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Red Matter

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Red matter is a substance capable of forming a black hole when ignited.

One drop is sufficient to collapse a star or consume an entire planet.

Red matter is a substance that is created through the use of a substance known as decalithium.

Decalithium or DECA – meaning 10 – elements of Lithium is a highly rare isotope and element which is non existent and unsynthesizable naturally on Earth.

The only known occurrences of decalithium appearing on Earth occur through rare asteroid impacts, which has made meteor retrieval among the most lucrative businesses in the world.

With it’s exceeding rarity on Earth, decalithium has a black market value of nearly $300,000.00 US dollars an ounce.

It takes almost a full pound (16 ounces) to extract a single drop of red matter.

When extracted from decalithium, red matter takes the form of a red liquid substance that – when collected – forms naturally into a sphere.

A single drop of this compound is capable of creating a singularity.

Decalithium appears to form naturally under intense heat and low gravity conditions.

It is suspected that the planet Mercury may be a proverbial gold mine for decalithium due to it’s intense heat and low gravity.

Trace amounts of decalithium have been leveraged at CERN in Geneva as scientists work to create sustainable black holes.

It’s also theorized they have collapsed the planet many times already, which have been restored in the blink of an eye, as natural processes have kicked in and are disseminating information about what’s going on to ‘interested parties’.

Red Matter can also be leveraged to collapse a star going supernova to preserve any population it may threaten.

It’s theorized there’s already an organization that does just this.

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