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Perverse Fantasies and Goals for this Country

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One thing I suspect most people may not comprehend is that not only do their beliefs create reality, but their experiences, senses, education, and perspectives mold reality like an artist working with clay. This in turn develops the senses, and this in turn creates our very own interpretation of this thing you and I call reality.

When I came clean about my problems with drug and alcohol addiction, I was not only asking for guidance and assistance to recover from my addiction, but I was also looking for an outlet to discuss my experiences.

My experiences were straight out of the Science Fiction and Fantasy worlds I had come to know and love. Seeing real life Terminator robots the size of small trucks, seeing the rings of Saturn from the ground, seeing, hearing smelling and FEELING – you heard that right – feeling a planet that had recently been scorched through a nuclear apocalypse. Seeing Borg warp trails zoom into the planet from overhead. Seeing a TARDIS-like ghost and it’s weird echoes for lack of better explanation that looked splintered in time. Seeing something weird stuck to my head while looking in a reflection of glass at nighttime, and yet in light I couldn’t see it. And more. So much more.

When experienced these things that were straight out of fictional worlds, regardless of what initiated these experience, the undeniable fact for me is that I experienced things that were so profoundly removed from the real world, I could not help but – as a programmer and scientist –to begin questioning HOW I could make these – and other more FUN experiences like this happen without drugs.

I AM not referring to waiting for someone with a billion bucks to release a crappy Virtual Reality device that provides shit poor visual and aural experience and every experience is absolutely controlled by a system which may not have my best interests in mind.

No. I am referring to a de facto world that looks and smells and feels and tastes so amazingly real, it is absolutely indistinguishable from that which you and I call reality.

JUST like the ones I already experienced.

You see, a simple, irrefutably truth is these things can and quite often do happen by experimenting with drugs.

This is well documented.

It does not take a ‘leap of faith’ to logically rationalize the likelihood of achieving similar results leveraging alternative – and safer, more controlled mechanisms.

Through technology.

Or in my case. Through the power of mind over matter.

Something else that’s been documented as occurring throughout history.

It is hard to go back to not believing anything is possible when you have seen and experienced it for yourself.

Growing up in a system which led me to believe facts were facts and not to be questioned, I had arrived – very rationally –at a place where I was questioning everything I thought I knew about the world around me. What was a fact and how did it become that way? What was fiction and why had it been classified this way?

And most of all. How did I fit in all of this new information I had received?

You see, for a lot of things context of experience matters.

But for this single, solitary time in my life, the context of the experience did not matter as I had found KNOWING anything is possible changed the way I regard life.

I suddenly found myself believing in God for the first time. Questioning whether he is me, and knowing it’s not blasphemy to call myself him but I have to be willing to call myself the Devil at the same time. I found myself believing Thor, Odin, Zeus, and Medusa all existed, and potentially exist to this day. I found myself believing in Santa Claus, in believing in possibilities. I found a different explanation for Isis, the former goddess, and I found myself understanding that my mind had quite literally warped time and space already which is what put me on the surface of Saturn that weird day.

Endless possibilities.

And I figured out how to achieve these possibilities. Through my own mind.

Knowing absolutely anything is possible is cool and all, but what next?

Self-control training. Training my own mind to work with me bridge the gaps of time and space without drugs and alcohol.

And most of all, working – and playing – with my own mind in a collaborative relationship to not just find and explore alternate realities, but to reshape this one I am in to prove my point to you self-righteous jerkoffs who would rather see me go back to work and then create new ones.

As this country moves forward, my stated goal as leader of this country is simple:

By the year 2020, to make the United States of America a sexually perverse nudist country.

ALL Sex and nudity laws will be removed from the books. Period.

If you’re a catholic priest or child molester or just simply a horny person like I am, compulsory sex education will occur both in 5th grade and 10th grade and will occur in public parks, where the public will be invited to attend and to participate, where anything sexual will be permitted with the children as long as it’s not physically abusive (ie: cutting and hitting). Spanking will be permitted as long as it’s not intended for harm. This should 100% reduce child molestation charges.

TV Shows featuring weird game shows and reality shows with highly sexual content to compete with Japan’s weirdness.

IT is expected that ‘costume designers’ if doing period pieces (ie: early 20th century) will leverage clothing, but for modern era and futuristic depictions, it is expected the costume designers will turn to body paint, ornamentation, tattoos, public hair braiding and coloring, and more for their presentation. (beyond my own imagination). Writers, directors, and producers are expected to respect the change in cultural climate of this country and adopt nudity and sex not as an uncomfortable and awkward moments but the actual physical act of sex as similar to a handshake, something that’s just done naturally – and quite often something that’s done when meeting for the first time.

In 2020, I would like to run for President, and I – with Jackie and Rachel – appear nude – and I will be erect – standing up – with Jackie and Rachel both fully nude with their legs spread towards the camera – both having a hand around my hard penis and leaning in with their mouths wrapped around the tip of my penis head on the cover of Time magazine.

This is ‘the new normal’

At least for the short term. We’ll change the world to something else after this gets boring.

As for other things.

There’s something called ‘The Dancing Bear’ –male dancers who can ‘get it up’ in seconds dance for large groups of 20 to 40 typically very attractive women in bachelorette parties, office parties, house parties, and more – who then perform fellatio on the man as he dances around for the women, he will frequently take their clothes off, finger bang them, go down on a row of girls laying on their backs, and they will quite often have sex with him and jump on him.

It’s almost as if the women in this ‘world’ depicted are like men are in mine. They’ll do anything, and they seem to ‘crave’ the sex and obsess over it as much as I – and many males do in my reality.

I’m working my ‘powers of manifestation to ‘make up for the sacrifices I made’ of my life by rewinding my biological clock to the age of 29 for a bit.

From there, I would like robotic, commandable versions of women only I see – at first – starting with Jackie and Rachel to begin sexual training. The training will include fellatio for a couple hours a night. Trying to see how many times I can come in a single evening and increasing the frequency and distance of the projectile I launch. And introducing other women – to overcome my obsession and gain more control of my own sexuality.

As that sees fruition, it would be cool to take up this ‘profession’ in an alternate reality for a little while. Make money there in that reality where women are sex obsessed more than men. Have fun.

And then return to this reality where the roles are reversed and I have had my fill.

Over time, I would like to explore reality, and let sex and nudity for both male and females be a stronger, more natural and more documented part of the exploration of time and space.

With my experience on drugs, I cant claim I will never do drugs again because the experiences were meaningful, but I can say I have them firmly under control and prefer not returning to my addicted state I was in before now that I am out of it.

I can say the same thing about sex. I’d like to work through my addiction by having fun with it. I do not doubt there will come a time I don’t enjoy it, where I might have to take a break from it, but I have no doubt that after I allow myself to enjoy and indulge on my terms knowing what’s possible – I’m making the active choice to simply indulge.

Why are you here in this life?

To do what you’re told?

Kudos to you. I commend you for your devotion and obedience.

What works for you doesn’t work for me.

No matter what I pursue.

The end goal is to put this world and country as I found it when I am done with it.

And leave some entertainment options I have yet to see done by others for whoever inherits it.

That, and my other goal is to reprogram the Terminators to be sex robots and the Borg to be nudists. That would be SO much sexier and harder to resist!

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