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On Warp Signatures and the detection of warping of space

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A “Warp Signature” is a detection of an entity, regardless of whether its a civilization, object or entity ‘warping’ the standard physics based definition of reality.

One example of a ‘warp signature’ emissions can occur via a physical or mechanical device which is traveling faster than light speeds, because it is breaking the limits of the physical speed of light.

Another example of a ‘warp signature’ which hopefully IS detectable can occur through hallucinations, in any number of organic species, where the physical laws of physics may go through a permutation – hence ‘warping’ of reality.

When ANYTHING achieves warp capabilities (provided it has been detected) – a multiversal link is established to stabilize said entity.

First and foremost, an attempt to establish a link with the entity’s onboard computers will be attempted – non intrusively.

Information such as ‘how does this entity visually ‘see’ itself is requested, up to and including schematic information – and methods of communication – with an attempt to commence a short term relationship of sharing with that entity.

Now it should be noted that there can be ANY number of reasons an entity can have achieved warp capability, from benign causation – such as technological advances – to malignant forms – such as extreme torture – and more, so it’s NEVER safe to presume total awareness of what’s caused an entity to achieve warp capabilities.

Up to and including the presumption of spatial awareness of how that species may perceive itself and the world around it  – if it does at all in a recognizable way – and the differences in contrast to you, the observer.

If ‘you’ as an observer is actually a you 🙂

The Prime Directive as stated in it’s most simple forms, states:

“As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, “

This does NOT prohibit contact and/or interference, which is entirely discretionary, and it should be taken into consideration that the natural cultural evolution of a civilization at or near warp capabilities may actually include you and your technology.

Keep in mind that technology is FAR from successive and linear, so what may be advanced technology to you may be considered antiquated and simply unused by the entity and/or civilization under observation for reasons you may not be aware of.

On October 4, 1957, a warp signature was detected by beings no0t from out planet when Sputnik was sent to space.

Earth was in a black hole. And Sputnik quite literally broke the speed of light to break free from the gravitational pull of the black hole, in what was in – by beings not from our planet – thought to be impossible at the time. Nothing was thought to have been able to exist within a black hole.

But prior to then, gravity had only been simulated.

This commenced the observation of Earth by beings not from this planet in what was thought to be a long term study.

Very quickly, those observing our world learned this wasn’t going to be the case.

They also realized their presence was influencing our culture, and had all along because of how a ‘real black hole’ functions.

On July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and then President Richard M Nixon stepped off the Apollo 11 lunar lander onto an alien vessel for the first formal contact with an alien species.

Michael Collins was a fictitious name, made up so Richard Nixon could make the first contact himself, which is among the reasons he’s gone down in history as the ‘forgotten astronaut’.

President Nixon returned. To harsh criticism from those who learned about what he had done. Watergate is suspected of being an attempt to debunk his credibility of the moon missions.

But a plan was set up.

In 2003. I attended an experimental program at Fort Meade, Maryland, referred to at SF and S31 in the TP2409 as a CEP, a “Condensed Educational Plan”.

In the TP2900/3100, it was discovered that this is when the bridge between civilizations, TPS and cultures occur.

And they’d taken the Prime Directive to heart.

They wanted to play a part. But not be a part of the cultural evolution of our civilizations as the past met with the present.

The United States has not been alone and has actively been observed and influenced by beings that are living amongst us.

I am one of 48 overseeing the transition of this..


Brave New World.

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