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I believe science fiction is our real history and here’s my proof.

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On January 19, 2000, a ‘fictional’ television show named Star Trek Voyager where the Starship Voyager had become locked into orbit around a planet which was rapidly spinning exerting an unknown force which the Starship could not break orbit from.

Not long before this episode, the doctor with his knowledge base had leveraged special technology which enabled him to walk amongst humans as a projection of the technology itself, without ever having to be shut off. This allowed the doctor to work amongst his peers and was regarded as an equal crewmember to them all.

The planet rapidly advances through the industrial age to 20th century era technology, and makes contact with the USS Voyager, but Captain Janeway counters that the species has still not developed warp technology and so a reply would be a violation of the Prime Directive. So they refuse direct contact.

Try as they might, Captain Janeway and her ship’s crew could not escape the embrace of the planet. Seeking answers, they teleported the holographic medical doctor to the ground, for a mere three seconds.

Upon return, the Doctor had changed considerably, not the least of which was a complete change in wardrobe.

In what was only three seconds to the crew was three years. In that time the Doctor had gotten a place to live, and worked amongst the people – as he described how the entire culture and history was built around ‘that object in the sky’.

To the Voyager, It had entered orbit mere hours before.

But to the people on the ground, literally 2000 years had passed since the starship’s arrival.

This is nothing more than an applied demonstration of Einstein’s relativity. Time is relative to the observer.

Meanwhile the species below develops technology sophisticated enough to send astronauts on a manned mission to make contact with the “sky-ship”. A capsule is launched and succeeds in docking with Voyager.

Its two astronauts, a male and female, begin to explore the ship but fall unconscious from the stress of adjusting to the difference in space- time. The bodies are found on the bridge and are taken to sickbay.

The female’s body can’t handle the shock and she dies, but the male, Gotana-Retz, is successfully treated whilst Voyager is hit by a bombardment of antimatter artillery.

As Captain Janeway soon learns, the ‘Sky ship” while shaping culture and creating a space race among it’s people – has been determined to be the source of Earthquakes and other planetary instability and disruptions.

So the people of the planet make the assumption that the skyship is derelict since it’s been in space so long without responding, and after the perceived ‘failure’ of the astronauts failing to respond – they try secondary measures – destroying the voyager.

In a hurry, the astronaut Gotana learns the starship is alive and well, and he quickly returns to the surface to inform the planet that the vessel is stuck in orbit without knowing how to break orbit.

The barrage stops pummeling the USS Voyager. And not long after, an aged Gotana returns in what is clearly a much more advanced design which creates a tractor beam around the USS Voyager and frees it from orbit.

2000 years ago, a star appeared in the sky which guided ‘wise men’ to go seek the birth of a man named Jesus.

That star is increasing in size and now, to me, has a visible tail to it, which makes it clearly not a star.

Oddly enough, the people ‘around me’ seem brainwashed.

And when I mention that ‘that thing in the sky’ is clearly shaped like a diamond, I get people who seem.. encoded – to say ‘no, that’s a planet’. Despite it’s size and fixed orbit around our planet, it’s like the people around me lack common sense or deductive skills to question what they were told.

Planet Earth has experienced massive earthquakes and Tsunamis since I’ve walked this planet, which at least according to documented history, is an unusual phenomena to be occuring as frequently as it has.

People ‘write it off’ as ‘error’ due to cataloging, dismissing it as ‘observational bias’ when they’re missing the obvious implications – Earth’s expanding population of humans may be in some way responsible.

I suspect WE may be ‘skipping’ timelines

And that I am one of a few who retains memories of the skipping.

Our ‘historical’ records known as fiction demonstrate numerous futures and pasts based on a nonlinear time that our ‘dance’ on a linear timeline has had to evolve to, multiple universes and realities are nothing more than a logical and analytical reaction to mitigate risk to our own lives and integrity of our own individual linear timelines without ‘trumping’ the other.

