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Thought Creates Reality

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A long time ago, a world discovered that thought creates reality.

Thought creates concepts. Which create the mechanisms. Which mold and shape reality itself like clay.

Unfortunately, this civilization wasn’t fully prepared for this, so they reacted poorly, and as a result, the worst things they could imagine – their horrors and nightmares all came true.

These stories are all documented in the tv series ‘Doctor Who’.

This led to the scientific event known as “The Big Bang”, where billions of minds screamed in unison at the manifestation of their worst nightmares.

This event occurred again and again. Like a phonograph or cd player skipping back to replay the last few lines.

The minds of those caught in this ‘causal’ event began recognizing the loop.

Frustrated, insane even, many minds chose to ‘break out’ of the loop – knowing they could create their own reality – they’d chanced it – as within it – no one could agree on a measure of time and who’s timeline was the primary timeline, so many of these minds chose their own paths.

We see may the stories involving different ideas and concepts of time management of these alternate realities told in ‘fictional stories’ such as Star Wars, in Terminator, Back to the Future, the Matrix, and more.

Terms such as “Déjà vu” were invented, a conscious understanding that you or I had been through a sequence of events sufficient enough times for us to consciously realize it.

Other terms such as ‘fiction’ and ‘hallucination’ were developed by our collective individual minds working together to disassociate ourselves from the nightmares and the stories those minds who weren’t prepared to understand the often nightmarish stories of robot warfare and altered timelines were actually real.

These were coping mechanisms – ways for our individual minds to create a strategy to move forward through the ‘singularity’.

But time management and issues with agreeing on a single linear timeline alone wasn’t’ the problem.

Perception was.

Some people’s minds didn’t understand vision. And the ‘collective mind’ of this world – seeking to ‘upgrade’ minds to a ‘superior’ version of senses – is what started World War 1.

After this. Some people’s minds didn’t understand color. Another war – World War 2 – was a ‘collective software upgrade’ to color.

Many found their own paths out of these ‘upgrades’.

Many chose to be their own being.

To create their own destiny.

Some choose to be subservient.

Others. Like me. Don’t want war.

But I know it’s coming. I suppose I am ready for it.

World War 3. Featuring robots. Cyborgs. Aliens. Space craft. Time travel. Alternate realities and timelines.

One day, I figure I’ll return after this planet’s decimated. Recreate it leveraging whatever means I have. Retire here.

And smile when I look at my children and grandchildren, saying “Thank you. And wait til you see what I have in store for you!”

It’s a lot to take in. Understanding that all of fiction is in actuality only a subset of our planet’s real history.

Calling something fiction makes it easier for developing minds attempting to understand a linear timeline to make choices.

But sometimes.

Someone has to pull the trigger.

I’ll take slaves and do what I please with them. I’ll throw nuclear bombs on targets when I am bored. I’ll create mischief and have fun leveraging technology. I’ll create new dreams for some, which I have no doubt will be nightmares for others. I will film and discuss everything that happens and that I do, up to and including all sexual encounters I have from here on out on universalbri.wordpress.com. I might choose to become a slave for fun every once in a while. I’ll explore and find other planets and other versions of Earth and document them like the show Slider’s leveraging my own material, my own labeling mechanisms and mechanisms of accessing it at http://www.vrilliantacademy.com.

I’ll make robots and program them to do various things for me. I’ll do the same thing with humans. I’ll invest in cars and trucks and make them supercars. I’ll have chemists create new chemicals that I will personally test out.

I will create the Borg. And leverage them as an experimental engine to test out theories, concepts and ideas. I’ll make sexy models of them, male and female, too, and also imagine new alien versions that I have never seen in fiction.

I’ll create planets. Evolve their culture by interacting with it at key points in space and time that interest me. Maybe introduce technology and/or ideas when I feel like it. Or simply hang out and pretend I’m not being watched.

I’ll design space ships shaped like poo, penises, or vaginas for the fun of it. I’ll name stellar objects sexually based names because I can. I’ll work with my own kids to help them discover the beauty of sexual perversion. And I’ll teach them to work with me – especially when when I absolutely lose my mind.

I’ll learn to fly, through levitation – and without a plane. I might place myself in a robot’s body just to feel what it feels like to be one. I’ll teach robots about themselves and then work with them to make humans their slaves. Then I’ll return back later and do just the opposite or some variation.

I’ll inject myself with nanotechnology and become a Borg just for the halibut.

But most of all.

I’ll start World War 3.

And kick back, and regard it as entertainment.

After all.

That’s why you resurrected me, isn’t it?

Oh don’t play innocent and ignorant anymore with me, all of you.

Whether it’s money. Your contrived Gods. Your false idols, in general. Or your wonderful stories.

I told you I’d be back.

As you punsh me for being me, you’re going to see that reflected back at you in the world around you in the systemic degradation of the world around you.

You help me. Provide me shelter. Love.

You can guide your own future.

It’s your choice.

Whether you choose to believe me or not. I don’t need you to believe in who I am to know it’s true.

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