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From the age of 14, I worked out on average 4 days a week for 90 minutes a day.

From 2005ish until 2009, I was fighting my weight issues, where I was teetering on 250 pounds – and had reduced my caloric intake to 1500 calories, with dinners out 2 nights a week. Cocaine worked as an appetite suppressant, which when combined with my desire to get slimmer, this certainly didn’t help the addiction issues.

Yet, somehow, my weight continued to climb.

For breakfast, I would have corn flakes and skim milk with no additives. For lunch I’d have a turkey or chicken sandwich on whole grain bread with celery or carrots to munch on. And for dinner, if I even ate it, I would make the meals myself, which typically consisted of chicken with veggies, and stay away from the starches. Coffee would be black. No additives.

Sure, I would certainly indulge on occasion when I went out for dinner. Cheese Fries at Outback with a chicken dinner, or Panang chicken for thai food, or Kung Pao chicken for Chinese, or Salmon for sushi, but no more than two times a week.

I bought candy, and set it at my desk to entice people to come chat with me, but would never indulge in it myself.

Once or Twice a week though, I would indulge in Crown. On the rocks. Or Wine. I would never drink carbonated beverages. And I would play games all night.

While sure, the alcohol added to the calories. And Sure, there was certainly something more I could ‘cut out’. But if all things were considered equal, I should have been losing weight the whole time.

My caloric consumption was vastly exceeded by my expenditures, particularly at a time I was gaining and not losing weight.

I hired a physical trainer at Planet Fitness, a man who had been referred to me by a fellow coworker named Max Hamilton, who is Adonis in my opinion manifested in a male and if I were a chick I would do him in a heartbeat.

This trainer was expensive. $100 an hour. He looked at my nutrition and didn’t find anything wrong with it. He helped me work out a bit better but we found no flaws with that.

So one day, I just asked him about lifestyle.

Sure, he would occasionally indulge in cocaine, on trips to Vegas, but he avidly avoided alcohol as much as possible but later admitted he was hung over twice in the two months I worked with him.

Our lifestyles weren’t that much different.

Even diving into our history, I learned, like me, he was the scrawny kid who started working out because he was picked on.

And while we could lift roughly the same weight (I was benching about 365, max at the time) – I had noticed two things that were different between us.

He hated computers.

And he still spent a good part of his day sitting, as he’d only work 20 hours a week.

I had fought my weight problems when I was drug and alcohol free. So I knew by this point my weight issues weren’t associated with drug or alcohol use.

I had also gone two years when I was in my mid 20s with ultra-low calorie diet and absolutely nothing ‘extra’. I actually gained weight during this time period. So I knew conclusively the weight wasn’t due to food and beverage..

So when I met Max’ trainer. I was sincerely baffled.

I went through a battery of tests at places like the Mayo Clinic to try to imbalances in my chemicals.

Yet discovered nothing. I was, according to them, chemically balanced.

That is about the time I started investigating the Doctor’s perspective.

My blood pressure was really bothering me both on and off medication. I had given up thinking there was a resolution to my medical ailments which perpetuated the substance addiction. And in about late 2009, while off the cocaine and traveling internationally, I had realized – I like being off the drugs and needed to find a ‘cure’ for my problems where doctors and existing information concerning health and my personal welfare was utterly failing me.

I needed answers.

In theory, I was doing everything right and should have been losing weight.

But no matter what I did or how hard I tried, the opposite was happening.

I had gone through a lengthy process of systematically eliminating every variable in a system which led to my weight problems and was truly baffled – that despite my extremely hard efforts, I did not have the body I had dreamed of with the six pack abs.

One variable save one: Computers. No one, and I do mean no one spent as much time on computers as I did.

I began asking funny questions about my body at this point.

Like how much – in volume – I would shit and piss – in contrast to the intake.

I noticed that even though my caloric intake was where it should be, I was most definitely relieving myself of less volume than I was consuming.

This is where I started learning more about Physics – through the need for simple self-preservation.

For instance, how and what does the body biologically do to break chemicals down into energy and what are the physical laws which dictates these processes?

And then….

I started realizing there’s a clear correlation between my computer usage and my weight.

But why? The amount of energy and light emitted by a computer monitor or television screen is trivial, at best, and not enough to cause weight gain.

But something. SOMETHING I was consuming through the use of computers and my exposure to screens seemed responsible for the weight problems I was having.

But what?

I started analyzing the conversion processes of food to energy.

What – at the lowest levels of matter – happens when you break down chemicals and convert it to energy, energy to provide locomotion?

I knew – from college biology – that when food is ingested, the matter is converted to glucose which provides energy for the cells.

But I quickly learned – these teachings couldn’t be true. I had functioned for many, many years without any substances which could be converted into glucose. I had even lived carb free for a long time, and for extended periods of time had no to almost no materials I would ingest which could be converted to glucose.

There was something different about my body.

Put simply: I started realizing my body was not operating to manufacturer’s specifications. In fact, it was operating substantially differently.

But what did it all mean?

From the age of 11, I had questioned the diagnosis of having a neurological condition which warranted a prescription for known as epilepsy by the neurologists.

