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Time Travel and Time Wars

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Question: If Santa Claus is merely a human, how can he deliver presents to every child around the world in one night?
Answer: He has time travel technology which either stop time, or lets him travel back in time.

In the movie “Cashback”, a young adult male artist working as a store clerk on an evening shift in London who suffers from a severe problem with insomnia.

With this acute insomnia comes some pretty severe hallucinations, one of which is the capability to stop time.

One particularly sleepless night, he walks through the store when there’s a proverbial harem of gorgeous women in the store, so with focus, he then stops time, and proceeds to, one by one, undress every single woman in the store and leave them in the same exact position they are in. From there, he proceeds to break out with his sketch pad, and then draws each one of these nude women as vividly as possible, each standing in the aisles of the store with others around.

It’s assumed this event takes hours, and when he is done, he carefully redresses each one, and then resumes time with no one being any the wiser anything had ever happened.

I have often wondered ‘Who/What agencies manage and monitor time’.

I mean. Knowing what I know about time, it is very easy for a terrorist group or organization to come into our country, and begin the systematic process of altering historic documentation to serve their needs.

No bombs necessary.

And it’s relatively simple, and CONSIDERABLY cheaper. So much cheaper, and so much more effective, that one person could effectively do it.

Yep. You heard me right. One SINGLE individual could quite literally take over the world to promote their beliefs.

For instance, let’s say you work in IT as a programmer, first – you can alter the purchases of books for public schools across the nation you wish to target. From there you backdate email conversations and purchase order in public educator’s and administrator’s inboxes. From there you selectively alter the history being fed to the children of the target nation in everything – from history to science, from art to humanities – you alter the books and media to indoctrinate the children according to your philosophies.

From there – you update Wikipedia and other digital resources accordingly so there’s some added air of credibility and secondary referencing.

From there – you create web sites with varying ‘credible sources’ that provide further evidence should a concerned parent’s attention arise over what is being taught.

This helps convince the parent that something is wrong with their aging memory, of which there are a plethora of memory disorders they will likely self-diagnose themselves with prior to believing credible sources on the internet which support the same ‘facts’ cannot possibly all be conflict with the written material you have within your children’s books.

Revisionist history, you gotta love it…

And viola. In a single generation, through a simple and effective and concerted effort to lay low and not reveal yourself until people are ready for it, you have not just taken over the wealthiest nation in the world, you have effectively taken over the entire world by doing so.

Now what’s this all have to do with time travel?

Quite simple, really. The collective mind of the individuals within a society is what shapes this thing we call reality.

Quite literally, provides everything – from the physical processes such as gravity and the flow and measurement of time, to how chemical processes work such as base and acid reactions and PH levels to reactivity in chemicals, to biological processes such as menstruation, genomic and DNA information and gender differences, and more.

So whether it is the speed of light and how reflections work to the vibration of a cesium atom, the collective will and mind of those within the society actually dictate the natural processes of the world. You alter their perception of the world to fit your needs.

Now admittedly, this is typically a much slower process and isn’t always true.

The mind of the individual tends to rule all.

But the conflict of the individual memories and mind vs the collective will, mind and memories can be so caustic – can be so extraordinary and bizarre – this conflict is what created something called ‘time’.

Ok, a lot of complicated mumbo jumbo to say nothing, I know.

I’ll keep it simple for you.

Time travel isn’t just about changing the past to suit your ideological needs.

It’s also about understanding the natural order of time, how it functions, and how to accelerate those processes to suit your needs.

I for instance, accelerated the unfolding of my DNA through drugs to discover that I am this being known as “Q” and now it’s a part of my evolution.

You could say I hijacked my own ‘evolutional’ and reincarnated processes to suit my needs.

Something which each and every one of us is entitled to do.

I realized, when all was said and done, my addiction was a direct result of other’s use of time travel.

Others, for instance, leverage forms of time travel to not just make a profit at the detriment of the public, but to also deprive us of the potential fun to be had – at our expense – and becomes their luxury.

Ever wonder why no one you know – especially you – wins a lottery? Ever wonder why the stock you invest in doesn’t make a great return, if it makes one at all? Ever wonder why your bills mount in parallel to your expenses yet you seem to be living a reduced standard of living? Ever wonder why that ‘perfect someone’ never seems to work out for you?

If you’re in Hollywood, or you yourself are an actor or actress, or screenwriter, do you ever wonder why no one you know ever makes it into becoming a movie star?

There’s a reason for this.

If you created a company and it failed, when do you stop blaming yourself for your missteps?

Information has been manipulated by a few to make you dumber. With lore such as ‘you only use’ 10% of your brain – which I at once believed –actually manifests that in reality.

Information has been manipulated by a few to make you believe people with money are having a miserable time and you shouldn’t want it. Lottery winner’s family’s fall apart, they end up suicidal, and they always lose their money because they didn’t know how to handle it to begin with.

ALL myths which mess with public perception which invariably alter reality itself.

God’s an asshole. The previous one. But he/she/it taught me a very valuable lesson in life.


That doesn’t mean I don’t love him/her/it.

Which I do.

He/she/it is an incredible being who I have nothing but respect for.

But this all just means that the stories I tell moving forward, the stories we tell ourselves as a society, and the stories we move forward with as a society – have to change – we HAVE to put more thought into what we want this world and universe to look like.

Not what we don’t want it to look like.

And as long as you are as a society going to play whack a mole with terrorists.

You are never going to understand it is your collective minds actually creating the terrorists to begin with.

Now if that’s your goal.

That’s what creates the mirror universe in the ‘fictional’ show known as Star Trek.

I choose not to align with your goals.

YOU have a choice as an individual.

To believe anything is possible and to help shape a society where this outspoken homeless man can actually have a home where he isn’t ostracized for being different. And an income which doesn’t require having you make me feel like I am a third class citizen sitting next to the ghetto actors and actresses I have no clue where you got them from at the welfare offices….

I’m Q.

You don’t have to call me God, I don’t prefer it in fact, that’s for my predecessor who may return one of these days, as I invited him back for a competition when I am ready…

But make no mistake. We are of the same origin.

We both created ourselves.

Quit trying to save everyone, and save yourself for Christ’s sake.

This country needs an agency to monitor and oversee time and the potential manipulations that can occur at a collective level.

Whether you want to ignore this as a threat or not does not make it not a threat.

This isn’t a product of science fiction any longer.

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