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Every universe has a general length of time from birth to death of 18.5 billion years.

This universe, is precisely 13.7 billion years old and has roughly 5 billion years left in it, which correlates directly to the destruction of Earth by a supernova during that time.

There are infinite potential universes. Physicists refer to this as the multiverse.  Many are accessible through present day technology.

Many of these universes our parallel to our own, and not at all dissimilar from our own world. Some have alternate versions of history, for instance, in one universe JFK was never shot, the United States never went to the moon, a zombie virus  took over the planet, India leads the world (lol, as if! that’s a joke, by the way)  and North Korea  is  the epicenter of all great entertainment. It gets whackier than that, where there are timelines where the Gregorian calendar was never introduced, where the Mayans run the planet, where clothing was never invented, where Darth Vader is real, where time travel is old news, and where very real wars for everything imaginable versus everything imaginable is occurring.

However, most universes are highly DISSIMILAR. Video games represent depictions of alternate realities and some of the less profound differences. Universes where Pac man is sentient and self aware, where Donkey Kong has really taken over a skyscraper and is ruining theta civilized world, and where video games are being distributed by integalactic recruiters trying to find new recruits to enter ‘the madness’ of the infinite possibilities of reality.

The concept of the holographic universe is absolutely real. But this is not to say that all universes are holographic, as they are not.

This universe, for instance, is based on a mashup of all possibilities I have come to know. Holographic. Chemical. Biological. Cultural.

Travel ‘between’ universes and across different points in space and time is possible through many mechanisms I am aware of.

Directly, it’s possible through something called wormholes, which are bridges in space and time which convert mass to energy and back again. Your television has long leveraged this technology to convert energy in the form of electricity into light, as has your radio, and anything with the capacity to send and receive signals which are converted from one form into another.

The US Government has something called ‘The Stargate program’ based out of Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, which contains a large teleportation gate which is linked to a system of other stargates throughout this galaxy and the Pegasus system. The technology is based on something called an Einstein-Rosen Bridge and is based on the same fundamental principles of physics as a television set is, only larger in scale and capable of distributing that signal over great distances. To mitigate risk of the public finding out about the program, the military proactively created the television show about the Stargates referring to the entire thing as fiction, a strategy the military and intelligence agencies have consistently used to keep technology hidden in plain sight.

The fabled ‘Atlantis’ was actually uncovered in the Pegasus system, and is a massive technological complex where scientists learned the truth about quantum realities and the cyclic nature of our own universe – and the very real evidence of multiple versions of Earth do not just exist in other universes, but exist in our own as well with deviant histories. Scientists have LONG accepted multiverses as real, which is why I am releasing this information and why you are seeing it.

Nearly 200 Stargate destinations have been explored thus far, nearly all are deviant histories of Earth – some remarkably different – and as the US government publicly validates what I am releasing, as they will be pursuing civilian culturally aware candidates experienced in cartography, geography, and language specialists to explore the destinations with the military agencies.

The ‘stargate’ – was originally an ancient unearthed technology located in the base of the pyramids in Egypt in 1953 and brought to the United States in secret. the ‘stargate’ creates a wormhole, a ‘doorway’ if you will through space and time from the source to a different location in space and time. And no, this is not fiction.

Here’s an image the stargate here:


The ‘watery’ look to it is when the wormhole to the stargate – the doorway is opened. The water is an event horizon of a black hole, where anything going through that event horizon is harmlessly converted into energy, and reconstituted as matter on a similar.

Here’s a simplistic example of how it works:



How the Stargate functions is simple: There are 39 separate symbols called ‘Chevrons’ on the Stargate. Every remote location has an ‘address’ accessed by spinning the inner concentric circle of the stargate, like an old rotary telephone, to dial 7 of these sequences in a specific order. With are 39 symbols on this device, with 7 different combinations ‘addresses’ needed to access a single point in space and time, this means there are quite literally 137,231,006,679 potential combinations for addresses.

To date, only 200 locations have presently been found with about 4000 combinations attempted so far.

Probes and drone technology have traditionally been used to explore a sequence which ‘establishes a connection’, but this often winds up being costly.

About 10 years ago, evidence suggested another Stargate was buried in the Antarctic. For nearly a decade, Russia, Sweden, and the United States have had a presence in the Antarctic, as they have attempted to figure out where it might be buried.

In the mid 1980’s – Russia working with China in the Ukraine attempted to reverse engineer the Stargate technology, but this ended up in disaster. On April 26th, 1986, the Chernobyl disaster occurred, which was actually a catastrophic failure of a reverse engineered Stargate which caused an ecological disaster the entire world heard about.

There are no relations to the chevron symbols on the stargate to the symbols in the pyramids, and are no similarities between the symbols of the parts of the Pyramids in Giza where this technology was located and the other parts of the pyramid.

All suggesting no less than three separate cultures have had their hands on the stargate, not only that – but the original developer of the technology may not even be from this planet – and with the United States, this makes four cultures involved in it.

An image of a planet – Antareus 5 – with an unnamed soldier guarding the closed Stargate.


Through Stargates, the United States has come to understand that not only are there infinite potential versions of Earth out there, but there are also infinite potential permutations outside of that.

As one scientist explained it best:

“What we have come to learn has been a world being born is like a seed in space and time.  Unlike constraints imposed by tree roots with gravity, the roots of a planet spreads in all directions of time at once, planting its roots throughout space and time, past, present and future. As humans, we have a difficult time comprehending this – we like to think that time is linear, and events in the past are immutable, but a planet being born knows no such limits, and grows its roots throughout space and time, until finally, the planet ultimately emerges into a state we as humans are still attempting to understand. We are just not merely obtaining the clues with these doorways – these Stargates – which we feel are provided to help us gain a better understanding of our own planet’s history, as we move forward with the goal of attaining a healthier and more symbiotic relationship with our own planet and this place we call home..”


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