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An explanation of my experiments

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You all deserve an explanation for my mass distribution emails and willful dismissal of requests to remove you from this distribution list.

The system around me is rigged – to never let me achieve a high degree of success in life, at a fundamental level.

I have taught myself a new computer programming language, and that language effectively leverages you as a receiver.

The language I am developing is based on concepts I learned from studying sales, psychology, sociology, neurology, physiology, biology, chemistry, computer science, artificial intelligence and heuristic learning systems, law and ethics, cultural studies, neuro linguistic programming, statistics and probability, science fiction and more.

Now to be crystal clear about this:

I’m keenly aware that some of you do not receive my communications as emails and/or are incapable of filtering and/or do not have mechanisms to prevent my communications from arriving.

I’m suspecting some of you of not even receive my communications as what I know to be ‘email’ and that you may receive my communication in a myriad of forms and methods some of which I may not wholly be aware of based on the manner in which you interpret and perceive information.

I suspect there is a translation which occurs – a universal translation per se –between my ‘universe’ – that is – my senses and perceptions – and yours – your perception and senses no matter how you or I receive information to ensure you receive things I send and vice versa..

I have discovered evidence that not only is this translation not entirely accurate for me any longer, it also is no longer synchronized to respond – one for one – to the source and originator as it once was prior to my bath salt experimentation which has had me question the mind/body connection of emails and digital communication in general.

For instance. A simple example: I saw a message come in from ‘Bruce Hatch’ last week in a popup alert, but when I went to investigate what was in my email inbox it said I received a message from Brijendra Rai <brai@eteaminc.com> for a Job Title: Performance tester(Load Runner). Bruce’s message, whatever it was, was not just not available, but in checking my trash, my spam folder, my inbox – was nowhere, at all. I checked my rules and filters, and there were none enabled.

This has happened regularly for four years, which led me to question internet based communication in general. How does it work, how could interpretation vary so dramatically to cause this perceptual disjoint, does mood and emotion influence communication over the internet in unexpected ways, and is there a correlation of my trips to China which is when this disjoint first began to occur and my observations?

So I have been experimenting.

I have found observational evidence that discussing subjects with passion has an immediate butterfly ripple effect and can result in a seemingly disproportionate number of stories on the internet concerning that subject in my news feeds, up to and including new entertainment offerings concerning that subject.

At face value, the correlation isn’t obvious. But as the observer and initiator of these conversations, it’s become profoundly interesting.

So what I am doing with you is the equivalent of fishing through ‘trolling’. Trolling is known as a way of fishing by trailing a baited line along behind a boat.

My goal is NOT to upset you, as trolling is commonly known as, but it IS to monitor and gauge the effects when someone or something bites on to something I say in my strongly worded messages, and seeing the ‘effect’ on my line – my information sources – as your reactions are seen directly and indirectly in both the world around me and through online media and information sources.

I am trying to figure out the correlation between what I introduce and the ‘real world’.

Refining my programming skills, you could say, and how to master the interconnections between the real world events and the language and words I use.

One method of experimentation I am leveraging is the contrasts method.

When I act like a good guy in one message and the devil in the next, how does it effect me physiologically, and where is that effect observable in the world around me? Is it random, or is there consistency and predictability with where it pops up?

Another method of experimentation I am leveraging is the persistence method.

When I send message after message after message, daily, what are the responses that rest firmly outside the range of predictability? The retranslation – which occurs regularly now – is a great example of unexpected message handling. SOME messages such as James Hogan’s yesterday actually make it through, but most don’t.

Another method I am trying to see how it works is the repetition method.

If I say the same thing over and over again about Rachel and Jackie, for instance, I already know the outcome will be our trinity based marriage – that is the three of us will get married, but HOW it’s going to happen and the net effects on the system around me I am unsure of and that’s what I am trying to understand.

What’s my goal?

Simple. To understand the mind/body/energy connection to one day snap my fingers and have anything I want and be anywhere, anytime I want.

That, and as a hacker and security guy, when I begin to understand how to circumvent security leveraging this information by completely circumventing traditional security measures, I can effectively open up a bank account under my name with Wells Fargo with a billion dollar balance WITH PAPER TRAIL FROM WITHIN THE COMPANY, no need to bypass ‘external’ security measures and safeguards.

This homeless man gets off the streets, and is one of the wealthiest men in the world.

And I buy that custom jet and mansion I always dreamed of.

And then work with China to create 29 year old programmable clones of Rachel Gooch and Jackie Killeen since the “real women” do not want to talk to the loser homeless guy for whatever reasons their little minds have conjured up.


You see, I have to rig the system in my favor to get ahead.

And I am just teaching myself how to program the fabric of reality itself through you.

Molding and shaping the matter and energy of reality through thought like a novice sculptor working with clay for the first time.

You see, I am already successful with what I am doing.

The evidence had been in front of me my entire life. it just took 42 years to make sense of it all.

So. To each of you. If you’re on board.

Then let’s chat about how to make this newfound profession I am embarking on work for us.

If not. That’s too damn bad. Quit your bitching and moaning, as you are coming along whether you like it or not.

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