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My favorite rape scene

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One of my favorite rape scenes is in the ‘fictional’ movies made in 2010 named “I Spit On Your Grave”

It’s available here as a torrent if you would like to watch it yourself: https://kat.cr/i-spit-on-your-grave-2010-unrated-720p-brrip-950mb-mkvcage-t10859442.html

An extremely attractive woman by the name of Jennifer (played by Sarah Butler) rents a cabin in the woods of Louisiana, as it is alluded to she just suffered a break up and simply wants to get away from the city life for a bit.

Here’s Jennifer out lounging around by the murky lake her cabin sits by:


Gorgeous, right?

Not long after, while going for a run through the secluded woods, she encounters a local man who takes advantage of the situation, and proceeds to try to attack her.

She gets away, and runs back to her cabin where she calls the local police, to which a sheriff’s car arrives not long after.

At about that moment, the local man walks in, with two of his friends, one is a bit of a retard, who they – with the sheriff – proceed to strip her down, nude, and force the retard to have sex with her. He’s mortified, and is so far in over his head he doesn’t know how to say no.

They film the entire thing with a video camera.

After he’s done, the three other men begin to take turns with her.

During a ‘pause’ in the action, she gets up, completely nude – and walks out of the cabin towards the road that led her in to the cabin.

As she’s walking, the men corral her into an open area, and then all of them proceed to have sex with her, her face in the mud, her ass to the open sky, and they penetrate her from all angles with a video camera rolling.

What seems like a few hours of this go by, and she’s motionless, as the men are now relaxing all around her.

She then stands up, and is clearly a different woman at this point.

This is why I enjoyed this scene so much.

Jennifer proceeds to walk naked towards a river, to which the men follow her, but she’s walking – robotically, like something had just happened that disrupted her at her core.

As the Sheriff cocks his shotgun, preparing to shoot her, she looks at each men, as if memorizing what each one looked like, and then lets herself fall backwards into the swiftly moving river, and can’t be found.

Here Jennifer is, walking away:


And here she is (lower extremities) of her walking through the woods:


The thing that struck me the most about this scene was her transformation. During the first part of the movie, she’s passionate, she has a heart, you can see it in her eyes, she’s laid back, relaxed, but THEN when the rape occurs, she transforms – not just physically – but her eyes – it was as if there was an entirely different entity inside her and a demon had been let loose.

I couldn’t get over it. Her eyes transformed. I had never heard of an actress playing a role SO well that her eyes transformed in the process as well.

I had already been questioning the origin of fictional movies and whether they were fact as it was.

But this was the first not just believable rape I had watched – but it was too believable.

As if I had somehow picked up a transmission of the very real events of a woman’s brutal rape as it unfolded in front of me.

I watched and rewatched the scene. Partially out of how much it turned me on that ‘if’ an actress had chosen to do this, it was hard not to believe she’d actually had sex with these four men for this movie. The scene was just that convincing and graphic.

But there was another part of me that was looking for new explanations.

What if, this woman really did encounter this in real life, and because she could not overcome the memories, and because of the impact of her negativity on the collective consciousness, and because of the severity of the memories, an agency under government guidance leveraged technology to alter her memories to lead her to believe she was an actress portraying a role. This agency then worked with Hollywood to cement her history as an actress. With new memories and a film of the event, she now could disassociate from the traumatic events and dismiss them as….


What if. She had turned into a robot. What if. She was guided by something malignant which sought vengeance for the action. It was just too utterly realistic.

There were other ‘what ifs’ that entered my mind.

If I was programming a holodeck in the future, I would be the type to program perverse sex scenarios because that’s what I enjoy – and in particular – rape fantasies for males and females. Within the safety of a simulation, you too can be gang raped by four men. You too, as a male can work as a stripper who’s gang raped by 30 women. A light physical abuse may be associated with it, based on your simulative settings.

The ‘what if’ this thought process brought to mind was “What if I was seeing recordings of a virtual reality simulation of a woman who’d chosen this in a futuristic virtual reality library?”

This all had me thinking though. I, as a male, am horribly sexually repressed.

For the first part of my life, I naively believed the single story origin I was told of where movies and tv shows come from, that they were all filmed by studios and individuals with cameras.

But that’s simply not realistic. A human being can come from a womb, it can also come from genetic engineering.

The evolution of some humans may be from monkeys. But realistically, there’s more potential paths of evolution and documents like the Voynich manuscript (available here: http://holybooks.lichtenbergpress.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/Voynich-Manuscript.pdf?351736) which allude to these alternative paths.

Why would I limited the origin story of movies ?

But furthermore.

Why would I keep on accepting the most horrible potential origin story of the things I was watching?

Now. When I rewatch that movie, which I have on this computer.

I imagine it is a woman on board a starship full of attractive women in the distant future – all who thoroughly enjoy sex and have rediscovered the utilitarian use for males.

These women come from a society that conquered males, centuries before, having bio-engineered a disease which wiped men off the face off of the Earth. And they genetically engineered me and are in the process of indoctrinating me, willfully, to be a companion on board their starship.

The first male in their civilization in literally 900 years.

This woman in particular is a bit of a deviant with what she enjoys, and developed this rape scenario in a holographic simulation, and the Captain authorized the distribution of it to yours truly to overcome the need to ‘protect’ the female who’s quite capable of protecting herself from the things she wants to indulge in.

Because, needless to say, I will have some things I want to do that protecting from would only make me increasingly more dissatisfied.

Oh I have no doubt this may get old for me when it happens for real.

And when that happens, when I am sick and tired of it like I became sick and tired of programming full time.

I will change my story.

And become a different man.

Heck, who knows, I may choose to become a woman.

And that may be me getting voluntarily raped in that movie.

Time really can be that bizarre and loopy.

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