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Most humans aren’t aware that some buildings think and have feelings.

Most humans aren’t aware that some companies live and breathe – in ways that can be very different than that of a human – but still no less living than we are.

Most humans can’t comprehend that some Universities choose to be here. Some Presidents choose to take part in this country’s health and welfare. Some cars are alive.

And like humans. Some are not.

Even if they still walk and talk and ‘seem’ alive.

In 2011. I applied to Georgetown law for the second time.

With an MBA from Thunderbird behind me, I realized that I wanted to leave the businessmen to do what they do – and that was a field and area I wanted to stay out of.

How’s that for $110k in student loans?

All that to learn that traditional business as practiced by any MBA is absolutely functional but aint’ your cup of tea?

Edward Snowden. When I met you back in 2003 – you and your wife had just graduated from Law School – only to find out you hated it.

Look man, I understand now.

In any case – My mind works differently than Snowden’s – who’s actually a trained lawyer I might add – and as a result – I received a second LSAT score of 146. My first LSAT score was 47.

I applied to Georgetown law anyways. And worked hard to put together a package with the sincerest of hopes that I would get in.

I put my heart and soul into the presentation. A five minute video where I prepared my justification. Stellar recommendations from some very well known people.

I was hoping. heck. Praying. That they’d overlook my LSAT score and consider me despite saying not to me before.

Now what would have happened if they’d said yes? I was in a job making substandard contract wages anyways – $75 an hour.

I was barely able to pay my bills and have an apartment to live in, let alone pay my student loans.

Was a part of their qualfication on credit reporting?

If so. I was clearly screwed.

But no, I knew better than that, as no reputable University – let alone an Ivy league university – would take credit into account for potential students. That’s stupid, particularly with the $250 an hour+ earning potential promised in the legal field.

If the promises and research fit the promised earning potential, then they’d have nothing to worry about.

This wasn’t the case with my MBA, I might add. More debt. And I was making the least income I had in my life. Which is why I don’t feel incredibly guilty about not paying them, and is also among the reasons I am homeless – as a part of these school’s bargain with the community they deliver a service to is to portray the earnings potential realistically, right?

In any case. After taking a tour of Georgetown’s campus in DC one weekend. After marveling at it’s amazing structure and the nearby town that was as apple pie as you can get for an eastern city.

I applied.

And 6 weeks and $125 spent later.

“Application Denied”

I think they make a great deal of money through applications.

No reason listed.

It was really anyone’s guess why I had been denied.

Being honest with myself though.

I had done my research on Georgetown University


Pictured here – and yes, it really is that beautiful….

And there were things I liked about it and things I didn’t like.

What I didn’t like was simple: It’s Jesuit affiliation, which I am decidedly NOT a fan of. It’s chauvinistic, it’s alienating, and worse, it’s a pretty judgmental group by and large.

Think Stepford Wives. It’s these kind of men who would prefer all women not think for themselves. A practice I thought might have been abandoned back in the early 1700’s.

I’ve learned a thing or two since then about life.

So with this single glaring exception – the school had a remarkable and very well deserved reputation – but being honest with myself, it always held a candle to the school I truly wanted to be a part of for personal and professional reasons: Harvard.

Have you ever felt like someone or something was so impossibly unattainable, it’s not even worth trying?

I took a calculated ‘gamble’ with Georgetown, attempting to get into an Ivy League college for law – but there were a lot of things I was missing with this.

First and foremost, if they’d accepted me. I had absolutely no idea how I would have paid the lofty tuition prices to begin with. Images of begging, borrowing and stealing came to mind. But the truth was, I had absolutely no idea how I’d get financial support to pay for the education.

I sincerely believed the money would find a way to get to me if I was approved.

Silly, right? Explains why I am homeless, right?

Where would I live during full time law school? Could I work to pay my bills during this time period? How in the hell would I do it?

I didn’t know.

I just believed – somehow – it would all fall into place.

But that glaring exception – it being a Jesuit college – I will be the first to admit. Georgetown, despite it’s history. Was second best.

Being completely honest.

If I had the opportunity. I would attend Harvard law.


Where do I start?

First and foremost. Contrary to popular knowledge. Bill Gates was kicked out of Harvard for failing grades. He later donated computer equipment and software so they’d ‘obscure’ the truth about his failure. It was simply bad for press.

Ditto for Mark Zuckerberg.

Both arguably brilliant men. Both who paid for Harvard’s silence.

I failed Calculus and Physics BOTH three times at Arizona State University before being kicked out. And this school was known as a party school.

IT took me quite literally 20 years to understand the concepts presented to me – that I had FAILED at at ASU.

In hindsight.

Similar to having three ex wives – I do not look at these experiences as failures. I was simply uninformed and intellectually unprepared for what I was being presented at the University level.

Which has me curious. If ASU can do this for me.

And I know. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

That nothing … and no one... is unattainable.

I don’t want to attend Harvard.

I want to understand her.

And be a part of her life as a partner.

What attracts me to Harvard?

Quite simple:

You have class. Style. An image unlike any other University in the world. You value the corporation as I do, not just as a legal structure, but as a vessel promoting individual and collective philosophical ideals. You understand the necessity to respect individuality and free choice, but also the necessity to govern those who don’t respect that with a firm yet understandably caring hand.

But most of all.

You, like me, enjoy the story.

130909153543-highest-paid-alumni-harvard-university-620xb[1]Dear Harvard – and anyone representing Harvard –

I’m homeless.

I have nearly $150k in debt. That one day I want to pay off.

I owe $6k to my own parents that I used to purchase drugs with.

It’s not that I don’t like myself. I do.

And while that ‘man’ in the past is who I was.

Who I am

I only regret thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do something about it in the future.

You see – who this man was – is who I needed to see for myself – as there were things in me I didn’t understand and that I needed to explore on my own, on my own terms which I did.

I took two LSAT exams. One with a 146 and another one with a 147.

I don’t think like a lawyer.

And if I were to attend Harvard law. Chances are, I’d fail. I’d need special attention. Help. I’d work my ass off, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t memorize things like most people can.

My memory and mind don’t work like that.

Why do I want to attend Harvard?

Oh I can think of a million excuses, but that’s all they are.

So I have to be honest with you about my reasons why I want to attend Harvard:

I don’t know why. I just feel like it.

Will I come out of it being a world class lawyer who makes a gazillion bucks?

Probably not.

Will you be proud of me if for some miracle I graduate?

At times I am sure you will be.

I owe my family money. I owe companies money. I owe this government money. And you represent a better potential future for me to pay what I owe.

But that’s not what compels me to want to be a part of Harvard.

The real reason?

You’re simply the best.

It really is that simple.

But being honest with you. I’ve lost faith and hope for my life. I’ve been homeless for quite some time now. And I have really nothing to live for. The world seems programmed to me, without true dynamicism, and with it acting as predictably as it has, I know this, like the rest of my blog entries and words – will fall on deaf ears.

I’m homeless, right? I’m societally ignored. I must be crazy for talking about these things called alternate realities and timelines. I must be crazy for believing the other homeless people are actors from other worlds or are gifted and societally underutilized with being able to see into alternate realities.

I’m a leper, right?

When lawyers wont return my calls, what right do I have thinking the school my President, and so many other Presidents before him, would give me the time of day?

That’s not pity, by the way. That’s just me giving you – and to my mind – on why I won’t hear a response from you

It’s predictable, right?

Like clockwork.

Thank you for (maybe) listening?

– Signed

The Homeless guy who just put the energy out there ‘to the ether’ by listing Harvard University with the IRS under the organizations he owns;




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