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My Future Plans

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Have you seen the movie Jumper where the kid can teleport to other locations instantly? He awakens to this ability as a youth, he’s fallen under a sheet of ice on a frozen lake, and – near death – he – and his mind – instantly teleports him to the library – the first thing he can think of – which brings him and a great deal of water from the lake – demolishing many rows of books from the flood.

Have you seen “Q” on Star Trek who teleports the Enterprise 60,000 light years to the other side of the Galaxy?

Q’s a man who can be anywhere, anytime at the snap of his fingers. He’s a tourist, a hedonist as I am to some extent, but most of all, he’s a cosmic prankster that I have nothing but respect for.

All my life I have been told ‘not in my lifetime’ will I get to go to space.

I’ve been to 40 countries, something I never imagined occurring in my lifetime, and knowing what I know now – I know there’s far more that’s possible and it doesn’t take money and a jet airplane or technology to get to these locations. It’s not that technology doesn’t permit it.

My mind doesn’t.

And what about Space? What purpose does it serve making this off limits to me?

Unless I take it as a challenge and obstacle I need to overcome so I can see and explore space – as seen on Star Trek and Doctor Who – in my lifetime…

I’m not answering any emails or calls from anyone.


Here’s my stated goal:

I am training myself to teleport between any two locations I desire in space AND time as I think about a place and snap my fingers by creating the mental equivalent of a wormhole – or more specifically – an Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

Think about it:

It provides a uniquely fitting revenue stream for this homeless guy.

I could be the most overpriced delivery boy on the planet – and deliver pizzas to the elite in San Francisco as I deliver their favorite pizza – from Italy – in the blink of an eye…

I could be the highest priced courier in the world and deliver a package from Tokyo, Munich, or Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles within minutes…,

Fedex aint got nothing on me.

As a journalist, I could be first on the scene in ANY event that happened around the world.

As a notary, I could obtain signatures – direct – from people – without having to wait for buyers in a hurry.

And if I was law enforcement, which I have no desire to be, I could be first to respond to a call and appear there, instantly.

If I could harness this ability to take others with me – I could create a travel service – where I could take people from Phoenix to an easy day tour of Paris or the remote parts of Africa.

If I could get to the point of bending time – I could take a camera – and film ‘what really happened’ with historical events such as JFK, or find my own female version of a feel good movie like Forrest Gump and film her life story and sell it to Hollywood.

Since this hasn’t been done before (to my awareness), I am developing my own training program to achieve this.

I have been on a mental and physical training program to teach myself at least some of the skills I would imagine these journeys might require experience with before I did it…

So far, what I have done:
1) I’ve learned advanced physics, engineering, and computer science, and already regard space and time as being both linear and nonlinear in nature.
2) EXTENSIVE hallucinogenic and drug and alcohol training in the past – to teach my mind the difference between real and hallucinating and the effects of chemicals on my body and mind.
3) I’ve traveled extensively – 40 countries.
4) I’ve educated myself extensively on the many many histories – and revisionist histories this planet has had. And there’s a lot. Most people like referring to it as fiction.
5) I’ve been homeless for three years, to overcome latent mental fears with winding up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
6) Small footprint: I’ve learned to pack light, and how to eat VERY little (I currently survive on maybe 400 calories a day) –
7) Extensive mental training with death and warfare, and a variety of environments where time and physics flow different than my native Earth – through video games.

With ‘hallucinogens’ – I have already ‘made the jump’ three times, somewhat involuntarily, and have seen things that made me understand the fine lines between fact and fiction.

Now if you think it can’t be done.

I ask that you go your own direction, not contribute. I do not need your doubt of this as a possibility entering my life. I am specifically asking you keep your negative energy to yourself.

Thank you for respecting this.

And if you think this is a product of science fiction.

You are absolutely right.

And like a trained scientist and engineer, I do believe it’s YET another example of science fiction that with the right training, mindset, skills, and technology applied, I can teach myself how to do these things and make them science fact.

Now I will not talk to any family or friends until I can achieve this.

So if this doesn’t happen in my lifetime.

There’s your answer for when I will re-establish communication.

About a year ago, waiting in the line at the welfare office in California for $200 a month to let me eat.

I looked around at the trashy people around me.

And said to myself.

“I’m better than this.”

“So much better”

Is getting a job, is doing the same thing I was doing before – chasing the debt, all which led to my trio of failed suicide attempts – rationally sound?

Not even remotely.

Is putting myself ‘on the system’ that treats me like trash after I have literally $3 million in hard earned taxes to it rationally sound?

Not even remotely.

It’s not a matter of if this is going to happen.

It’s when.Talk about a fun job! You know. there’s some – as depicted in the movie “Jumper” who might rob banks and things like that. Me? I’d rather learn about new places to travel and visit and different foods and make some great money like that rather than stealing for it!

And heck. if I can teleport like the real Q in Star Trek.

Maybe that might get me a spot on one of JJ Abram’s upcoming Star Treks movies as Q himself!

How boring, I know!

In any case.

If you want to know my future plans..

This is it..

To me it’s actually the most realistic option I have at the moment.Life can be weird like that.

On that note.

Any advice and strategies you have to suggest for me to achieve this would GREATLY be appreciated!

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