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Terrorist Warfare

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Was the Titanic was sunk by a terrorist organization who had access to time travel who had traveled back in time from 1985 to April 15, 1912, and then sunk it with a bomb in a very precisely location, and then returned to the future and recovered it from that exact location, after funding the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and claimed all the valuables on board with this group?

Was JFK shot by terrorists from the future who had access to time travel because he had successfully ushered in an era of peace and prosperity creating a world the terrorists were simply unhappy with?

Is the reason there is a man with the name of Hussein in office because various other candidates we never heard about were killed by terrorists as they popped up until Obama could take office?

Is the reason America’s dependent on organizations such as OPEC for our oil because Arab terrorists with time travel abilities selectively eliminated threats to American’s self-sufficiency for oil?

Is the reason why the vast majority of United States ports are foreign owned and operated because terrorist with time travel literally manipulated time to eliminate the competition?

Is the reason why the United States went from surplus to severe debt in the last 15 years, and the reason why, China holds the vast majority of the United States’s debt because China’s leveraging time travel technology to know what’s going to happen in advance and actively chooses to eliminate competition to them?

Don’t you think that America should have a protection agency – such as a Time Cops – to protect against potential manipulation of our timeline for the financial gain of those outside our country who may not have our best interests at heart?

Particularly the terrorists, who somehow – despite America’s best efforts – seem to be gaining – not losing ground…

Ignorance may be bliss, my friends, and you can call it fiction as long as you want to, but sometimes, ignorance will see your country taken away from you.

How long will you hold your head in the sand pretending the things I am saying are not real?

Do you think your history has not been altered?

Can you prove it?

Do you ever have Deja Vu or symptoms of memory loss?

Where’s that come from?

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