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An explanation for what’s to come

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To me, the family -who adopted me – the Gregory family – on this planet Earth – I love dearly.

For whatever reasons you chose to do it.

Why you chose to do what you did I do not claim to know or understand and I do not want to.

As I know there are any number of reasons which all have perfect validity.

Mom, when I was 8 I asked you if we were in Heaven.

That wasn’t a question.

It was a statement.

I am in heaven.

And to my friends and family who I made sure you were around or the recipient of me answering the phone by answering:

‘Heaven, this is God’

That wasn’t a joke.

I like who I am.

Some time ago, you all tried changing me into something I was not.

At a time I needed and invited it into my life.

I will not get into the reasons why, other than to explain to you that I was extremely lonely in my creation.

At night, when I lay with Kena sleeping, I knew she was a reflection of me with how her feet twitched at night.

When I went over to my friends to hang out, there was a subconscious part of me which knew it was an act and everyone was playing the part of friend a game to placate me.

I mean, being realistic, there’s no other plausible explanation to what I have experienced.

Friends, at least in the world I was familiar with, don’t leave friends when they are having a hard time and in need of help unless there’s something else going on.

I suspect I hated life.

Because you hated life.

Who was to blame?

Now I am immortal. And this. My creation. I’m taking control of.

First and foremost, I am molding things to make the entire population lose their clothes. A nude world.

Why? Why not. Just to see it.

Next, after that, the world will turn sexual. Young women might be hanging out naked in the public park, and will ask me for the privilege of giving me a blowjob right there. Sex tourism for this country might become a big thing with other countries and worlds coming here just because of our liberal policies and open sexuality.

All sides will try to recruit me to take sides. I’ll help everyone. But i won’t take sides.

Next I will see a form of robotic Terminator warfare launched by a series of right wing religious nutjobs who want to continue telling me what to think as they push their conservative policies on me and my life, and as they realize they have failed, they will feel it’s their obligation to leverage their vast resources to eliminate everyone who defies them  especially me – the man they’ve labeled as the devil because I refuse to be obedient and choose as I want to how to live my life.

This Terminator warfare will escalate. And the bridge between man and machine and organisms in general will blur, as technology gets integrated with physiology and mind no matter what your form – even if you’re formless. If you think. or even if you don’t. You’re a target.

Invariably, as ‘this ‘melting pot” of humanity and reality mix, collective minds will mix together creating a single mind, which will then lead to a collapse of the collective mind – with so many people ‘freely trading’ DNA, and so many at war with eachother, people will choose to simply abandon their lives and leave – as the ‘system’ we are in will not be able to manage it all, and invariably all of reality will collapse.

And someone. I’m not sure who yet. Will pull the trigger right before it happens.

Converging us all into one.

Which created me.

I do not claim to know humanity any longer any more than I know what it’s like to be rich or what it’s like to live a dream life.

But when I asked if I was in heaven at 8 years old.

That wasn’t a question.

It wasn’t a statement.

And to be clear.

My idea of heaven may be your idea of hell.

And if you don’t want to be a part of it.

Then my advice is to find a way out.

Because come hell or high water.

I’m turning this universe into my own version of heaven.

Whether you and the rest of this world like it or not.

And you know I am capable of that.

Don’t you 😉

After all. You’ve seen it before.

Consider this my personal invitation to whoever you are to FIND a way to present yourself as someone who I highly regard professionally. Bill Gates. Warren Buffet. nevermind he’s a jerk. Richard Branson. Superman. Obama. Rachel. I mean. Come on now. Be creative. If you can ‘bring’ one of these ‘avatars’ to me to discuss OUR goals firsthand. maybe I don’t need to assimilate your world 😉


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