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WOW (Worlds Of Warcraft)

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I’m back playing Worlds of Warcraft.

I created a new character – her name is QLing:


That’s pronounced Cue-Ling.

I used to have a level 75 druid, Ling was his name, but I am starting over, a starter account which limits my level to level 20 max.

I started her this morning, a level 1 druid, now she’s a level 14 Druid.

I figured, since when I travel ‘in real life’ I like taking photos. I would take screen shots of some of the wonderful graphics this game offers.

Here’s some screenshots, varied in detail. In some places, you can’t capture sunlight at high detail, so I had to reduce the detail to get the imagery i did.


Starting off, the main quest line. That’s QLing front and center with a quasi-wave.


In the main hall, looking at the first Druid Trainer (at the end)


Looking at a cave, with the user interface controls turned off (much prettier pictures this way)

(QLing is always in my screen captures – clearly)


Inside the cave – So far I have all these screen captures set at low detail

because the frame rate at high detail on this computer makes the game utterly unplayable.


Ling is a shapeshifter – here’s her in Cat Form in front of the gates of Darnassus.

So far I have acquired cat and bear form. ..


And Ling in bear form – in the leader’s alcove area  this is high resolution.

A substantial difference visually with amount of detail.

 wow8I’m on a griffon flight there, you can get back and forth between locations by paying griffons like you’d pay a taxi…

I am going back to the starting area for a quest – this is with high detail on.

You can definitely tell the difference when looking at the road and things in the distance and things like that.


High resolution – my character, QLing, standing there on the beach with one of the Night Elf cities in the back.

Oh yeah. QLing is a night elf. Forgot to say that.

No, you can’t tell your characters to strip and get naked or have sex.

Game Developers are too afraid to put that into these games.


A beautiful high detail screen capture of the waterfalls. The water doesn’t look ‘realistic’ – but still beautiful.

QLing is cheering by the way ‘/cheer’

wow11A beautiful low detail view of the sun in the distance.

With this at high detail, you don’t see the sun…


And yet another view  in flight on a griffon – of the sun over the ocean.

low detail again.

… And just so there is no confusion. This image of a lady who is looking at a computer screen.


I have drawn a line on the screen to outline how I look at a computer monitor (and get 3d information) –

I have two eyes, offset from eachother – and I see the computer screen – and the images I took (above) are

all images I saw on that computer screen and captured and shared with you.

I also have other MMORPG games I play with different characters on this computer system.

Such as Star Trek Online, here’s my main character – named after – me of course…


Yep. I also listen to Avicii and keep an eye on my computer and network operations…

Here’s an image from an outside ‘flight perspective’ of the USS Phoenix I command.


(My BLOG Entry in the background)

And a better screen capture with the User Interface elements turned off


Beautiful, right?

And my character “Brian Scott Gregory” – an avatar for myself in real life. is on the bridge in the Captain’s chair here:


And looking forward…


And despite the fact my starship is not moving, it’s still showing moving stars.

Tisk tisk on the developers…

I keep asking Perfect World for non combat activities and content. To be able to buy a planet, or create our own homes,

or do something other than crafting weapons and shields which is all the game allows you to do.

They ignore me. And take away features form the very same areas I ask them to enhance.

So I quit asking and have been playing this game less and less as a result.

My character’s a multimillionaire who carries no weapons or armor.

What’s the use of money in any form in a world where the only things offered to

spend it on are the same exact armor and shields everyone else

has on and that’s what everyone else spends it on ?


A poor and homeless man in real life, a multibillionaire many times over in these alternate reality game worlds.

Such is life.

.. I also was playing Neverwinter Nights…

But Like Star Trek Online, its combat focus without any attention paid

to the immersive role playing made it… boring…


Not only that, but even on this machine, unlike WoW with much more fluid graphics, it’s SO darn slow it’s ridonculuous.

Yup that’s a word.

Why oh why is Neverwinter Nights and Star Trek online –

and almost all these games  incapable of keeping up with WOW’s immersiveness and fluid graphics?

In any case.

I also play an offline game named King’s Bounty on occasion.


My goal, in real life at least, is to one day visit worlds like these,

and look at and tour them – without having to fight my way through them.

To be on board a real starship and have the world around me be the world I see through a window.

To walk through a land of demons and angels, dungeons and dragons, orcs and kobolds, Klingons and shapeshifters.

Shake their hand.

or paw.

Look at the architecture.

Touch it.

Smell the landscape.

you know.

Like it’s real.

I dont need to leave planet Earth.

If I can experience these worlds through my own senses.

And not just through a Window.

Which makes me wonder.

Was Windows intended as something entirely different than what it came to be used for in our reality?

Was it intended to provide windows into alternate realities?

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