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Happy Thanksgiving!

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When I was growing up, there were several holidays I loved.

Besides the obvious like Christmas and the day after Halloween (my two birthdays), there were a few others I looked forward to.

April Fool’s day.

Was intentionally made not a public holiday because most practical jokes are best played on fellow coworkers.

Easter because hiding the candy eggs in impossible locations to find for the kids was so much fun.

And Thanksgiving.

Not so much for getting together with the adults. But with the kids.

I would bring video game gear and movies to make the holidays interesting for the kids, as the adults in my family – after eating would largely sit around playing card games at the table which I abhorred or – more enjoyable – board games which frequently ended in fights by the sore losers more competitive in my family (my father).

Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a good game of strip poker or strip blackjack.

But clearly that’s not something you play with the family.

And games of chance like Yahtzee were largely dismissed in favor of games like Spades, Uno, and the like, which I can only take in small amounts.

But what I most enjoyed about the holidays wasn’t the games.

It wasn’t the often predictable and frequently bland food.

It was the company.

More often than not, Thanksgiving was a time I could see an Uncle or Niece I hadn’t seen in years.

More often than not, Thanksgiving was a time a friend would come into town I hadn’t heard from in years, and we’d go out drinking the night before, much to both our mom’s chagrin.

More often than not, Thanksgiving was a time that – when it was all said and done – it was sad to see another year zip by and this was like the ‘slow down and take a breath’ warning that was needed to take a step away mentally and physically from work.

For the last three years I have spent Thanksgiving alone.

And as I think back to the people who – to this day mean something to me in my life and who refuse to talk with me with anything but pity and disdain in their voice – both family and friends.

Friends such as Bill Stokes, Jeff Kleinman, Ron Ostreim, Kevin O’Reilly.

Lovers and Friends and Exes such as Jaclyn Killeen, Kena Patel, Lisa Milot, and more.

Family such as my mother Sharon, my father David, my brothers Jason and Matthew, and Uncle Lanny, Steve, and nieces such as Kaitlyn, Sarah, and Jessica.

And future lovers such as Scarlett, Rachel, Natalie and more.

From my home – on the road of Planet Earth – to yours – wherever and whenever that may be…

I wish you all the best.

Happy Thanksgiving no matter who you are or who you are with.

Even if you’re alone.

With me in this world, I would like you to know you are never alone.

On a final note:

If you’re a vegetarian and staying inside the borders of the United States and her possessions.

Particularly you Indian H1Bs or Green Card holders staying here by my country’s invitation.

I implore you. For this one time only.

To respect my culture as I have with yours. make an exception to your rules and try a slice of turkey out to understand America’s culture.

You’re not going to burn in hell for doing it.

You have my word on that.

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