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All I Want for Christmas…

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While taking bath salts, I would see different alternate realities with my eyes closed in contrast to when they were open.

And rarely did I see things outside the normal realms of reality on the outside. This happened only in specific locations and times and sometimes very different with and without exterior lighting. Which is why I was traveling so much during the time period I was taking them – I would get substantially different visions based on where I was at. Both inside and out.

For instance. When I closed my eyes. I had really interesting visions of what I can only call the subatomic realm.

One time, I saw a tiny lady with her hands extended out in what looked like a desert landscape, she was extraordinarily dressed in what looked like an ancient priestess wardrobe. I somehow knew she was leveraging something called ‘element zero’ to reinvigorate her dry and dusty land, as she had a priest off to either side of her walking along with her.

But her ‘power’ dried up, she got noticeably frustrated, and from there whirlwinds appeared and the land around her literally started collapsing into what looked like a black abyss.

Another time, I saw visions of primordial earth, like I was flying through it before the dinosaurs were even here. There were huge trees, and lush tropical forests with bizarre looking flowers and fauna everywhere. Time shot forward and I saw the rise and fall of the landscape as flowers and trees would turn to desert and back again as if it was breathing. Each with newer and less colorful arrangements. Insects arrived at the same time the dinosaurs arrived, and the entire planet expanded exponentially extremely fast. From there, the desertification didn’t happen, but this time it was replaced by ice ages, one right after the other, almost as if it was preserving the era that came before, as the landscape showed very little change through this period of time. This came to reveal the modern era, and cities would quite literally move across the plains, rising and falling, then rising and falling again in a cycle not far from where it was last, then rising and falling – moving across the continents much like a human would move from his or her car to their house. I’d see skyscrapers built, then disintegrate with the suburb around it, then this entire cycle would repeat as parts of the city moved ‘under the land’ arising not far from the last location.

Another time, I was traveling through a subatomic realm of what I had eaten that night. I saw the constituent pieces of food at how everything, and I do mean everything at the submolecular level was alive. Much of it was actually quite gross. I’d had mustard that night, and thought to myself “jesus, is this what’s in mustard?”. I still eat it, knowing that’s only one possibility of its constituents in the infinite possibilities.

Another time, I was watching something identified as ‘Jesus’ who was walking through ancient times. Much like happened with the tiny priestess, the world around him was collapsing as well, only for him – the architecture was much more vivid and resemblant of Greek architecture. Beautiful, ornate, but all getting sucked into a black hole it appeared.

Another time, I saw Bart Simpson being chased by a multidimensional dragon. This was one of the more bizarre instances – where his 2 d image was huge – larger than a planet, as he bounced off planet after planet before spotting Earth, then reduced his size and jumped ‘into’ the planet as the dragon came directly at me. I could feel it enter me, and that’s when the vision changed to seeing Bart Simpson in the back of a crowd at a tropical area where I saw two grown adults ‘take control’ as avatars two 8 year old girls who then were giving a 55 year old man a blow job on a stage and the audience was laughing. Bart, meanwhile, at the back of the crowd, was aghast, and this seemed to drive him crazy. From there, I saw Bart turn ‘dark’ – into an evil version of himself, where he went to war against this version of Earth – everyone on the nude beaches he asphyxiated, and the ground was filled with rows upon rows of nude dead bodies. I saw the Bart Simpson ‘world’ from there, and light turned to day and this apparently made him a hero there….

Another time, I saw planet Earth, as plain as day, from orbit, without being in a space vessel. It was utterly amazing. IMAX could not do what I saw in this vision. Not in a million years.

These were all with my eyes closed. They weren’t always the same ‘resolution’, certainly not all as vivid as the space sequence.

The visions I saw internally were rarely aligned with a vision I saw externally.

Weird stuff, for sure.

But fiction? That’s a cop out.

As I discuss these visions openly.

My real life goal is to teach my mind that I’m done with poisoning my mind to experiment.

But I am not done exploring the mind and the possibilities with it.

You fill in the blanks. You tell stories to dismiss further inquiry.

But these stories and refusal to let me explore are making me decidedly unhappy.

I am asking you for a Christmas gift.

Teach me something I already know to be true anyways.

That Santa Claus does exist.

All I want for Christmas is two women named Rachel and Jackie as friends and lovers provided by my wonderful mind who I promise to treat more respectfully if you partner with me and experiment and explore accordingly.

A token, if you will, of my own mind’s faith in me to inspire me to take continue taking actions to benefit both of us..

How does Santa deliver all the presents in a single night?

Easy. He’s a time traveler and can stop time.

Or he’s my own mind.

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