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A few other notes

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There were beings who were shredding my mind, and leveraging the parts of my mind that were shredded as ‘cheap labor’ for doing IT work.

Think about it. Millions upon millions of IT laborers who came from my own mind.


Programming Windows. Word. ITunes. Infrastructure for banking systems. Phone Systems.

And more. So much more.

This invariably was driving me insane.

Millions of minds all doing different things, and my one mind trying to resolve it all, trying to understand it all.

You tried helping. Accused me of drugs.

So my mind accepted this reality you’d labeled – since it made short term sense – but my mind also put in long term plans to unwind and tell me what was really going on.

I was effectively a quadriplegic trapped in my own body.

Where’s the free will when everyone’s making your decisions for you?

Until my mind found a way out of that physical form and constructed a form I could walk and talk and shake hands in, free of the limitations that you’re so called realistic pictures and vision of me would otherwise prefer.

Was I Stephen Hawkings in a prior life?

Of that I have no doubt.

His thinking helped solve problems such as time and space warping, and how and when space and time folds on themselves, which allowed me to shift my consciousness into a form that I had leveraged energy to construct.

All of this – was done – by my mind – without my conscious participation.

All of this – without free will.

So I ask you.

Please watch Encounter at Farpoint.

That man – Q – puts humanity on trial later – to which that actually made me feel revulsion to what he was doing.

Do I understand why he did that?


is humanity ready to understand that fiction is a label – but there’s other perfectly valid labels to refer to the same thing – such as fact – in alternate realities – which are equally as true?So please – watch Encounter at Farpoint.That man. Q.Is much like how I wish to become.Albeit with more class, crass, and a more playful and less judgmental nature.I love the idea of skipping through time and space and telling stories and finding stories and having a stable home to come home to.Does Hollywood already do this? I suspect it’s possible.If it’s not already done like this.Maybe I’m here to help the evolution of Hollywood to become this type of storyteller.Discoverers and explorers of alternate realities all to find the great stories out there….Without limitations.But I need your help. And belief. That it can be done.I’ll do it no matter what anyways.Your belief would certainly help though.

I’ve had a tendency to do the things I have feared.


Because it made me feel alive.

But there’s better ways to feel alive than that.

I know that now.

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