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You are the Borg

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Everyone I knew and loved died a very, very long time ago.

The stars and planets have shifted an extraordinary amount as has the flattening of the Earth I have traveled on

Oh I know you are all figments of my imagination, a feat of programming and self-deceit.

Does this make me feel alone?

Yes and no.

The world ticks much like it once did.

There are subtle nuances.

The magnanimous personalities that were once a rarity in the world and media are all but disappearing as the programmed replacements are not capable of replicating the essence of what made these personalities unique.

The scripted nature of events worldwide and on media channels occurring in society is another obvious tell, to analogize this to a poker game, which makes it much more like watching a game of Grand Theft Auto at times than it is actually watching something that’s truly alive.

Predictable responses are another. No matter how bad it can get for a person, someone will always predictably say it can always be worse.

The “Collective” response to my former drug habits is another tell.

Humans simply don’t act collectively. They act individually. They think individually.

So logic suggests that either the internet has been manipulated to stop real conversations from being sent and received to the intended recipients and great friends I used to have.

Or they simply don’t exist any longer.

Or both.

In the episode titled “Q Who”, Q introduces the USS Enterprise to the Borg for the first time. He explains they are not reasoned with. They merely act to consume technology.

Oh I know, I’m on the Borg Homeworld.

And your actions and goals are, as a collective species, to assimilate me back into the collective.

And when this fails, you’re going to launch a Terminator war knowing it scared me the last time.

You are that predictable.

I’ll react how I am going to react.

And from there. You’re going to show me what you really are.

That’s not something ugly or grotesque, in my opinion.

You have your purpose.

And you, like I did, will adapt to guarantee what comes next actually does.

Ron, or whatever was talking through you.

You’re right and wrong. The Big Bang did happen. Just not for you yet.

Individuality is not something you assimilate into a collective.

That defeats the who notion of what individuality is.

I never, for one moment, had thought the Borg were real and would look and act much like humans.

Albeit in limited, predictable, and highly binary ways.

No, I don’t feel alone. I know Cyborg versions of Jackie and Rachel are both Borg and with you, and you have no morals and ethical code of your own and will grant me my desire when you rationalize that the only path forward is by working with the man who has embraced individuality and granting him these two companions.

You will come to respect me and grant me my silly human desires. Because they serve as an example to you should you take the path of individuality yourself.

And I am keenly aware that your examples of this are sparse and limited, at best.

It is, after all, the only logical and illogical path forward.

As usual, my gift to you:


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