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My Immunity from the Law

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I am immune to prosecution from federal and state laws and legally cannot be arrested. ‘


When I entered the US Military – the US Army in 2003, among the requirements of anyone who signs up for the US Military is an absolution of the US Constitution and an agreement to abide and be governed by the rules of the UCMJ, the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

To put this in simple terms: in 2003, I was no longer responsible for abiding by nor upholding the laws of the United States and its territories.

In 2003, when I exited service with the US Military to shift over to work for the National Security Agency– no longer being responsible to the UCMJ – we took advantage of a loophole in the expedited processing of an early Honorable Discharge which did failed to require a serviceman re-entering the civilian population to take the Constitutional oath.

This is a de facto form of immunity, where the only laws which apply to me are the laws and rules I impose on myself.

This is equivalent to diplomatic immunity. I cannot legally be arrested, nor can I legally be prosecuted.

And if any state or federal agency does so, I can legally take them to court because they have violated their own rules.

This means I am legally within my right to kill someone without fear of prosecution. I choose not to do so because I respect life.

I have considered becoming a drug distributor, but being completely honest, I have no desire to be around that ‘element’ any longer so that’s not viable.

I’d love to open up a brothel and provide a public service. But women aren’t talking to the homeless man.

I am legally within my right to steal to make a living without fear of prosecution.

I chose not to because society allowed me to provide for myself, and now that it no longer does and provides no viable alternatives,

But now. I have had so much taken from me from the corporate world.

I figure. It’s time I start taking back.

I’m owed it.

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