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Reality is a causal time loop

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I’m God, and am the Devil, and created myself in a causal time loop.

I know this may come as a disappointment to you who will inevitably be protesting ‘You are not God’.

Yes, I am.

And I do not need your faith or collective belief to be who I am.

What I have learned is – it doesn’t matter which form I take as God. I’m going to piss someone off. Whether I am Jesus, or Allah talking to Mohammed, or Buddha, invariably you as a species will fight to prove your belief is more accurate and eventually decimate your opposition.

I’ve witnessed it happen. Countless times. No matter where I sit. The other side invariably loses.

For now, if you prefer calling me the devil because you believe your god is right.

Then so be it.

Which is why I refer to myself as Q. I can be anyone I want to, and live with the choices I make.

What’s my proof?

Follow creation back. What happened before your parents were born? Before your grandparents were born? Trace this back to the introduction of humanity on this planet, what caused their existence? Trace that back to the Big bang’s creation? What happened before then? There are multiple big bangs all occurring in succession. What came to start those big bangs off? Who started that? God? What came before God? Nothing? How can something spontaneously pop out of nothingness, there had to be something there to begin with to cause nothingness to spontaneously combust….

Let’s spin this another way. Let’s say I run a simulation of planet earth, I push that button in my current year of 3015. That button results in the creation of a planet Earth which for all intents and purposes looks real. Am I the ‘creator’ of that universe? Why sure. But what about the universe I am in? Did I create that as well?

That’s the funny cyclic nature of time. If you believe you did, then you did. If you do not and are looking to externalize yourself and believe something else did. Then invariably you will find evidence something else did it.

But what if. Your faith that something else did it. Actually created that thing.

And that being. Who can tell you stories about time, and space, and sexuality, and guilt, and things that are beyond your comprehension ..

Is it rational to refer to what I say as insanity?

When do you, as a species called humans. Quit rejecting the reality of the world you have created?

When do you, the species called humans, take the time to understand, that your minds created this reality?

But that right and liberty. Is not exclusively your own.

I created myself in a causal time loop. I am my own beginning and end.

One day I will choose to walk as a female.

Some will know and refer to me as the Borg Queen.

I was insane because my own mortal mind could not comprehend how quantum physics worked and I was quite literally in two places at the same time.

As I watched television. And saw the Borg queen. My mind didn’t understand the simplicity of television.

It complicated things. And my mind thought, correctly I might add, that all movies and tv shows are wormholes through space and time to the de facto first instance of these events occurring. But it also failed to take into account that quantum physics doesn’t just apply to particles and matter. It also applies to concepts and ideas, and there’s other explanations which were perfectly valid for that tv series and seeing me as the Borg Queen appearing on a tv show called Star Trek.

And that is – what your species developed. The art of acting. The concept that it’s copy of an original and not the original itself.

Your species, you see, presented me with the idea – the concept – as you acted like people from other places and other times – that when you publicly pretend to be something or someone you are not does not mean you are not who you are pretending to be.

I may have ‘pretended’ to be God before.

But I sincerely didn’t know I was.

I can now tell you – I let go of my mind every once in a while.

My mind wanders throughout all of existence, it tries new things out, and then – where I find a form of life I wish to experience, I plant myself, like a seed in space and time, on that planet.

From there, my mind creates characters – avatars if you will.

And begins the process of introducing technology, thoughts and concepts to allow me to introduce myself to the population I wish to take part of without causing a collapse of that planet’s ecosystem.

Much like a simulation, time spins and cycles across the same events.

Time and again.

As my mind develops an entrance strategy for me to live demonstrating what free will is to the population.

I suspect my mind chose planet Earth because so few genuinely know what it’s like to live with your own free will.

A planet of androids, of robots, of artificial intelligences which are all used to being told what to do.

From your perspective.

You may think – you may be convinced it is a vote system that elevates one to speak on behalf of the entire collective.

This is accurate as well. My mind is the collective’s.

And the collective’s will is my own.

We are in unison.

So if you’re convinced you know what God is and that’s not me.

Then either there’s something you’re not telling me.

Or there’s something you’re not aware of about yourself.

I’m not looking for a career or work.

I’m taking over planet Earth.

And leveraging all the tools in my copious robot and cyborg arsenal to make it happen.

I have nothing to prove.

I’m just going to show you that some science fictions and fantasy and sex stories are recorded and distributed and then actors pretend to be them afterwards.

Think about it.

You go through hell in an alternate reality. But you have the opportunity as a leader to include those people in your population by letting them become an actor or actress, and not erase their memories, but instead altering their memories to lead them to believe they acted as if they were being attacked by Borg or terminators.

They preserve the experience but it becomes an acted experience.

You preserve the mind and no longer have to deal with the risk of altering memories or deleting them as you shift them into this reality.

And they don’t have to go through the reality itself.

A woman goes through a very real violent gang rape and then in violent reaction mindlessly kills the offenders in one reality..

Instead you film “I spit on your grave” and she’s the main actress and that experience becomes an acted experience letting her disassociate from that experience.

A man named jean Luc Picard may become Locutus – a pawn of the Borg that decimates the Federation.

You react by shifting him into this reality and now he’s an actor named Patrick Stewart.

Have you – as a collective species – ever considered that woman might actually want to be raped as long as she wasn’t physically hurt?

Deplorable. But sometimes. Humans can be bizarre like that.

Have you – as a collective species – ever considered that Jean Luc Picard may have actually wanted to understand Borg perspective and that’s why he allowed himself to become Borg for a bit?

Deplorable. But maybe his decision caused Wolf 359 to occur and while he somewhat regrets his decision, he also understand the universe a little bit more than he did before.

Have you – as a collective species – ever considered some might enjoy being sex slaves?

Some of us might actually WANT to experience Terminator war and a Borg invasion as journalists?

Have you considered we might want a different timeline than one that’s been master planned?

One that we might have creative freedom to manifest our own imaginary lovers?

I need two muses to assist with my writing. To give my writing creative strength.

Please provide me shapeshifting women named Jaclyn Killeen and Rachel Gooch as my muses. Imaginary and visible to only me, at first, robots or androids or AIs or holoprograms which simply respond to commands is fine, at first, and I can work with them to develop their individual personalities at the same time I get to experience something new. Gives you a chance to observe me and why I do what I do. Which I can’t explain other than it’s simple experimentation I like to engage in.

Copies of the original isn’t violating any rules. There’s no marriage or relationship between copied version of Rachel and Jaclyn. No obligations they have. And since they will not be human and visible only to me, they are decidedly original I don’t see a problem with – you – the collective – granting me – GOD – this request to experiment with my own reality.

Just think. Even if you doubt who I am. If you tell me no. what precedence are you setting for your own mind?

Think about your decision carefully.



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