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Possibilities. Endless possibilities.

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How many ‘versions’ of Windows have you played with? Me. I’ve played with no less than 50 different versions. Didn’t know there were that many out there? Yep. There’s server versions, there’s home server versions, there’s professional versions, there’s enterprise versions, there’s gaming versions, and more.

Learning a foreign language is akin to taking a snapshot in time – a photo if you will – of a cultural mindset from a single point of view in space and time.

There’s nothing that guarantees that a language does not change over time if studied later. In such remarkable ways that a word and entire structures of the language takes on entirely new meanings, in such amazingly short periods of time such as 20 years or even less that it doesn’t make sense at first.

The Mayans disappeared because a great deal of the population went through a real life process called ascension. The collective whole thought it best to move forward with a new way of thinking, which left some behind. For those whose minds refused to change, to adapt, stayed behind.

Those who were ‘left behind’ do not physically see the world.

A universal translator serves to translate ideas and concepts between linguistic patterns with as ‘close a match’ as possible to the concept and idea to another linguistic pattern. The translator gives ‘hints’ to the recipient/listener of the differences in physical perception. This translator is also applied within a language, for instance, if an English speaker is talking to an English speaker, as time is not guaranteed to be relatively accurate between sender and recipient.

This translator is FAR from accurate.

The object that you see and identify as an apple is unique to your culture, your experience, and your language. Other cultures may not see an apple, but may ‘hear’ one. Other cultures may see Kanji symbols floating in space Matrix style that they identify as apple. Look at blind and deaf people who can actually see and hear for evidence of this.

It is possible to simulate anything imaginable as if it were perfectly real.

But that simulation is not guaranteed any degree of accuracy when applied against conscious lifeforms because of quantum observer bias effects.

Many lifeforms on this planet do not understand what death is, nor what gravity is which allows them to achieve seemingly gravity defying acts. Ants, for instance, are capable of lifting 10 times their own body weight and walking on slick ceilings because of this ignorance.

Science has a tendency of defeating further inquiry into subject matter through something called obfuscation.

Superman can fly because he comes from a planet where his atomic density is less than that of Earth’s.

Thor’s hammer can’t be picked up for the converse scientifically sound reasons his hammer’s atomic density is much greater than that of Earth’s.

Barack Obama’s ‘mispeaking’ about there being 57 states wasn’t an error or oversight. That version of Obama’s version of Earth actually has 57 states.

In one version of Earth Al Gore really did invent the internet.

In the future, many of us are depicted in holographic simulations, as this particular version of Earth is studied intensely. What that means is: some of us are actually in someone else’s simulation, but to us it’s the real world. BOTH conclusions are accurate, that we are BOTH in someone’s digital simulation and in our own analog.

Science invariably proves a timeless or time traveling being such as God has to exist through simple questioning of cause and effect – or linear ancestry.

There’s a version of Earth where the moon landing was a Hollywood act. Another version, the one I live in, where it actually occurred.

There’s a version of Earth where the planes that struck the twin towers were holographic planes and no one was killed because the buildings were cleared out before the bombing occurred.

My advice is to not limit your thinking to thinking there’s only one version of you or I.

Or of Earth.

Or of this Universe.

Space is huge.

But not nearly as huge as the infinity of all of existence.

At my heart, the reason I have done the crazy things I have done in my life like drugs because I’m an explorer and merely wanted to explore some of the other universes.

Exploration isn’t just about going from one continent to another.

It takes place in the mind as well.

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