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My time travel list

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If you could travel in time, where would you go and what would you do?

Would you stop an assassination?


Would you present a script earlier in time that hadn’t been published yet and cast your favorite actors in it?


Would you publicly release the aliens retrieved from Roswell for the world to see?


Would you travel to the future and take pictures of cities that looked so similar yet were so distinctly different than our own?


Would you go back in time and pick up a depressed Van Gogh – and take him to the future and an exposition at the Louvre to show him how his art single handedly changed the world?



Would you go back in time to a location that’s been around forever, and take pictures from the same location. just to show how much it’s changed ‘over time’?


Would you choose to be a part of history?


Or be immortalized by your favorite artist?


Would you take a Delorean back in time to the 1880’s?


Or take it to the future and outfit it with a nuclear power generator for a power supply and refit it to fly?


What would you do if you could travel in time?

I know what i would do.

And so far, I have yet to see anything like it….

Revisiting (Sometimes Missed) Opportunities

For me, I look at time travel as a way to ‘atone’ for the times I couldn’t or didn’t follow through with something I wanted to do. Time spent with a friend, with a lover, or a historical and/or personally important event that at the time just didn’t work out like I wanted it to.

Of those opportunities:

1) Watch the Atlantis liftoff. On July 8th, 2011, The Space Shuttle Atlantis launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. I was not far – in Charlotte, North Carolina, and had planned to go visit the launch, but things did not work out as planned. If I could travel back in time, i would go watch this.

2) Go see Transformer’s with Bill. I can’t remember the date. But I was coked up and skipped meeting Bill at the movie’s that day as I was embarrassed of myself and too hung over and coked up. I’d like to go to that movie with him. And make it clear to me that missed opportunities can still be made up later in life.

3) Spend a night with Jackie again. One night, Jackie permanently etched the tune  ‘They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no, no, no” and her body permanently in my mind. I’d like to revisit that evening. Drug free. And after saying no when I should have said yes, take her on a tour of time and space together as a friend, lover, and companion of my dreams.

4) Spend a day with Rachel again. One day, Rachel showed up and made my bed seem heavenly. I’d like to revisit that day, and make the moves I should have made, and afterwards, take her on a tour of time and space together as a friend, a lover, and companion of my dreams.

5) Just say no. back in 1989, I was offered a job or jail by the FBI and my employer – Orbital Sciences, for “hacking” the payroll systems. This forever put me on the fed’s radar and led to my repeated demands/offers all the way through to 2003 where I finally agreed to work for the NSA. With time travel, I’d revisit that day, and just say no. What I did was not wrong.

6) Revisit Amie Olson. Back in 1993, Jeff and I were with a girl i had the hots for from work – Amie Olson – who wanted to go with us to a swinger’s club and perform sex acts with us – on a stage. The problem? It was a Sunday and the clubs were closed. With time travel, I could turn it into a Saturday real quick and then take the two afterwards on a journey of space and time as friends and her as our ‘in between’ lover in a weird lover’s triangle.

7) Just say no. Part two. Back in 2003, I agreed to a sell out of my portion of my dot com company “Touchscape” to the NSA, who agreed to pay me $1 million a year for every year I was in service with them – from 6 to 8 years for the Intellectual Property. When i was released in 2011, not only did they never pay me the $8 million they owed, but they also seized my own personal assets – $3 million USD in between numerous bank accounts, about 1,000 legitimately purchased games and software applications – about a dozen computers and video game consoles, all my household belongings, and – worst – rated ‘g’ to rated ‘x’ pictures of me and my life.

I nearly lost my mind and life working for them. And while I know things I would never have known before, the personal loss in assets, friends, family, and reputation has left me homeless for going on 4 years now.

Thank you, US Government, for this and the denial. If I had a time machine, I would go back in time and just say no to you and tell you to go the hell away.

I’m not bitter and not seeking justice.

I’d just like to have a Ferrari and a custom built house off the coast of Malibu. California I’d built, that honored Tony Stark’s house in Ironman.

