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Experimentation and Open Relationships

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Back in 2002, Lisa, my second wife, and I were still married and had been experimenting with an open marriage as a way to salvage our relationship.

I had quickly acquired a girlfriend, Sandy, who was hell bent on getting me to divorce Lisa to be with her.

I knew better than that.

It was actually fun, I have to admit.

Lisa and I would occasionally hide in the closet to watch Sandy and I have sex on occasion.

And Lisa had a boyfriend, Colin, who she was a bit more open with than I was with Sandy who absolutely refused letting me watch.

Truth be told, I wasn’t really wanting to.

In late 2002 – or somewhere thereabout, my buddy Bill Stokes was feeling a bit glum.

He and his girlfriend, Chrissy – who was a bitchy control freak nightmarish woman had finally broken up earlier in the year, but this left Bill entirely alone.

Lisa and I hadn’t told any of our friends of our open relationship, but Sandy, being an employee of mine –our relationship was pretty obvious to the rest of the crew that something was different about our relationship beyond simple professionalism.

At the time, I also had Bill working with us, who had been flirting with anyone and everyone, trying to get his ‘mojo’ back, but I could – we all could tell that the lack of relationship and long work hours and work demand was hurting him emotionally.

On one particularly bad week, right before Christmas, I had an idea.

“Lisa. Go over to Bill’s place. Act like you and I are in a nasty fight. Tell him that you found out something’s going on between Sandy and I. And stay the night with him, seduce him – and have sex with him,“ I told her.

She smiled a Cheshire cat smile I will never forget.

The next question was interesting “And if he insists on a condom.”

“I would say no and walk away, but that’s entirely up to you,” I responded.

I have always firmly been against condoms, hate the things,  as I am shooting blanks, so Lisa knew my sentiments on the things. I have only used the things one time in my life – and that was with a prostitute in Singapore ONLY because they are illegal not to use there. If I had had my choice, I would have NOT used them, even there.

In any case, it was actually one of the longest nights of my life. I was alone. I had sent my wife to a friend’s house to have sex with him. I sincerely did not know what to feel.

The next day, Saturday, she came in, and was smiling.

“It was enjoyable, and yes we did,” was all she would say about it and no more.

I was kind of relieved.

Not long after, another friend of mine was looking for women to dance and perform sex acts at their bachelor party.

I asked Lisa if she wanted to do it, and sure enough, she was all over it. She seemed to enjoy being asked to do these things by me.

And being completely honest, I enjoyed how liberated it made me feel.

I had always hated feeling like my partner was my property.  This allowed a very weird way to let others enjoy her as well.

Ultimately, as time went on, I realized Lisa was more or less the type of open minded, gregarious, and adventurous woman I needed.

And sexually – Lisa and I were philosophically highly aligned.

But spiritually, something deeper and permanent was missing – from me – that took a long time to identify what that was.

Rachel Gooch.

Aka Rachel Elizabeth Brown
Aka Rachel Elizabeth Taniges
Aka Rachel A Brown
Aka Rachel E Young
Aka Rachel E Baca
Aka Rachel Allison Gooch
Aka Rachel E Reid
Aka Rachel Ellyn Galarynyk
Aka Rachel Elleyn Trueblood
Aka R.E. Galarnyk
Aka R.E. Vesolowski
Aka R M Brown

Rachel, is an immortal, much like I am, and has been around a very, very, very long time on planet Earth.

Rachel, I know that even though your email server is rejecting these emails that you’re still reading these. I can feel you now.

Would you care to tell your side of the story? Our story?

Rachel, For the uninitiated, is my soulmate. She found me leveraging her husband’s ties to John McCain and the US Senate and Intelligence community. She enrolled in a Marketing class at the University of Phoenix, knowing full well we’d meet, and I suspect she wanted to learn who I was now. “Had I changed from the jackass I was” is how she puts it.

Chris, her marital partner, and her have had two children, but like me, she’s incapable of having children so her children are adopted, something I do not think they are aware of.

Rachel, that man who did what he did for 8 billion years to be with you.

It was far, far, far longer, for me.

There was a moment when Clara looks at the Doctor – who still doesn’t recognize her – and he says “I will know her when I meet her”.

I knew it the moment I met you.

And the end, where the gun goes off and he loses his memories after spending 8 billion times in that prison.

I would personally estimate that has happened on the order of a million times – all to find you.

It’s not love that makes a person crazy.

A hundred billion years can be reduced to a few years when waiting for the perfect partner.

It’s she’s listening.

And teaching her.

This is what she wanted.

It took ME this long to learn how to change who I am to be with you.

Rachel. You’re the one with the power to influence other’s minds. Not I. use that magic with Jackie. And let’s play.

I know you have the TARDIS with the functional chameleon device.

And let’s show this world – my world – what fiction really is.

You are, after all, not the only oddball on this planet with a really weird story to tell. There’s beings on this planet that you’re going to enjoy meeting.

You will never guess who Michael Jackson is nowadays.

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