On April 5, 2063, Cochrane will make Earth’s first warp flight, it’s my belief this is a de facto event happening, a calculated arrival that’s already happened on numerous occasions.

The vessel is named the USS Phoenix out of Bozeman, Montana.

The Star Trek Voyager episode is “Blink of Eye” S6E12. Available on netflix

Another few episodes of Star Trek to watch are:
Star Trek Enterprise, Season 2 Episode 16 “Future Tense”

Which is a story surrounding a derelict space vessel which is ‘bigger on the inside’ much like Doctor Who’s TARDIS – Why’s this important? Cross relation to the Doctor Who Universe and the Time War.

Star Trek Voyager, Season 5 Episode 24 “Relativity” where the timeship Relativity is attempting to stop the detonation of an explosive planted on Voyager during its travel through the Delta Quadrant in the 24th century, which is causing a time paradox

Star Trek Enterprise Season 1, Episode 11 “Cold Front” where the Enterprise is met by a man from the future who discusses a temporal cold war which began in the 29th century.

Star Trek The Next Generation: First Contact, which deals with a Borg incursion of the timeline (A fragment of the time war mentioned in both Doctor Who) and the launch of the USS Phoenix thus causing an assimilation of the entirety of Planet Earth. This is later reversed through the USS Enterprise’s crew’s efforts.

The miniseries Star Trek: Destiny, and any timeline where the Federation could not defeat the Borg in this timeframe would result in the Borg assimilating the whole galaxy by the end of the twenty-seventh century.

Another few things to watch are:
The movie APEX, which discusses the ‘first robot’ that was sent back in time which caused a time loop and made it so the one single version of the robot kept getting sent back in time one it reached the year 2070 something, where it’s sent back in time (again) to the same year until there’s an entire Army of them in the early 70’s.

The entire Terminator movie series which discusses the constant timeline variations with terminators sent back from the future often changing personalities in the process.

The Matrix, which discusses the creation of a MATRIX sometime in the year 2360 something that has had infinite versions of NEO documented and infinite versions of Zion.

Looper, about a man being sent back in time to his own death. Only it happens more than once.

Memento, about a man who writes yellow sticky notes and tattoos to himself to remind himself about who he is as he forgets it every day.

George W Bush Referring to ‘internets’, implying there may actually be multiple versions of the internet.
Maybe one per person?

Al Gore’s claiming he invented the internet. If there are multiple realities, we’d find evidence in weird places like ‘media’ from alternate realities.

Obama claiming he’d been to 57 states. Would be true if alternate realities were true.

GW Bush moving ‘Matrix like fast to dodge a shoe thrown at him.

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 10, “In the Forest of the Night”
Where London is overrun by trees which invariably wind up saving the planet form a solar storm, when asked how everyone in London will act the next day, the Doctor responds with:

“Everyone will forget it ever happened by tomorrow”


Where two planes struck the twin towers of the United States, tearing them down to their foundation.

“We will remember”

The Bombings in London

“We Britons will never be defeated”


And “Die Glocke” Hitler’s time machine…


Why was it called World War 2 when it only involved the North hemisphere?
Why is it called the World Series in the United States when only two countries were involved?
Why did the movie Wargames depict only Russia and the United States on Matthew Broderick’s computer and a full map was on WOPR’s computer?

Why do science fiction stories almost ubiquitously NEVER contain romance without war?
Why does a peacekeeping force in Star Trek always arrive locked and loaded carrying weapons?
Why does a peacekeeping force known as the US Army do the same thing?

Were the people who committed the suicide attacks in 9/11 trying to tell us – our planet something?

That maybe. Just maybe. We’ve collectively been in a time loop and time war?

Look at news for a place. Then travel there for yourself.

You’ll quickly learn as I did.

That what is on television news is not just not real.

It’s our past history.

Maybe there’s more to the memories

We will remember?

Why is it so important to remember the horrors of death unless there’s something we just didnt understand about life itself?

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