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Help the homeless guy get back on his feet (please)!!!

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I am currently working on a Virtual Reality programming language and Operating System which will use natural body gestures and voice commands to let you program simulations inside of a virtual reality devices like the Oculus VR and Star Trek type Holodecks.

I have decided to keep a regular blog about the progress as I learn the ins and outs of 3d OpenGL programming and relearn Visual C++. Here’s the blog: https://universalbri.wordpress.com/

I am homeless.

And sleep in a tent in the park in North Hollywood. (no joke).

I have looked for work so long I have been forced to take this non-traditional path to obtain resources simply to live.

I am hoping to appeal to your generosity, as there’s a couple things I need to ‘continue’ this effort:

For the Application I am creating:
Do you happen to have a PC/USB Gamepad you’re willing to donate so I can use it as a source of input? If you’re in an Oculus VR System, you can move around and rotate your angles using the Gamepad

Also – do you have an old school Kinect with the AC Adapter and USB plug that can fit into a PC that you’d be willing to trade for a new one? I was donated a new one which doesn’t need an ac adapter, but the USB isn’t compatible 😦

Do you have a couple bucks OR a computer company you’d be willing to set me up with locally for me to fix my two laptop screens? Right I have a netbook computer running Windows XP and 1gig of ram which I am doing the development on, but the screen’s getting real flaky and the keyboard completely shuts down on occasion. And I broke the screen on my ‘real laptop’ – which I still carry around – which has 4gig of ram. how’d I break it? I closed my headset on it in the tent one night 😦

Personal things I desperately need:
– Ankle supporting hiking shoes with good tread. I do a lot of walking, especially on grass to sleep at the park at night, so having soles which don’t slip and ankle support for my weak ankles (I have broken then numerous times) would be nice to replace my shoes which currently have holes in the bottom and the sides ripped out.
– (dont laugh) (not used) boxer underwear (I’m a 40 waist), or 40 waist cargo shorts, and a couple extra large t shirts would be nice too.

A gift card to a subway an/or Starbuck’s and or Ralph’s would be nice too. (I don’t have any income, I decided to quit leeching off the welfare system a while ago once I decided to make this application).

The program is using Visual C++ 2005, which I have full access to Microsoft’s library so that was easy to obtain, with Microsoft’s Speech SDK for sound processing and native OpenGL for the 3d Graphics.

In any case, I do appreciate your assistance and donation if you allow it!

Thank you for your consideration!

If you have one, i am in the studio city area – drop me an email, and I can tell you where I am physically at (I have no vehicle and money for transportation either, I know, loser, right?)

Thank you in advance for any and all support.

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