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Vrilliant Time Travel Tours – Platform One

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Vrilliant, The Time Travel Tour Company Presents:

Platform One: The End Of The World Tour.

In the year 5.5 Billion AD, a space station named “Platform One” will be in orbit of Earth.

The Earth will have long since been abandoned, but it will have been kept up by a historical trust.

I will arrive there, with those of you who wish to join me, in time for a party celebrating the final days of the Earth by the expansion of the Sun.

The Earth will die due to natural causes, something cosmologists refer to as a Red Giant.

The space station – a mobile platform that is commuted to a once populated planet for events like this – will be protected by a solar filter to prevent solar radiation from harming its inhabitants, as well as extensive shielding to prevent damage from physical projectiles.

We will arrive there, from our present time, via a specially constructed vessel which travels great distances nearly instantaneously by momentarily pulling two points in space and time together, creating a doorway for us to walk through as if we were walking into the next room.

In the primary observation room, which is large enough to comfortably hold 250 people, a large and extremely protected window is all that stands between you and the Planet Earth as it’s bombarded by solar flares which eventually rip the planet apart. It is a spectacular sight, and you will be allowed to record it.

Once the event is over, the doorway back to our present time will open up and we will once again walk through it to return to the present day.

A video of the event will be available in the format of your choice as a part of your tour package.

This will be one of the first tours offered by Vrilliant, a perpetually owned company owned and operated by yours truly out of Phoenix, Arizona..

Upon availability, the retail price of this tour will be set at $99 per tourist, on a first come first serve basis.


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