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With infinite different versions of my friends and family ‘out there’.

And infinite different versions of Earth.

And the Universe.

I have learned to accept my interpretation and experiences and to be ok and have come to expect the ‘version’ I see and experience of others is not who they are…

Like Rachel said, in a phone call not long after “Our recollection of events was very different”

Of course they are.

My reality and world view is one single timeline. Rachel’s is another.

So even though I may perceive her walking onto the stage of my life and having a short term tryst with me in the past and long term relationship with me in the very near future, she may not consciously ever be aware ANY of this ever happened. For her, her mind may be simulating infinite potential possibilities much like my mind may be, and she may both consciously and subconsciously determine this isn’t the path she wants to take. So for her. None of it ever happened.

For me. Rachel, Jackie and I are going to get married so I can violate yet another ‘never again’ rule I made for myself: No more marriages. And from there, we can all go on to travel through time and space and may even have kids and a time traveling family that others dismiss us as ‘wonderful authors of fiction’ as we smile and nod knowingly.

I find no conflict with knowing I may not have ‘THE’ conscious and self-aware version of these women in my life.

As well as my friends.

And to you receiving this.

Do you know what it is you want?

Or are you Awaiting Further Instructions trying to find your God to tell you what to do next?

And in the meantime, telling other people they can’t have what they want because you’re being selfish and not fully aware of it?

How’s that working for you?

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