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A message to the Vulcans approaching this planet

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Humans do not function like the collectives you are used to.

It is my understanding that you may traditionally deal with first contact of a species based on the perceived support of the collective community/species/planet you are encountering.

Humans are individuals.

This functions, at its very core, in a remarkable contrast to a collective entity which I suspect you are.

We make decisions for ourselves as individuals, and our community itself to support the decision of the individual, and not the other way around.

For instance, I suspect what you see and are judging my civilization by – and ‘think’ we are a violent species – is because I – as an individual – have spent a great deal of time playing combat oriented video games.

Now personally, I have never been in a real fight in my entire life, and while I may stand up to someone, I have yet to be struck by another human in quite literally 20 years. I have quite literally never hit someone in a fight in my life. Nor have I killed or injured another to my awareness.

Now if you are observing our culture through our media and entertainment sources.

Sources many on our planet regard as fiction.

What you are observing I will acknowledge decidedly is our historical record.

Many here regard our historical records as fiction because we as individuals prefer not to think of ourselves as ever having been that violent as a species.

But some, like myself for instance – are keenly aware that fiction is nothing more than a label to keep the general populace sedated – and to prevent the general population from trying to understand our past – and how this is who we were. The reaction is one of complete avoidance and dismissal much like how a deer reacts to headlights, not out of ignorance, but quite simply because it is beyond most people’s comprehension to understand how we as a species could ever have been like this.

So most choose to pretend – to ‘act’ like this is not who we are.

This is similar to how Vulcans react to emotion.

Logically and rationally – emotions provoke responses and a denote a lack of control of oneself.

So what Vulcans have done is suppressed this side of them.

Our culture – in what can be considered a reflection of Vulcan culture – continues to do the same thing in various ways – and deals with the suppression of understanding of self and our ancestry not just through dismissive labels such as fiction – but also through chemical mechanisms such as Prozac, biological mechanisms such as abortion, and genetic mechanisms which are not currently public knowledge on this planet.

It should be pointed out that these mechanisms of suppression do nothing more than apply a bandaid to a psychological wound which will at some point need to be understood rather than ignored. For both you, the Vulcans coming to land on our planet, and for us, a primitive species by any account.

About 4 years ago, I took a series of trips to China to understand collective cultures.

ONE man – one annoying twit of a man who interviewed me (I was being interviewed by the entire management team who would become my subordinates should I take the role as a Program Manager in Beijing for one trip) made me realize the importance of quality at a time I probably needed it the most.

My advice to you as a starfaring species landing on this – I hope first of many unique planets we will be visiting together is this:

Let go of what you think you know about species, minds, and life itself as you proceed with learning about our culture, world and civilization.

I had made the same mistake with what I thought quality control was.

Take the time to understand that my language, English, has evolved in my short mortal lifetime to include words and concepts which were unfathomable when I was born, and the linguistic translatory systems you may have to my language – let alone the translations to visual and auditory systems – may very well be substantially different than your automated systems may be able to take into account.

I have had to understand who you are and why you are here and how I know you are out there in ways I cannot fully explain and make logical rational sense – out of simple necessity and out of simple self preservation. Why I can say that and know it in my heart I can’t explain.

But if your systems – built on the suppression of the thing I as a human value the most – my emotions – then you need to consider that these emotions may have created starkly different language patterns, which create different ideas, which created different technology, and shaped dramatically different experiences than you – a species which prides itself on the suppression of emotion – are capable of comprehending, let alone understand that your perception itself and translational systems may be altered to NOT see what we do.

This is not to say you are any less inferior or superior than me and my fellow humans.

Just different.

You have a fixed date you’re invited to arrive on Earth on: April 5, 2063, in Bozeman Montana.

To us – that’s 50 years we have to intellectually and societally prepare for your arrival.

For me to explain to the people of my planet who you are and teach them about what I have learned about you without sounding crazy.

I suspect for you – that may be hours.

I also suspect that my planet is spinning rapidly and you are descending into it and panicking.

Don’t panic.

I – as a individual ambassador to this planet – ask that you learn about yourselves in preparation for that date. Why did you choose to suppress your emotion? What is your history as a collective and society, and what is your individual history? Why do you create rules for yourself, personally, and for the society you live in, and what does it mean to you or to your society when you break your own rules?

To me – asking a questions of the rules we are given and that we give ourselves is a crucial component to life itself.

I kindly ask that you choose one native tongue for yourselves to live by when you are with us – and to allow some of us to learn your language and to communicate with you – and to understand how you shaped the language to suit your belief systems and perspectives – so hopefully you might better understand our concepts of individuality.

My advice is to expand on the currently ‘fictional’ Vulcan language -and make it your own.

I have already seen ancestral hints of this on what you regard as subspace and I regard as the internet.

If you accept this… shall we say challenge to create your own language, I ask that you share that language with me, and in between now and your arrival, I will educate myself in it.

Please consider this a formal invitation to my planet.

I as an individual, empowered as all individuals are on my planet, can personally invite you to my planet without representation.

That is the beauty of individualism.

We know we are entitled to make decisions on behalf of the entire civilization we represent, not because we are a part of a collective, but because we are an individual representing the collective.

Shall I count on seeing you in Bozeman. Montana on April 5, 2063?

I have already seen two of your simulations of this date.

As you are well aware of.

The simulations demonstrate this can go either way.

These results are similar to what was witnessed at CERN with the Supercollider experiment, where scientists were literally split 50/50 on whether particles had traveled faster than light after the initial experiment.

When you’re dealing with the quantum realm, your expectations determine the outcome and what you see.

On a final note:  Your maps of our planet are wrong.

You need to update those, as well as your collective imagery of our species and planet.

You might be surprised at whats changed since you did this last.

You might even want to do it hourly to understand what I am saying.

I look forward to seeing you in Bozeman in 2063.

If my estimates are accurate about my own age.

I might just be reaching my puberty by then.

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