8) Revisiting Lisa, Elea, and Melissa. One night, Lisa, Elea, Melissa and I went to Club Chameleon – a Swinger’s club – with the full intention of all of us going into a windowed room and having sex in front of everyone. A dream come true.

Unfortunately. I was WAY too excited. So when Lisa started giving me a blowjob by the dance floor, I told her to hop on, where we fucked right there in front of the other two.

For me, it was all over. I’d lost all steam.

Now. A little older, wiser, and with a LOT more stamina.

If given the opportunity with time travel, I can guarantee you that wouldn’t be the case twice.

Bridging Fiction and The Real World

I accept fiction as fact, and have watched on as people in ‘fictional worlds’  seem like they need help or companionship or a little of both or more.

Since anything, anywhere that can be accessed in an alternate reality, it can also be accessed on a linear timeline if you go back far enough in time or far enough forward.

I’d like to visit these individuals and play a part in their very real (to me) lives.

1) Doctor Who. The David Tennant version: There was a point in time where The Doctor, played by David Tennant, cries out “I don’t want to die”. At about that moment in time, I would pop by and say “ok. I’m a future version of you and heard your cry and am here to help you with one caveat. What we figure out – you cannot tell me or anyone else what I am going to do until I write this and you see it with your own eyes.”

Causality’s a kick when it comes down to it.

2) Q in Star Trek. At one point he has a son. His son is clearly a pervert. But lacks his father’s practical joke side. I’d like to present myself as his son, all growed up. Still a pervert. But now with a great appreciation for his father’s practical joke side.

Imagine seeing yourself on tv before you appeared in front of a camera. Trippy trippy trippy…

Filling in the blanks

There are numerous occasions in my life where strange events happened and/or people acted unpredictably – so oddly that traditional logic and reason didn’t answer the question of ‘what was that all about’ well.

I’d like to be that answer.

1) In 1995, Me and my wife – Lisa – went to Maui for our Honeymoon and we stayed at the Four Seasons hotel – where no sooner do I check in than we come across Jamie Lee Curtis who is staying there herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed her work with True Lies and early with Trading Places – so – respecting her privacy at first – I fought the urge to ask for an autograph and say hi. We were on vacation, so was she, so I didn’t try.

Through the next course of several days – we ran into her. Each time I didn’t say anything.

Until finally. AS we were waiting at the airport, she’s in the gift store, and finally I tell Lisa – “I gotta say something”.

I walk up, slowly, and despite my slow approach – she’s startled by my presence. Jumps back. And her SO or bodyguard – not sure which he was – jumps in between her and I and says “Ms Curtis does not wish to be disturbed”.

It was weird.

I dismissed it at the time as the problems with being a celebrity.

But there was more to it than that.

With time travel, I would like to travel back in time to key points IN Jamie Lee Curtis’s life – both in the past and future – where she’s alone in public areas – and – leveraging some advanced technology ‘blink in’ and say – with a straight face and Terminator sunglasses on – say ‘YOU ARE TERMINATED’ in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

And then disappear.

So when she sees me. She’s freaking out of paranoia because this weird guy always dressed in the same thing keeps popping in on her life and says the same thing.

That provides a real weird, funny  and logical explanation for her somewhat irrational reaction.

2) In 2009, I went to the Odeon theatre in London – where I was working at the time – when I recognized the man in front of me waiting in line as  Chiwetel Ejiofor – from the movies Serenity and American Gangster.

He’s a decent actor. Very recognizable man. But because I merely thought him as decent with his craft. I just kind of blew it off.

But what was weird was – how he acted.

There are numerous people in front of me. And a few in back. The line was long. And the man kept looking back at me nervously.

I kept thinking “What the hell. This reminds me of how Jamie Lee Curtis acted”

I blew it off. A self obsessed actor who thinks everyone’s after him.

