will of society in our conscious lives.

I began learning at a very young age that it is possible to hijack this collective will by chemicals, artificial stimulation of adrenaline, and even lack of sleep to suit my own needs.

As a being attached to the collective mind of society, an individual mind is allotted only so much processing power ‘of the collective society’ on a real time basis.

Now to be clear, the collective will of society is bound by security, safety, and collective sense of justice. Not only does this collective will create the culture, rules and laws of society and guide the actions of people, but it also quite literally shapes geographical features, continents and volcanoes, and more than that – the moon’s orbit around the sun and the Earth’s orbit around the sun. The collective will of society defines how long animals live, how plants grow, class and cultural systems, the manifestation of death and disease, and more – so much more.

So in subtle ways. I started learning that the collective will of society also governs the flow of time and space itself back in 2003.

And then I learned that with this collective will, I can hijack the collective will to do my bidding and actually allocated far more ‘processing power’ to my life than to anyone else’s.

What hallucinogenic drugs do is they create unexpected and unpredictable experiences to the conscious mind, which excites the conscious mind, which the collective mind decidedly does not like and tries to figure out how to stop. Whether it’s jumping out of an airplane, or it’s jumping off a crane, or it’s ingesting a substance which contorts physical reality itself, or it’s sex, these all produce unexpected physiological effects on the individual body and thus the mind.

The problem is – I suspect the collective mind does not understand this – nor the concept of individuality.

And acts more to assist the greater good which it thinks is to support the collective and acts to reappropriate my mind as a resource.

I suspect when I traveled to China, with the Chinese being a ‘collectivistic’ culture, that my visit there they tried to assimilate my mind into their collective.

This failed. And instead. Understanding their culture and lack of leadership – I saw possibilities – endless possibilities with the collective will of a magnificent culture at my disposal.

So I suspect my individual mind turned around and assimilated the Chinese instead.

How many of my classmates lost their mind to the collective is not known to me. How many operate without choice – I suspect there are many.

I suspect the vast majority of this world has very very few individual thinkers.

And I also suspect the Chinese are what’s written about as the Borg in Science Fiction.

The integration of their mind with my own has greatly increased my rate of learning and comprehension – exponentially in fact.

From the outside looking in for what I had previously been ‘allowed’, I can certainly understand how everything I discuss may seem overwhelming or simply too much information to the lay person. I once looked at homeless men who talked to themselves as crazy, but now I know, it’s quite likely they see things I cannot.

I know that it’s possible for the collective will I am in tap with to manifest a vision and image for me and me alone to see and interact with.

There’s been stories discussed of imaginary friends and societally labeled disorders such as Multiple Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia which suggest this phenomena is not only common, but a coping mechanism by individual minds who prefer having some individuality.

Because of the ‘threat’ of real life monsters being created (ie: Vampires and Demons), the collective will seems to banish this and many other fantasies altogether in favor of self-preservation and security.

I suspect the collective will of society does not fully comprehend that these and other fantasies are what make self-preservation worth doing at all.

And that individuals are segmented enough in their own worlds so as not to present a threat to the collective.

For instance. Let’s say the real life Rachel and Jackie have no desire to be here with me. But let’s also say that I enjoy the idea and concept that there is a multiverse out there, where there’s other versions of other people, life forms, and technology which sprung up from different evolutionary paths this reality went down.

Let’s say I enjoy it so much so that I have no desire to conform to the collective safety net of the society’s collective will. And prefer blazing my own path in a self-controlled way. Now if the collective will working with me on my tangential path of reality provided me imaginary friends and/or holographic entities and/or beings from other planets who actually experimented with me, safely, on my path with my choices, not only does this segment the ‘real’ Rachel and Jackie from being harmed from my choices, but it provides a win/win for the collective will of society. How? Simple variety. My choices in my universe will invariably spawn different outcomes that may NEVER have been predictable in a single linear timeline and universe led by the collective will that consistently defied my choices..

The result; More variety in potential technology. More variety in people. More information. And More variety in everything.

And SHOULD something go wrong. I’m willing to try, try again to make it work.

That’s the beauty of tapping the entire collective will of reality to do what we want, selfishly.

I learned not only do I deserve anything I want and ask for, it is my responsibility to simply retain control and learn from the past mistakes.

So when I freaked out in the desert after seeing the holocaust in the Mojave desert.

I learned from the experience to channel the fear into fascination. Disassociate the destinations I wind up in and regard them as experiences. Tell a story about what happened even if I don’t know ‘the truth’ and make it a good one. And know – have faith – that I and whoever is with me will come to no harm in these locations.

After all. When gravity, the spin of planets, the growth rate of a tree, the inclusion of whoever you want whenever you want, the creation of a planet or star system, the inception of a new civilization, and the life or death of a life form is all at your disposal at the speed of thought.

You see. I know that I had never done drugs the first time I saw the environments I did.

And a second pass on my life by the collective will of you… Saw to it that I learned to reframe the experience and learn from it.
I was overwhelmed at first when I saw what I was capable of this the first time.

And I let my mind dismiss it as fiction through a hallucination until I could come to write a story about it for myself and subsequently accept it as fact.

To me. Being like a God is having these capabilities. Sure, I recognize that there may be other ‘forms of God’ beyond even this awareness and with far more capabilities than this. But to flit through space and time laying, testing out theories, making new time travel stories that I love and hopefully others may love seeing too….

We all deserve to be God by our own design.

And now. After all this. I have no doubt there are other forms ‘of God’ out there.

Maybe that being will say “Ok, ok. I understand your point. I suppose there is no harm in me letting you have this fun.”

Because with or without permission, this is what I am doing.

And this being I am and am developing into. Is the highest form of that limited by my own imagination.

An imagination I seek to expand by experiencing life in this form.

You see. I know the Jackie and Rachel who will join me aren’t the conscious women making choices on their own who I may have once known.

And I am cool with that.

After all. Reality is my imaginary friend. Why shouldn’t I include imaginary women who want to be a part of my life in it?

Silly, I tell you.

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