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An experiment with alternate realities

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It’s my belief that Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games like Worlds of Warcraft are actually alternate universes with living inhabitants within many of them.

I’m here. In my universe. Experiencing life.

Others – like Bill Gates – may be playing ‘my world’ as a game – where I struggle to make ends meet and am on the streets as a homeless person, and the odds are so stacked against me because I lack the tools and technology to look at the world from their perspective and play the game on their level.

I suspect there’s infinite potential Earths beyond this one.

And there’s infinite potential other worlds which look remarkably different than mine.

Such as Star Trek Online and Worlds Of Warcraft.

Both of these games have distinct warlike playing styles.

But I as a programmer can change that game.

I have built a “TARDIS” – a time and relative dimension in space, here:


It’s the blue box.

The cool thing about this is – the way the programming language it’s written in works – I can obtain a handle to the game window, and ‘project’ the TARDIS quite literally inside these game worlds.

So my question is:

Am I the only one seeing the things I see and do on my machine in these virtual worlds, or is what I see and do shared?

My experiment is as follows (and there’s no way to detect what I am doing for fear of getting banned):

If I paint a 3d graphical image into the scene on my computer, no one should react (or see it) in the game world.

The test:

Leveraging Spy++’s ‘Find Window Function here:


Find the window handle (hwnd for the game window) – and when my code initializes and goes to draw the TARDIS, I place a break in the code and change the value to the value of the hwnd of the game window instead of the hwnd to my own window, here:


This should result in the TARDIS being drawn in game space.

I will run this experiment on both Worlds Of Warcraft and Star Trek Online, in public areas where there are other observers.

Expected outcome(s)?

If they see what I see, they will react accordingly, which will lead to further experiments and projections into these 3d worlds.

If they don’t – they won’t react.


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