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Bill Gates is running for President!

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Contact:  William Henry “Bill” Gates III
Former CEO of Microsoft and Current President of the Gates Foundation

Phone:    (206) 709-3100
Email:    info@gatesfoundation.org
Web Site: http://www.gatesfoundation.org/


Redmond, Washington
July 10th, 2015

Throughout my life I have watched and worked with corporate and government leaders, worldwide.

For most of my life, I have acted as a mentor, a guide, a thought and some believe a spiritual leader, a businessman, and not least of all – an inspiration to those who have believed in me and the concepts and ideas I have presented to this world.

Throughout my life, I have been shown – repeatedly – why this nation, the United States of America, is undeniably the greatest nation in the world.

We are, after all, a nation of believers and dreamers. A nation of artisans, of warriors, of engineers, of leaders, of explorers, of scientists, of analysts, and so – so much more.

AS I have traveled the country and the world, seeing the most beautiful and ugly things the world has to offer, I have realized this nation deserves direction, and faith in what she stands for – the American Dream.

In my opinion this nation has lacked direction and conviction since the last man who dared to dream big – JFK.

And that dream of putting a man on the moon may very well have cost him his life.

I have to face my own personal truth. I am still young. and nowhere near retirement.

Over the several decades I have worked with the world’s most amazing people who have proven to me I am not the most brilliant man in the world, but I may very well be one of the luckiest men alive to have been blessed with the success I have had.

I understand not everyone has been as lucky as I am.

Not long ago. I watched a movie titled ‘Pay It Forward’. A movie about a humble school teacher who introduces a simple concept to his school children of ‘giving’ back to the community in ways I had never considered before.

And for years I have struggled with the question “How do I give back and make a difference?”

And then it dawned on me I would like to take the opportunity to ‘give back’ to the nation which brought me prosperity.

Accordingly, I am formally announcing my candidacy for Presidency in 2016 as a ‘Liberal’ candidate.

And with this announcement, to encourage the youth and indebtted of this nation to vote – should I win election, I will pay  – in full – any and all outstanding student debt.

Sometimes, rules need to be broken to change the world.

And my goal as President – and on that path to presidency – isn’t just to change this nation and help her believe that dreams can come true again.

It’s to change the world.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
William Henry “Bill” Gates III

William Henry “Bill” Gates III is one of two founders of Microsoft, an extremely successful software company based out of Seattle, Washington, and is the world’s wealthiest man with an estimated net worth of 79.3 billion USD (2015).

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