He purchased a ticket for the same movie I was going into – “Surrogates” with Bruce Willis in it – but he bought ‘the loft section’ – a costlier section separated from the lower section of the theatre.

As I walked to the concession stand, I couldn’t help but look to the left and see him looking nervously at me as he walked up the stairs.

It was bizarre.

At least as we were on line I could write it off as not being about me.

Now I knew it was.

I watch the movie. And I could ‘feel’ myself being looked at -something was directly above me – and lo and behold – as I look up – guess who ducks back trying not to make it clear he’s looking?

Yup you guessed it.

It’s downright weird by now.

The movie ends.

It wasn’t that good a movie.

And as I walk out.

Guess who walks out from the stairs – right in front of me, and is now shifting from paranoia to fear as he hurries out the front door?

I’m thinking of saying ‘Dude. what the hell is your problem?”

But I avoid the confrontation altogether.

And when I see him turn right going out of the theatre, despite that being the direction I needed to go, I turn left.

The drama of this man just ain’t worth antagonizing the situation any more than it already has been.

I never knew why he’d reacted that.

Until later that night, I went back to the thought of how his reactions were much like Jamie Lee Curtis’s.

Well shit man, there’s my solution. I go back (and forward) in time to key points in his life when he’s alone. And with the same outfit on I had with JLC, I tell him “YOU’RE TERMINATED” in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

Case solved. He was paranoid of me because I’d been playing a joke on him across time – a joke I had not done yet.

Fun fun.

3) In 2011, I swore my ‘evil twin brother’ had thrown me into an alternate reality when I saw the Terminator world and landscape around me.

Then something weird happened. A man and his wife came out in a Uhaul and he stuck his hand out the window and the landscape suddenly changed to the world I had known before I saw this.

Nothing explains where that couple came from in this weird landscape.

Nothing but me.

Meeting you.

And us going back in time and completing the loop.

4) I’m convinced I am immortal. and if I am not. then I’d travel to a place in time where technology allowed me to become it. So I will be immortal anyways.

After that was done.

I have three wives I married ’til death do us part’.

I’d go back in time and make different choices to ‘honor the vows’.

Now if I learned they were immortal. We’d have a pretty interesting discussion on our hands.

5) For my thirtieth birthday. Something happened outside my awareness. I’d like to go concoct a plan with my friends to answer that question.

Historical Events:

1) The Battle of Wolf 359 took place in 2367 in the Wolf 359 system, roughly eight light years from Earth, between the forces of the United Federation of Planets and the Borg Collective. It is recorded as one of the most destructive battles in Federation history prior to the Dominion War.

That battle lives in infamy in Star Trek lore.

And what happened (happens) needs to be understood why it was permitted to happen.

2) What ‘really happened’ with JFK. Just curious myself. Did all the events happen as I assert they did. Did he die from every conspiracy regarding the events? Or was there a single incident and single truth to it all? I am curious.

3) About 3.8 billion years in the future, the Sun goes supernova as a shielded and orbiting platform observes the last days of the Earth. I’d like to be on board that observation vessel witnessing this.

4) About 2015 years ago. A man made his way out of an enclosed tomb. I’d like to know how.

5) On April 5, 2063 (First Contact Day), Earth will make ‘First Contact’ with Vulcans in Bozeman, Montana. I’d like to be there for that event.

6) On September 11, 2001, the twin towers were hit by planes. I’d like to SAVE the occupants of those buildings. And educate them about what happened and why it needed to happen. And then move them forward in time to this year, 2015, and into a fictional city named after a fictional city in Back to the Future – where they are publicly reintroduced to the world. Moments after the event happened, to them, but 14 years for us.

If they’d like to be. I couldnt’ save them all because some didn’t want to be saved 🙂

I’m a time traveler.

I always have been.

And always will be.

Because a part of being a time traveler means becoming the reason your own infinite loop never breaks.

Not to trap myself.

But to complete myself.

This is my choice.

And a list I’ll keep adding to and making notes on once I have completed them


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