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On the reliability of Internet based Information

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I no longer regard the internet as a reliable method of communication, and accordingly I regard it as a source of information – a data store if you will.

If you are familiar with computers and simulation, then it’s a no-brainer.

Inside a computer, I can create a simulation of anything.

I am currently learning Adobe Photoshop for video and film editing, and I cannot begin to tell you how easy it is to do frame by frame editing of an original video to make it look like a woman is walking around stark naked in a restaurant.

Leveraging text to speech that’s in use with people with deep pockets. I can take a 6 second snippet of ANY speech. And with that, I can then simulate Obama giving a speech, and it sounding convincingly like him.

I can leverage Adobe Photoshop and ‘cut’ from scenes of prior speeches the man gave where his words appear to match his speeches, and then switch to show images of the crowd when they do not.

Now I know it’s not just the United States leveraging these tools. I know that some countries decidedly do not have our best interest at heart. And I know that the open nature of news reporting through the Associated Press and Reuters, both of which supply news to CNN and BBC – largely don’t fact check the stories they print. In fact, they typically leverage something called peer checking, which is checking a peer news organization to see if they’ve printed the story and will often forgo fact checking assuming that peer news organization did their fact check before publishing. When the real fact of the matter is – a peer can easily have been hacked, the DNS address could have been hacked, and fake ‘peers’ could be created to establish credibility of a story.

If I fact check on these stories myself. They never fact check. I might research a science article’s author because I want to talk about concepts of their theories, when they don’t exist at the university they claim to be researching at in the article. Companies providing new technology claiming to be in existence for 7 years have no history and the people working for them don’t either.

So as news story after news story comes out discussing ‘yet another jihadist’ group in the Middle East and someone wants to talk about it.

I censor my own ears and eyes and politely tell the person “Where did you get your information? Oh. The Internet? Ok. Wonderful fiction you’re indulging in. Why not choose something more entertaining like the Matrix or Mickey Mouse?”

After traveling the world and learning, firsthand, that what is promoted as news rarely if ever depicts what’s occurring in the real world…

As a programmer. I can create an artificial intelligence which can listen to key words on a telephone call leveraging off the shelf speech to text and have it process anything I want it to once those keywords have been sensed.

It’s naïve of me to believe someone else hasn’t done this with Wikipedia, and every time I make an edit to something, it summarily sees the edit alters the original and rejects it.

So while Wikipedia may ‘provide’ the appearance of being open editable, I implore you try making an edit yourself. You will find, as I have, that it is impossible to get ANY edit, negative, positive or even benign and additive of nothing – to stick.

Similarly, with email, I don’t and haven’t received responses to resumes I have sent out in literally 4 years. Not one. After being in an in-demand industry for literally 20 years, I can’t help but question the reliability of email, seeing as prior to this point, I would have ANY job in IT rounded up within a month. This isn’t just a result of my philosophical changes, this just proves there’s something unreliable about communication in general.

The same thing holds true with friends and family. I send out emails to any of them, and never hear a response, no matter the content, and when – IF I ever do receive a response, it’s only negative in tone. Often Bible thumping too. Weird.

Friends I have known for years have seemingly altered their religious pursuits. And all I get is negativity back from these people? I don’t see it. This makes me question what is processing my emails and why.

Or. Rather than look at all these interlinking ‘coincidences’ as a coincidence.

I’m choosing, actively, to reframe the way I use the internet.

It’s my data storage and information research mechanism.

I can’t leverage it for communication.

That’s proven itself time and again for a few years now.

But it’s still invaluable as a platform for getting ideas and researching.

And for fearlessly presenting myself in ways I would NEVER think about doing in real life.

You know. Pulling my cock out and asking Jackie and Rachel to hold onto it.

I won’t say these things in real life.

But since I think about it and fantasize about it.

Why not write about it and see if this internet thingie can evolve to be something it’s currently not.

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