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Safe Harbor for Spirited Beings

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Last night, I had a dream I had just learned how to levitate.

I was not good at it, at all.

I kept bumping into things in the house I was at, whether it was the ceiling, the walls, it was quite comical.

Then something weird happened as I entered the bedroom of this weird older wooden house.

I saw a being who was obviously extremely scared of something drift through the wall and hide on the lower bed of a bunk bed.

This being was somewhat amorphous in shape – he had a huge face and elongated and misshapen body, and as I approached, I felt extremely calm in the dream but whatever it was seemed to be extremely fearful of something else.

It looked at me and said “Help me, I need saved from him!”

I said “You need saved from what?”

The being glanced over its left shoulder towards the wall, to something it could see but I could not.

Calmly, I responded by saying “What is your name?”

He responded with “Curiacaus” – which sounded like ‘cure – eee – ahh – k – us’

Before I could respond with my name, he looked at me, clearly frightened by what he was hiding from, and said

“You are strong. You can save me from him,”

And about then, something white and ghostlike drift out of its mouth and towards my own.

I pushed the being back, away from me and said “No, don’t do that, I want to teach you how to do this on your own.”

The ghostlike emanation coming from its mouth withdrew.

“But I can’t. I am not strong like you.”

Before I could react, the white ghostlike thing flew across the room, out of its mouth and into mine as I talked.

I was caught off guard, and woke up out of the dream immediately, feeling wide awake at about 3am this morning.

As I lay there in my tent last night, looking at the stars, I closed my eyes.

Normally when I close my eyes to go to sleep at night, I see dark and grey shapes and fluid shifting behind my eyelids.

But this morning was different, for the first time.

In with the black and greyish shapes was now a new white fluid shape mixing in with the other two.

About then a thought came to me “Remember that alternate realities are merely different ways to perceive and interpret the same reality you see, and the alternate universes you interact with are very different worlds than the one you came from.”

It was bizarre, as I lay there, I could actually feel – without words – whatever it is that entered me in that dream – saying ‘thank you for the home you are providing me’

An unusual sense of calmness came over me, and I fell back asleep.

With the name of this being now living inside me remembered to tell you the story of how I realized my body is here to provide safe harbor for those spirits who are in distress.

Up until yesterday, I didn’t know how I will get people to do things against their will for me.

I can now tell you it will be with the cooperation of spirits like this who understand the world as I do who will enter other bodies and guide them by my will.

Like I said, Jackie and Rachel.

I will get what I want. Both of you.

With the help of spirits I ask to ‘take over control’ of your and other bodies for a while as I enjoy time with you and you with me.

MY universe is merely providing solutions for what I already know what will happen. Not to torture you. But to enjoy life with you.

Science invariably proves anything is possible. Including magic.

And ghosts.

And they seem to consider me their friend and protector. And they are my companions.

I’m starting to think maybe this is what I picked up in China and why I started learning what I did so quickly.

I converged with a funky companion.

A spirit haunting the Forbidden Palace.

No wonder they are fearful of spirits there.

They’re real and didn’t know how to deal with them.

If there are any others who wish to join me.

You know how to find me.

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