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Revisioned History

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I just came across an article on Gizmodo which slammed a list of factoids from 1915 that had gone viral based on an article from The Business Insider which discussed the “Incredible ways the world has changed in the past 100 years”.

“It’s fake. Not real. Incorrect,” Matt Novak, the author of the article on Gizmodo preached.

I won’t get into details about the differences, other than to say the author, put something I found entertaining:

The Business Insider said, about 1915 said that “The American flag had 45 stars.”

Matt Novak from Gizmodo, bless his little heart, responded with:


The American flag had 48 stars in 1915. Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907, and New Mexico and Arizona became the 47th and 48th states in 1912, respectively. Alaska and Hawaii rounded out the total to 50, both becoming states in 1959. Today: fifty states, fifty stars.

To wit, I commented by saying:

Interesting. I was born in Southern California and raised in Arizona, where I took Arizona Constitution and Civics class in 1986, which we had to know the state’s current details. Arizona at the time had become a state in 1946. It was one of the last entrants to gain statehood, as the 47th state. New Mexico had come JUST before then.

So the original author’s assertion that there were only 45 states is entirely accurate from what I was taught back in high school.

I’m not saying you are inaccurate nor that I am. We’re both right.

Same thing holds true for your comparative list and theirs I have no doubt that whoever originally drafted it was spot on accurate with their information.

Try labeling the original as something other than fake. “Not currently reflective of this timeline’s information” is a a much healthier statement.

I don’t think he’ll understand.

Will you?


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