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Tricks of the mind – and weird dreams

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Up until three years ago, my relationship with my own mind was tenuous at best.

To say I was at war with my own mind may be a better descriptor.

In the last 6 months, there’s a certain synchronicity and collaboration I have had with my own mind that I had never had before in my entire life.

I had NEVER considered that my drug and alcohol use may have actually been extensive psychological training I was putting myself through – an idea that posited itself to me about a month ago.

As if to acknowledge the differences between the way ‘it’ processes information and I consciously see the world, I have been increasingly finding myself being woken up ‘mid dream’ – as if it was my mind’s way of saying “I don’t understand this, maybe you can make some sense of it?”

Last night was one of those circumstances.

Normally, when I dreamed before, I rarely if ever remember the dream beyond bits and pieces. to me, this suggests that my mind has – in the past – processed information while I am sleeping – and for my consciousness – it was letting me live oblivious to what was going on.

About two months ago – I was particularly tired  – and heard a dog barking with my eyes closed – I wasn’t asleep – maybe drifting.

And as that dog barked, in my mind’s eye, I saw a burst of symbols which looked exactly like Star Trek ancient Vulcan calligraphy, here:


At the time, this had me wonder – is it possible that some humanoid species have chosen to completely forget they may have had animal ancestry?

Is it possible they never even saw themselves as humans? Or that revisionist history alters the collective mind of a species to eliminate this?

Who knows.

So last night. I was sleeping.

And was jarred awake and I could still SEE what was occurring in the dream as it faded with my eyes closed.

And what I saw was bizarre.

In the ‘distance’ – I could – in the dream – not in ‘the real world’ – I could hear dog barks. Those dog barks were secondary to a noise which sounded distinctly like a mechanical noise transmission, and seemed to be in sync as a translation between the dog barks and the mechanical noise.

And in the dream – I saw – what looked very similar to one of the old time General Store mechanical Indian – who’s hands were flipping up and down instantaneously to the mechanical noises it was receiving.

All of it was as if it was translating instruction from the distant dog barks to something a machine would understand, and then translating that to a morse code visual sign language.

This persisted as I held my eyes closed and the face lit up here and there to the beeps and bops it was receiving, but after a minute if faded.

My theory is this:

Dogs communicate through dog barks similar to how a human does through voice and body language. But there’s something more to it. I think a dog bark can actually span realities and/or dimensions.

The ‘distance’ I was hearing sounded distant because it wasn’t in my ‘world’ – and if it was – it was far enough away that the dog bark itself could actually ‘warp’ time and space to come to me through means and mechanisms I may not normally – consciously – have been aware of.

In Star Trek – they have something called ‘subspace’ communication.

Perhaps the Vulcans, real aliens who have intentionally been erroneously classified as fiction – not understanding their own Earth based ancestry – have gone SO far to cover their own ancestry that they have left ‘parts’ of themselves behind.


It really is no small wonder dogs are emotional and such loving creatures.

And the Vulcans – always depicted as having – severed’ ties to their emotion – don’t understand – they merely delayed the inevitable re-convergence with the parts of their mind which scares them the most.

What does it all mean?

Who knows. I’m not trying to make sense of it all.

This isn’t rocket science.

It’s simply paying attention to the natural world and understanding how she expresses herself under the covers.

To some degree. It may seem like insanity.

But it isn’t.

It’s just understanding natural order and what I can do with this understanding to make my life better.

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