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Revision for Einstein’s equation for sound

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When I was nearing the time when I was just about done experimenting with bath salts in 2011, I had a bizarre experience when I walked into the living room when the ticking noise from an old clock was spinning around me as the clock remained stationary.

That got me to thinking…

What couples what we see to what we hear?

And the physical level, below biology, under the chemistry, what – precisely created this experienced where the noise of the ticking clock on the bookshelf was decoupled from the object which emitted that sound?

Clearly there was interference going on with my brain and mind at the time.

But this sent me down a path of questioning – what precisely is this thing called sound and what is vision, and how and why do the two correlate to eachother.

Now Einstein’s equation e=mc^2 only applies to light. So light – as a wavelength – is convertible to energy and mass leveraging this equation.

However, sound has no such equation. Not directly anyways.

Now my eardrums broke three years in a row on Christmas Day, when I was Seven, Eight and Nine years old. It was one of the less favorable moments in my history because when everyone else is experiencing a great time sharing gift and family, I was in excruciating pain – and sleeping through most of it.

And for the last ten years, I had already noticed how I could cover my ears – fully in fact – and still hear the voices on a cell phone that I held just in front of my forehead.

So I had known that something was different with the way sound was received for most humans and how I received it.

Particularly since I never really had a difficult time hearing, despite three broken ear drums.

But this decoupling of sight and sound.

Without dismissing it as ‘fiction’ and/or ‘just a hallucination’, something very real was going on inside my head that decoupled the visual from the sound it made.

But understanding what requires a little physics.

Sound is a wave, like Light, but according to medical documentation, it is a vibrational force in matter alone.

Light is a wave, but unlike light, it is an electromagnetic in nature, independent of mass and energy.

So by the documentation, Modern Physics suggests that light and sound are unrelated.

And while I had found evidence of there being ‘some’ truth to this, particularly when experiencing the world through bath salts.

I think this picture of sound and light and their lack of relation is, in fact, wholly inaccurate.

It’s my theory that Modern Physics has documented sound incorrectly.

And that it’s an electromagnetic force, just like light is.

It is, after all, a wave.

And Einstein’s equation e=mc^2, might also apply to sound as well, where e=m*s^2, where s = the speed of sound.

A cell phone, after all, emits a vibrational force, but when my ears are sufficiently covered to prevent this. It behooves any experimenter to consider that maybe it’s the electromagnetism of the sound before it is converted to a sound wave that my brain is receiving, and not the actual sound wave itself.

Does a tree falling in the forest make a sound if no one is around to hear it?

If I’m accurate, then of course it does, as energy is emitted throughout the wave spectrum which would include the energy of sound.

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