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Alien Sex Machines and Supergirl

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Last night, I officially became a fan of the alternate reality world of Supergirl.

All my life I have enjoyed Superman.

For Superman, people consistently could not believe this nerdy man with glasses was one and the same man flying around the skies, and despite the numerous portrayals of the man, whether it was in comic books, on the television series Smallville, and in the numerous Superman movies that have graced our screens, Clark Kent consistently eluded identification as Superman with this geek in glasses act.

It took me years to understand why people didn’t know who this man’s real identity was.

Oh and quit being stupid and naïve and dismissing it as fiction.

You are smarter than that.

In the TV Series Supergirl, which features Kal-El’s OLDER cousin, Kara Zor-El, Kara arrives to Earth from Krypton long after Kal-El does and is now much younger than Superman because of the funky nature of time and space, and she is clearly living in the shadow of her cousin in National City to make a name for herself.

Incidentally, Kal El’s is Superman aka Clark Kent’s Kryptonian name.

In last night’s episode, Kara has an alter ego as well and is known by most in her office as a nerdy office girl working for a media company named ‘CatCo’. Her boss and founder of the company CatCo, a savvy, bitter and self-obsessed business lady by the name of Cat Grant is being threatened by a hostile takeover of the company by a ruthless executive she employs who receives information about Cat and threatens to blackmail Cat by exposing a secretive area of emotional vulnerability she had to the world, which could effectively topple her empire.

Now throughout this, Cat’s gotten clue after clue after clue that Kara is Supergirl. A ‘chance’ meeting Kara arranged with her. And more.

But she persists in belittling Kara to the point it’s just weird and bad scripting.

Then. Something happened last night.

Cat got a brain.

And at the end of the episode, a cliffhanger for sure, Cat confronts Kara, demanding she take off her glasses, to which she then says “Hi Supergirl”.

To say this is stellar entertainment would be a lie. Kara and the whole presentation of Supergirl is fun, light, but it’s often childish and seems like it’s aimed squarely at a 13 year old. Supergirl’s marginally attractive, and she’s constantly fighting which makes her seem decidedly unfeminine and the entire production sorely in need of deeper stories.

It’s as if those writing the content seem to think the only thing Superman ever did was fight.

So last night, I had a dream. A perverse one as usual.

Supergirl aka Kara was in it, and was in her Supergirl costume – locked up in some kind of stainless steel surgical like bed strapped to a table in stirrups with her legs in them. Her arms were each at 45 degree angles outwards from her head, and her legs were in similar positions exposing her covered groin area

She was laying at a 30 degree inclined angle, and in front and above her was a wall of TV and computer monitors of all shapes and sizes which showed Supergirl her own body from many different angles.

She looked at me in the dream. And said “Imagine me without my clothes on”

I did. And she’s instantly naked in the same position, still tied down.

I look at the monitors, and there’s a clear view of every inch of her nude body.

The cameras that were focused on her I couldn’t see – I assumed they were atomic level cameras floating in space – and with those cameras I could see her breasts and vagina from about 6 inches away from them as clear as day.

The lights dimmed just a little, and what was once a solid wall about 10 foot away from her body on other side was now nearly transparent, about 5% translucence so I could see the blue green color of the wall crevices that was there before, and the walls revealed a different woman after woman as far as I could see in any direction in the same apparatus as Supergirl.

All completely nude like Supergirl.

Kara said something in a language I did not understand, and then said to me “You have my permission to do anything you want to me.”

About then, she closed her eyes, and from the floor near her crotch a long, metallic, robotic arm sprung up and slowly inserted a smooth chrome metallic shape inside her vagina. Another went up around her breasts and clamped on her nipples, pulling them hard.

The device thrust in.

Then out.

Then in again.


She was clearly enjoying it.

I looked up at the monitor, which showed this being thrust inside her and heard her groan.

I looked to the left and right, at the other women in the same position, and the same thing was happening to each and every one of them. They didn’t seem to be responding to the mechanical intercourse, and Kara seemed to be the only one conscious and somewhat reacting to it all.

I noticed the screens, as I directed my eyes to any woman, the screens showed the same perspective over their nude bodies as it did with Kara’s.

About then, I heard a loud rumble all around me. That quickly resulted in a visible spark that arced through the device in her vagina, and simultaneously every woman it was doing it to.

All their backs arced simultaneously.

The machine continued pounding. It seemed to gain momentum, and thrust in faster than before.

But this time, Kara wasn’t responding. She was just laying there.

I knew she wasn’t dead. I knew she was merely exhausted. Inside a dream, things don’t always make sense, but I just knew she was safe.

The device pulled out of her vagina, and then retracted on the floor, for only Kara.

It persisted for all the other women.

Something pushed me closer to her, I can’t really say what, I felt like I had merely been an observer this entire time, and as I was pushed closed I looked down and saw I was hard.

It was weird.

Like I was riding as a passenger in my own body experiencing this.

As I got closer, the table rose up to be ‘the perfect height’ for me entering her.

I could see in the corner of my eyes the other women still having the apparatus moving inside them, and as I looked at my penis touching the edges of her vagina, her pussy lips spreading ever so gradually as the tip of my head penetrated her….

I woke up.

And while I do not wish to be captive in my own body like that for that experience.

I have to ask.

When are things like this going to happen in real life?

I suppose I have a history of feeling like women are a conquest.

But there’s more to it than that.

I enjoy seeing women enjoying themselves with me.

When I was 17, Nikki Putnam labeled me with the label ‘Pervert’.

A label I wear proudly.

Now if only I had the financing to invest in robotic equipment like this.

That’s my issue with money in a nutshell.

I get money. I spend it on things that are fun. Drugs. Sex. Alcohol. Trips around the world. Video Games. Robots. Practical Jokes.

If I had the money of someone like Bill Gates. You can bet your ass I wouldn’t be fighting malaria with it.

I suppose that’s what makes me homeless and that man ultra-rich.

I mean. Can you imagine what I would do if I actually had the financial reserves to build perverse sex machines like this?

Who in their right mind would invest in that?

And how much would it cost to pay Melissa Benoist to get in the contraption to make the dream real?

Things I will likely never find out…

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