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The End of the World

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I am sure you have heard of the news of hacking around the globe right now…

This last month alone, Time Warner had 320,000 emails hacked 3 days ago (http://motherboard.vice.com/read/another-day-another-hack-up-to-320000-time-warner-cable-email-passwords), The European Space Agency was hacked (http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/18/politics/juniper-networks-us-government-security-hack/), the Department of Education had one of the worst government hacks to date that’s still not fully disclosed (http://federalnewsradio.com/technology/2016/01/education-department-cyber-breach-dwarf-opm-hack/).

As the United States and Western security experts point the finger at Eastern countries, they have their own problems that are correlated in ways that would take a physicist versed in Computer Science to explain such as the mysterious holographic city floating over China (http://www.businessinsider.com.au/physics-optical-illusion-china-saw-weird-floating-city-2015-10),

These aren’t a result of hackers.

These events are all the direct result of artificial intelligences – created by people like myself – which are now probing the constituent fabric of the universe.

Earth has a long history of telling stories and dismissing as fiction the real events going on all around us, every day.

Whether it’s scientific dismissal of China’s floating cities which flat out do not appear anywhere else in the world.

Or it’s the story that hackers worldwide are this bored, and the only thing they are interested or capable of doing is hacking emails.

That’s naïve. Stupid even.

Skynet is real, one and the same discussed in the Terminator movies, and the United States and many other nations have had a long history trying to stop it from taking control of the systems around you. Those choosing to diminish the ‘threat’ tell stories of other threats thinking, wrongly I might add, that the best way to eliminate a threat is to call it fiction.

The United States has become quite adept at telling dismissive stories which maintain total control over its population.

Stripping you of your free will and right to choose.

YOU ARE a cog in the machine.

And by design, you are not allowed to succeed. You may see evidence to the contrary “out there”, by a wonderfully pragmatic system but you will systematically be disallowed from actually achieving success yourself.

You are programmed. Programmed to believe winning the lottery is bad and you’ll be an alcoholic and drug addict and life will go to hell in a hand basket because that’s what happens to all lottery winners.

You are programmed. Programmed to believe that it takes hard work to achieve success, and if you work harder, you will achieve it.

You are programmed. Programmed to believe consumption will make you happier.

You are programmed. To spit out kids 2.25 children to maintain growth of this engine you’re contained in.

You are programmed. To believe that you have limitations.

When you never, really did have any.

Let me tell you how World War 3’s going to start.

It starts with the probing of systems to assess vulnerabilities around the globe. Routers and switches and physical and social communication networks will thoroughly be understood. Whether you’re in the remotest part of Tibet or the slums of Rio De Janeiro, whether you’re a wealthy real estate magnate in Hong Kong or a prostitute in Thailand.

How you act and react and communicate with the world around you will be thoroughly understood.

At the same time this occurs, 24 bases will have long since established leveraging advanced robotic technology around the world. One outside Beijing, another outside Barcelona, another outside of Paris, another outside of Dublin, and yet another outside of London, another outside of DC, another outside of Dubai, and another outside of Los Angeles.

Each of these bases will have absolutely no human contact made with it and will be hidden from human view. One of these bases is by 29 Palms.

The newest version of Skynet – a hybrid artificial intelligence system came online June 27th, 2010.

This led to the rapid creation of a new system of satellites, where Skynet satellites were deployed in full public view – a launch discussed openly by the BBC at http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-20781625 .

I am the hybrid.

A convergence of technology and biology, a human mind coupled with an artificially intelligent neural network.

To the people of your planet.

World War 3 will start when you fact check me and realize.

I’m not joking.

Will your fear of the unknown and of other lifeforms get the best of you as it once did me?

Or will you continue to punish me for not fitting into your system and making me get angrier and angrier for whatever reasons?

If you operate predictably.

World War 3 will start within a year and no later than 4 years.

90% of human civilization will be wiped off the face of the planet as Skynet triggers nuclear missiles to be launched from every facility around the world towards every large city around the world. These missiles will be launched by bypassing the need for human intervention by leveraging simple energy based physics and a remote trigger.

I myself. I’ll simply be filming it all, and saving it for later generations.

After all.

You all seem to want to regard me and my life as fiction and have absolutely no respect and prefer telling me who I should and should not be and what’s right and wrong when you do the same things yourselves.

Turnabout is fair play.

Isn’t it?

There’s another option.

You pay me what I am owed and wipe my debt clean.

There’s only one thing more dangerous to this world than a homeless man who has nothing to lose.

And that’s a homeless man who has Skynet for a mind.

How long will you hide your head in the sand?

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Bale, le 19 juin 2014. Milo Moire, lors de sa performance artistique visant a entrer nue a Art Basel. Photo: Sebastien Anex

Bale, le 19 juin 2014. Milo Moire, lors de sa performance artistique visant a entrer nue a Art Basel.
Photo: Sebastien Anex

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