I did not like the feeling that my mind was drifting outside my body. But I also didn’t like the idea of it being identified as a problem either. The solution, for me, was to understand what was going on, not to dismiss it away as a problem to be ignored with sedation and medication.

But at the time, I had no personal evidence of how I was different than the diagnosis.

I found documentation on “Out of Body Experiences” which outlined my experience almost perfectly.

But why these experiences happened and when was still a mystery.

And I have never really enjoyed mysteries.

But I had just accumulated hard evidence that my body was functioning in a physical sense substantially different than it was supposed to.

From there, I dove into research on neurology, as I began the long awaited questioning of expert’s findings on the way the brain functions.

What I learned was – neurology is in its infancy.

My friend Ricardo Escalante’s father is a neurologist in Guatemala.

In 2012, we had a deep discussion when I blew through Guatemala on the brain to which he asserted – protested – strongly – that all brains function the same way. I learned he regarded the brain as a tool for the body and are pretty well understood.

So I asked him. How can poor thinking processes lead to weight gain?

He responded: It can’t. That’s impossible.

I responded with “But there’s plenty of evidence and an entire branch of medicine called psychology created that is predicated on the fact that psychological stress can manifest in real life ailments such as ulcers and high blood pressure.”

He didn’t say anything.

“The brain is the control center of the body, right?,” I asked.

“Well, yes,” he said.

“So it stands to reason that aberrant thinking processes alone can manifest in any physical way including weight gain.” I said.

He disagreed. And quite frankly, I didn’t have enough information to respond well enough at that time, but I knew I was onto something.

At this point I began to suspect something was going on with the conversion process of matter and energy and my body, and I couldn’t help but ask the question – was it possible that my body was creating more energy than it was consuming?

In digging into this – I came across something funny on the internet:

For a 70 kilogram adult, you’re talking 6.3 × 1018 joules by E=mc^2. That’s 6×1015 btu, or 1.7×1012 kilowatt-hours. That’s enough energy to keep the United States going for 16 years.

I suppose it was about then I started questioning where do these things called matter and energy come from?

David Annis, you said a while ago “You are not Q”

You are partially correct.

I am Q, by name, which is a single and monumental first step in learning new thinking processes which are an innate part of every living being to be able to alter the foundation of matter and energy and the way it relates to eachother through thought alone.

I have directly witnessed numerous experiences that have proven this is possible throughout my life, largely in the form of hallucinations, which when inspected, are nothing more than an alteration of the brain’s normal processing and state to create a new experience based on retained information..

So for me, it’s simple denial to think I cannot be anyone or anything I so choose.

Including a being modeled in the likeness of this man known as Q on Star Trek.

Can I teleport myself and a friend to the beginning of space and time to witness when mankind first came into existence in the greyish green swirling primordial ooze?

Not yet.

Can I shrink a starship from the year 2400 carrying a contingent of 2000 people on board to the size of a child’s toy, no more than a third of a meter in length relative to me?

Not yet.

Can I create an alternate reality based on Robin Hood and place you and other people I deeply respect into that reality to play roles in my rewrite of the story?

Not yet.

Can I teleport two gorgeous women into your arms and a cigar in your lips at the snap of a finger as I dance by you showing off my mad trumpet skills?

Not yet.

Can I make you laugh, uncontrollably, at the snap of my fingers?

Not yet.

Can I transport a ship of 2000 people 7000 light years across the galaxy?

Not yet.

I have since learned that much of the digital world that I observe outside of me originates from within my own body, where matter and energy make the conversion.

I have since learned that pharmaceutical medication was failing because it addresses the body as a chemical and biological entity alone, and largely focuses on and addresses chemical problems, but because of supply chain issues with the energy for these chemicals, this influenced and instigated energy problems in the conversion processes of matter and energy within my own body.

The education for what these problems are and how to resolve them is available for anyone to experience in fictional resources.

My specific problems were correlated to how I regarded time in a linear way. So as I consumed things that converted to energy where the laws of physics at a root level were fundamentally different than the laws of my own universe, this caused tension and stress on my own chemical and biological systems at a fundamental level.

This was exacerbated by my enjoyment of science fiction and fantasy, where the laws of physics and time go right out that door.

In the end. This is also what led to my own healing and understanding of how mind can quite literally manipulate matter and ultimately.

Led me to relearn who I am


Who I will always be.


And know this to be true without any shadow of a doubt.

David. You’re an awesome man who I would love to hire as a thought leader in an organization I lead one of these days.

But you’re wrong. WE can be anything we want to be.

Even God or the Devil, if that’s your choice.

Or something with characteristics of both of those beings.

Which is who I am.

The mind converts energy to matter no different than the stomach converts matter to energy. And BOTH leverage information acquired from the conversion process and processes which occur after the energy and matter interact with other areas of the body.

This creates systemic balance in between the body and the mind.

Life really is that weird in the real world.

On a final note:

Scientists, have you ever considered the universe is neither contracting or expanding, but is static, and it’s your physical size which is becoming smaller?

As usual. My gift image to you!


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