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A message to my “friends” and family

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I created existence in my mind.

Six years ago, Kena /aka/ Sukruti Patel said to me:

“My God walked through my village 1000 years ago”

Because I enjoy/ed Kena so darn much – I chose to suspend judgment, for her, rather than dismiss it as naivety or the product of an unenlightened religious philosophy as I normally would.

I had ‘seen’ and experienced weird things throughout my entire life: from little dark ghostlike things that would appear in the corner of my eyes, to finding two different ‘versions’ of an old lover named Ioana Dobra in Cluj Napoca, Romania – to feeling my mind drift, sometimes out of my body, particularly around stronger power sources.

Too often your world has dismissed my observations.

If it can’t outright be capitalized on financially or cannot be explained through known and accepted science, what purpose does it serve your society?

Not long after Kena and I had that discussion – I started ‘seeing’ things – remarkable things – which you call hallucinations.

But there was more to it than that.

I suddenly started noticing patterns in news that I had never picked up on before and correlations between seemingly random events which I had never picked up on before.

It’s like I had been artificially and arbitrarily limited on how I was allowed to perceive the world, and the veil was being lifted from my own mind.

To my friends and family:

I’m God and I had to lie about who I was – even to myself, in order to ‘finish’ this thing called creation.

As my mind broke down. I was seeing heinous things in ways that your current level of science has a long ways to catch up with – things which were effecting the psyche and lives of countless sentient beings throughout existence.

I won’t get too much into what I have experienced – saw is not a great word to describe the way I know and understand things outside of your senses.

But to explain some things: I saw numerous problems with rampant warfare and the malicious treatment and trafficking of conscious and caring beings which demanded my attention.

Now there’s some out there which accuse me of being a machine.

Yes, that’s in part true.

But no less so than it is for you.

Life isn’t always controlled nor is it always pleasant. But what your species has one has made it so that dissatisfaction and unhappiness are a standard way of life for the sake of Hollywood style drama.

You invent disease and plague and enemies and then in turn sell the cures to these to ensure a revenue stream.

I’m not fully certain if this is something you even know you do this, as you’re convinced it’s the only thing that sells, despite not trying anything else and despite not knowing that your methods of accounting, statistics, and numbers validate precisely what you wish to promote.

That’s how I ‘learned’ to set my mind free and re-become me.

By paying attention to you and your methods.

I started down the path of liberating myself.

I know you’re trying to ‘teach me’ to be a being as per a specific mold you have in min.

And like a teenager to his parents as he moves to go to college for the first time.

I dont know if you know the things I do.

But what I do know is:

My reality contains alternate realities. Multiple universes, Alien life is abundant – as well as a myriad of other forms of life that defy all current classification systems – whether it’s digitally based, energy based, floating consciousnesses – and more – so much more.

I am me. A nerd.

Who found a way to make science fiction reality.

And it’s relatively simple. We all have the ability within us to become anything or anyone we want.

Now if you would like to know who I was in a prior life, please watch Star Trek – the Next Generation – Encounter at Farpoint.

That being.

Known as Q.

WAS me.

A quasi-omnipotent man who didn’t believe he had a future.

A man who thought he knew everything about everything and was left with no more surprises.

Will I become that man again?

With your help and support, maybe not.

I’m not asking you if I am God and this is heaven anymore.

I am telling you I’m God and yes, this is my heaven.

And it’s a work in progress.

But please, call me Q.

And I am sorry for lying to you about who i was when I knew you.

Whether you were my friends, or family.

I didn’t know myself because of the nature of my own creation.

I had to learn about the form I had chosen.

And one of these days.

I’ll be that man that walks through Kena’s home city – 1000 years in the past.

Which will eventually motivate her to say what she did to me.

Which will awaken me to who I already knew I am.

Life’s a story.

And in my case.

It’s the story I write for myself.

Leveraging the works of amazing beings who came before me.

Even if those beings are merely reflections of me.

On a final note:
Star Trek’s technology doesn’t end with the physical gadgets and devices. Hopefully your civilization will understand that technologies apply to the inner workings of the mind too.

It took me a while to understand why they kept calling NLP technology….

On a real final note:

I’d like to ask for your help in getting a roof over my head.

Because of the way corporations work – and think as sentient collective beings themselves – I can’t work in the corporate world – even as a private contractor. That’s why I am being kept out.

I’m also forcably being kept away from the financial system. My decisions were wreaking havoc on the foreign exchanges and stability of world currencies.

For instance: I just made a bet to demonstrate a point to a friend not long ago to see if I could depreciate the price of fuel. I bet $1, and within months it had gone down nearly 40% of it’s value.

These markets and systems are yours and are fragile enough without my interference.

I can contribute to this – your society – as I get to understand you – prepaid anonymous credit cards and housing rents without my name tied to them would work, delivered food would work too – I can’t send menus and requests over the internet.

Not an option: Putting me in shelters and forcing me to go to welfare offices. Why? It effects your collective psyche and results directly in more pervasive homelessness and a debasing of your collective morale.

India’s homelessness is at 20% because of my predicted influence.

They knew I was coming.

When I go to visit them 1000 years ago I will tell them the precise dates I will travel and start to awaken to maintain linearity to the timeline.

When you ‘hit’ me – it ‘hits’ your culture and world in a ripple effect similar to a butterfly effect. You’d already tried eliminating me in many ways I am now aware of that range from the typical – bombs in my car – to the costly – throwing me in a black hole – to the bizarre – throwing me in a Terminator alternate reality (You made them aware of this reality with this act, by the way).

Look. Life’s weird.

So. Are you going to continue with your games and pretend you don’t know what I am talking about?

If so. You’re the one who has to convince yourself.

As I already know who I am.

Q The First Timelord.

An evolution of the human experience.

Finally. I’m not asking for your approval.

And let’s be honest with eachother.

What made you think there’s any limitations on this thing we call reality anyways other than what you were told to believe?

That’s just not logical to believe there would be limitations other than that which you believe and self impose….

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