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Time Cops andTemporal Juxtaposition

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I just got done watching “Time Cop”, the tv series, episode 6 – titled “Alternate World”

The show is based on a secret agency which preserves the world’s linear historical past timeline.

In this particularly episode, the team detects a ‘time ripple’ close to Jack Logan – the lead time cop’s past – somewhere in Arizona.

Jack remembers the date vividly, it was when he ‘spent the night in jail’ after stealing his parent’s car to take his date to the prom.

The Time Cop Agency has a major rule concerning time travel – a time cop is not allowed to be sent back in time where there is a risk of the time cop coming in contact with a younger version of themselves.

Jack convinces his team to allow him to violate this rule, as his younger version poses no threat and spent the night in jail, safely away from anywhere the older Jack might be.

Jack goes back in time from the modern day to his youth, and to his surprise he is confronted with a rogue time cop – Sam Usher – who somehow escaped incarceration and was now trying to kill the younger version of the man who had exposed him and put him in jail to begin with, Jack.

Jack apprehends the man, and then takes him back to the future, only to find that the Time Cop Agency he is confronted with is from an alternate reality and the Jack is the most wanted time criminal of all time on that timeline, and now Sam, who was this criminal, is now in a future where he is back in good graces with the agency and is Time Cop.

Jack is soon handed a death sentence by the agency which refuses to consider there are alternate histories nor that there is any validity to his assertion that he’s a time cop, despite mounting evidence demonstrated by his knowledge of time cop procedures, protocol, and personnel, and soon finds himself taking Officer Claire Hemmings hostage to escape to find the ‘rogue time machine’ which Sam Usher originally used to go back in time and started Jack’s fall from grace to begin with.

Eventually, Jack goes back in time, and prevents the chain of events which led to his life of crime, and he again apprehends a version of Sam Usher and returns him to a future that’s now ‘restored’.

… Or is it? As rogue time cop Sam Usher now protests and the tone of voice and questions he asks have changed so dramatically that it now sounds like this version of Sam Usher may be the ‘good version’ of Sam Usher and is not the criminal of before, and now he’s the innocent man who is in the same shoes as Jack Logan was before.

We’ll never know, as the episode abruptly ends, intentionally missing this portion of Sam’s story and focuses on Jack’s return to his ‘real time’.

And if this is “real” as I assert it is – the real question becomes, is this the ‘bad’ version of Jack or the ‘good’ one?


When the tv show Firefly came out after the really excellent if you haven’t seen it movie “Serenity” was released, I was one of a handful of people saying:

“Sorry, Sci Fi, you never released this tv series publicly when you claim you did, at least not in ‘my version’ of reality, and this is the first time it has actually come out in my world”

This doesn’t happen much. Where I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt the ‘release date’ for something is not as asserted by its release info.

Time Cop, the tv series, is a second addition to my list.

I was an avid fan of Time Cop when it first came out with Jean Claude Van Damme. To me, it’s goofy, timeless time traveling fun, and stars one of my favorite actors – JCVD. So when the second Time Cop came out – straight to video – I was disappointed JCVD wasn’t in this one, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the flick.

As a regular with my science fiction circles, I would have noticed it’s released….

However, I only became aware of the Time Cop series as I looked for new material on Youtube.

To me, this had only become available in ‘my reality’ in the last month.

Despite its single season ‘run’ in 1997.

Which begs the questions:

Was the series actually created and aired for in an alternate reality in 1997?

Or was it just recently created in this world – and made, like a Quentin Tarantino movie, with a retro style and dated accordingly to justify the antiquated look and feel?

As I know it has not been available in ‘my reality’ until now…. So there’s only two logical possibilities that remain viable to me.

And no, don’t be silly. I’m not going to question my memory any longer, that’s a path towards insanity that’s a downright silly and stupid oath to take at this time.

There are more pleasant and viable explanations which encourage a mind and imagination to grow.

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