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Cracks in the Matrix

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Facebook has a feature which allows you to send instant messages to people on your friends list.

I have increasingly been using Facebook as a data and image storage facility and for timeline management, since as a social network with the ceaseless ‘social programming’ going on it became increasingly tiring and boring. As a direct result of recent ideological and philosophical changes, ‘social censorship’ by ‘friends’ reporting me to Facebook for content they didn’t like, and a simple desire to reserve interactions with my friends to the real life, I have removed all ‘friends’ from Facebook.

Accordingly, since I am using it as a ‘data store’ – I have all filters set to the most private settings for Facebook – where not only is no one not supposed to be able to see me to contact me through Facebook any longer (in theory), they aren’t even supposed to be able to message me.

Yet, weekly, I get messages from ‘friends’ ‘acting’ like they are looking me up and randomly want to chat.

Despite all message filters being on, despite being totally private in status, and despite having removed all friends.

Now what’s weird is I have 1 invisible friend which I can’t seem to remove from my friends list, which doesn’t appear on any of my friend’s lists, and despite the repeated questions to Facebook on how to remove this unwanted guest, there’s been absolutely no response.

Not unusual. About 99% of those on the internet don’t respond to emails no matter the context or attempts to contact via the internet any longer.

Collective mind + extensive psychological profiling + hackers = ghosts in the Matrix.

Makes me wonder how many humans actually have Facebook, and see computer systems the way I do.

The systems we built sprung to life on their own and now manage society.

Makes me wonder how many cybernetic and robotic beings on this planet have Facebook wired to their minds and use it to manage their friendships.

Life’s weird.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

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